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Kiwis Hammer Great Britain in Game V

TRI-NATIONS Game 5 New Zealand 34 v Great Britain 4at Westpac Stadium, WellingtonReferee: Paul SimpkinsMatch Summary:The New Zealand Kiwis have hammered Great Britain 34-4 in Game Five of the Tri Nations to give themselves a very good chance of making the final. The Kiwis scored six tries to one in front of a crowd of 16,401.After an untidy opening few minutes, both teams found themselves down to 12 men after a 10th minute fight. Steve Matai took exception to a tackle and got into a fist fight with Keith Senior, and both players found themselves in the sin bin for their efforts.The Kiwis took advantage during the 10 minutes with reduced men and scored two tries. Nigel Vagana fooled the British defence with a big dummy from dummy half and forced his way over just a minute after the sin binnings. Four minutes later the Kiwis extended their lead with a brilliantly timed pass from Stacey Jones to Brent Webb who dotted down out wide, and the Kiwis were up 10-0.Great Britain struck back quickly care of a trademark Manu Vatuvei error. The big winger fumbled a bomb that was recovered by Great Britain and Gareth Ellis dotted down in the corner, Long missed the conversion. Brent Webb collected a double for the Kiwis in the 26th minute after a steamed onto a Jones pass and dotted down under the posts. Great Britain ought to have been awarded a second try just before half time after Gareth Raynor appeared to have forced a Wellens grubber kick, however in a decision that will be talked about all week, he was ruled to have lost control of the ball, and the Kiwis were up 16-4 at half time.The second half was, for the most part, one way traffic. Great Britain started the half in a chasing points mode, and this led to a number of errors. The Kiwis opened the second half scoring after 10 minutes after a Jones kick was recovered in the in goal by Nathan Cayless who claimed a try. The lead was extended to 28-4 after the Kiwis found space out wide, and Vatuvei picked up a try. The Kiwis final try was a ripper. Jones put in a chip kick that was almost exactly similar to that for the Cayless try, except the ball hit the crossbar and dropped right into the hands of Ruben Wiki who fell over to claim the Kiwis sixth try and the 30 point final margin.The equation for next week is simple: If Great Britain win they make the final. If they lose the Kiwis will play in the final, due to New Zealand?s now superior points differential.Tri-Nations web site - news, results, teams and history > click hereScorers:New Zealand: 34Tries: Nigel Vagana, Ruben Wiki, Brent Webb(2), Nathan Cayless, Manu VatuveiGoals: Stacey Jones 5/6Great Britain: 4Tries: Gareth EllisGoals: Sean Long 0/1By the Clock:Good evening from the Cake Tin in Wellington for the crucial New Zealand/Great Britain test match.The Poms will no doubt still be celebrating their 23-12 victory over Australia last weekend, while the Kiwis will take what they can from their 34-4 victory over the New Zealand Residents last week.This match is the biggest of the tournament. Great Britain are two competition points ahead of New Zealand in the race for a final berth. Should Great Britain win they will qualify for the final, if New Zealand win it is likely that Australias oppenent in the final will be determined in Brisbane.Teams taking to the field now. Beautiful evening in Wellington.Teams are lined up for the national anthems. Kick off very shortly. Kiwis are performing the Haka now.1 min: And we're off in front of a strong crowd.1 min: The Kiwis put some offloads together and go very close to making a break, only to lose the ball.2 min: Soliola makes a huge break only to pass the ball to Senior.3 min: Great Britain go on attack and throw a poor pass that is recovered by the Kiwis.4 min: One of the first tidy bits of play, Jones finds touch five metres out from the Great Britain line.6 min: The Kiwis go on attack for the first time, great defence from GB.9 min: Great Britain are penalised for obstruction while hot on attack.10 min: FIGHT - Matai takes exception to a tackle and it results in a bit of push and shove that is still going on after the referee has called a player out.10 min: SIN BIN - Steve Matai given a spell for his part in the fight.10 min: SIN BIN - Keith Senior gets a sit down as well, Matai and Senior still having words.11 min: VIDEO REF - For a Nigel Vagana try.11 min: TRY New ZealandVagana gets the ball from dummy half, sends a huge dummy and forces his way down just to the right of the posts. Jones adds the extras and the Kiwis are up by 6. New Zealand 6-013 min: Jones puts up a bomb and New Zealand recover but are unable to get the ball away.15 min: TRY New ZealandMagnificent play by the Kiwis, great interchange of passes and Jones puts Webb over out wide. Jones hits the posts after the ball constantly falls off the tee. New Zealand 10-016 min: Weather degenerating, gusts of wind and dark clouds over the stadium.20 min: TRY Great BritainVatuvei drops the ball from a bomb, Great Britain recovers and Ellis grabs a try. Somehow Senior was back on the field from his sinbinning before Matai, despite Senior being sent second. Long misses the goal. New Zealand 10-426 min: The Kiwis get six more tackles hot on attack.26 min: VIDEO REF - For a Brent Webb double.26 min: INJURY - Webb has injured himself in scoring the try, appeared to be accidental knees to the side.26 min: TRY New ZealandWebb scorches onto a Jones pass and scores under the posts. He's no longer hurt. Jones converts. New Zealand 16-428 min: GB throw the ball around on the last tackle and eventually make an error. A penalty puts the Kiwis right on attack.30 min: The Kiwis force a line drop out.32 min: VIDEO REF - For a highly unlikely Kiwis try...32 min: NO TRY - Pritchard drops the ball with the line begging.33 min: Sean Long back to his old tricks, a dreadful kick that goes dead without offering anything. Kiwis lose the ball on halfway.35 min: Long drops the ball while GB are building an attack - a lack of attention.37 min: The game is getting a bit untidy as we head towards halftime.38 min: VIDEO REF - For a Great Britain try.38 min: NO TRY - A horrible video referee decision robs Gareth Raynor of a certain try, he was ruled to have lost the ball in the in goal.39 min: ATTEMPTED FIELD GOAL New ZealandJones attempts a field goal, the chase traps Wellens in goal for a drop out. New Zealand 16-440 min: ATTEMPTED FIELD GOAL New ZealandWebb attempts a field goal right on halftime and misses it wide right. New Zealand 16-4Halftime, and the Kiwis are looking the much better side, despite that poor video referee decision.Teams are back for the second half.40 min: Back underway in Wellington!42 min: Wellens takes a dangerous Jones bomb magnificently.43 min: Great Britain spin the ball wide on the last and drop it.46 min: Wilkin can't grab the ball to score a Great Britain try.49 min: The Kiwis get six more tackles after GB fail to clean up a kick.50 min: VIDEO REF - For a New Zealand try...50 min: TRY New ZealandJones puts in a chip kick, the ball bobbles in the in goal and Cayless dots the ball down under the posts. Jones converts. New Zealand 22-454 min: The Kiwis recover a chip kick and Cayless offloads the ball to Pritchard who makes a break and picks up a penalty.55 min: TRY New ZealandThe Kiwis find space out wide and Vatuvei takes the ball around under the posts. Jones adds the extras, next week is huge. New Zealand 28-463 min: Kiwis kick out on the full, the Kiwis appear to be slowing down.66 min: VIDEO REF - For a Great Britain try...66 min: NO TRY - Pryce is denied a try due to a blatant obstruction. We also have a streaker on the field.67 min: Raynor fails to take a bomb, Long loses the ball forward into touch.68 min: The Great Britain defence holds strong and force a poor pass, only to turn the ball over.70 min: TRY New ZealandJones puts in another little chip kick, it bounces off the cross bar, Wiki goes up for the ball and dots down under the posts. Jones adds the extras. New Zealand 34-473 min: Jones puts in a great kick and finds touch five metres out.77 min: CROWD - 16,401FULLTIME: The Kiwis win big to give themselves a huge chance of playing in the final.-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Stacey Jones (Kiwis)2 - Brent Webb (Kiwis)1 - Nathan Cayless (Kiwis)-----------------------------------------

Dragons account for Broncos in Brisbane

FINALS 2006 Week 1 Brisbane Broncos 4 v St George Illawarra Dragons 20at Suncorp StadiumReferee: Paul SimpkinsCrowd: 50,387Match Summary:The St George Illawarra Dragons have claimed a memorable 20-4 victory over the Brisbane Broncos at a packed Suncorp Stadium tonight. The Dragons led 10-4 after an entertaining first half.The Dragons opened the scoring in the seventh minute with a try to Clint Greenshields after spreading the ball wide to Wes Naiqama. The Dragons had already threatened in the same manner earlier in the game. Aaron Gorrell missed the conversion and it was 4-0. The Dragons extended their lead to 10-0 after Aaron Gorrell dived over from dummy half after 23 minutes. The Dragons were denied another try five minutes later after Ben Creagh was ruled to have interfered with Justin Hodges while Hodges was attempting to take a bomb. The Broncos got one back in the 33rd minute off some Hodges magic, as he beat a defender and offloaded to Darius Boyd who scored in the corner.There was one theme to the second half ? the Broncos blowing attacking opportunity after attacking opportunity. Luke Bailey scored a raging try five minutes into the half to up the score to 16-4. The match was all but sealed on 54 minutes when Matt Cooper scored an unconverted try in the corner to put the Dragons up 20-4. The Broncos had many attacking opportunities afterwards, but failed to capitalise on any of them ? the best chance saw Hodges get across the line, but he dropped the ball in putting it down.The result guarantees the Dragons make it through to the next week of the finals, while the Broncos will sweat on the Canterbury/Canberra and Melbourne/Parramatta clashes. The result leaves Manly in all sorts of trouble, as they only need one upset to be knocked out unluckily.Scorers:Brisbane Broncos: 4Tries: Darius BoydGoals: Corey Parker 0/1St George Illawarra Dragons: 20Tries: Luke Bailey, Matt Cooper, Aaron Gorrell, Clint GreenshieldsGoals: Aaron Gorrell 2/3, Mathew Head 0/1By the Clock:Hello from Suncorp Stadium. Yet another 3rd vs 6th finals match coming from Suncorp Stadium.Several changes in the lineups tonight. The Broncos have lost Australian fullback Karmicheal Hunt to an injury, and bring Tame Tupou onto the wing. Head is onto the bench from the Dragons, Isemonger drops off the bench. Timmins moves to lock and Creagh is dropped to the bench.Both teams have taken to the field. Huge crowd in tonight.1 min: The Dragons kick off!3 min: The Dragons let a bomb bounce, the Broncos recover the ball but get wrapped up.5 min: The Dragons go on attack after some enterprising play, but lose the ball.6 min: The Broncos bomb Naiqama, and he defuses it comfortably.7 min: TRY St George Illawarra DragonsThe Dragons spin the ball wide and expose a Broncos overlap, Naiqama runs down the sideline and throws a suspicious looking forward pass to Greenshields who scores 10 in from the sideline. Gorrell misses the goal. Dragons 4-014 min: The Dragons throw another two suspicious looking passes while coming out of their own end.15 min: The Dragons put up a bomb, they throw it around after it bounces and a bad pass goes to Hodges who breaks away. Morris runs Hodges down, but Hodges gets away, and Jason Ryles ends up taking Hodges into touch, fantastic desperation.19 min: Barrett puts in a good kick and finds touch 10 out from the Broncos line. The Dragons looking the better side at the moment.20 min: The Dragons run the ball on the last tackle, Bickerstaff makes a break and puts in a kick for Naiqama who is beaten to the ball by Boyd.22 min: The Broncos spill a bomb on the Dragons go hot on attack.23 min: TRY St George Illawarra DragonsPoore is tackled inches out from the line. Gorrell picks the ball up from dummy half and dummies to pass right, and he dives over to score just to the right of the posts. Gorrell converts his own try. Dragons 10-027 min: The Broncos bomb Brett Morris, he takes the ball and makes a half break.28 min: VIDEO REF - for a Dragons try...28 min: NO TRY - DragonsThe Dragons put up a bomb, it is recovered by the Dragons and Wicks claims a try under the posts. Creagh is ruled to have interfered with Hodges trying to catch the ball.31 min: Lockyer puts in a kick, it hits the posts and Greenshields loses the ball forward, leaving Gasnier in an offside position to dive on the ball, and the Broncos get a penalty.33 min: TRY Brisbane BroncosOff the back of the penalty the Broncos go right. Lockyer offloads to Hodges who gets around his defender and offloads to Boyd who dives over in the corner. Parker misses. Dragons 10-437 min: The Broncos get a penalty and will go back onto attack.38 min: The Broncos lose the ball while on attack.39 min: Bailey gets put into a gap, he breaks away and kicks ahead, but it goes too deep.HALF TIME: And the Dragons have dominated the Broncos and lead 10-4.Back on the field for the second half.40 min: Back underway at Suncorp!45 min: TRY St George Illawarra DragonsBailey steams onto an offload and races away to crash over under the posts. Gorrell converts. Dragons 16-449 min: Some reasonable defence from the Broncos forces Greenshields into touch.50 min: VIDEO REF - For a Broncos try...50 min: NO TRY - BroncosGreenshields loses the ball coming out of the ingoal and concedes a drop out.51 min: Tate drops the ball while the Broncos are hot on attack.53 min: Tate loses the ball trying to play it and the Dragons will go onto attack.54 min: TRY St George Illawarra DragonsThe Dragons spread the ball wide to Cooper who runs right past the defenders and scores in the corner. Head misses the goal, but this could be game over. Dragons 20-460 min: Lockyer is trapped on the last tackle and the Broncos waste an attacking opportunity.61 min: The Dragons go close to scoring again.63 min: VIDEO REF - For a Broncos try...63 min: NO TRY - BroncosHodges puts on a great move to score in the corner, only he loses the ball in putting it down. Really dreadful play.66 min: The Broncos put in another poor kick on the last tackle.68 min: Lockyer puts in a clueless bomb on the last tackle, it looks as though the Broncos have given up.70 min: Hodges is wrapped up on the last tackle.72 min: Parker puts in a kick off the ground from a poor pass, and the Broncos are penalised for offside from the kick.75 min: Greenshields cleans up a Broncos grubber for a line drop out.77 min: Civoniceva loses the ball inside the Dragons 10, more or less summing up the Broncos night.79 min: The Dragons lose the ball trying to spread it wide.FULL TIME: The Dragons have claimed a memorable 20-4 victory over the Broncos at Suncorp Stadium.-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Matt Cooper2 - Luke Bailey1 - Jason Ryles-----------------------------------------

Broncos rout Warriors for third place

ROUND 26 Brisbane Broncos 36 v New Zealand Warriors 12at Suncorp StadiumReferee: Sean HampsteadMatch Summary:The Brisbane Broncos have claimed third spot on the NRL ladder with an emphatic 36-12 destruction of the Warriors at Suncorp Stadium this afternoon in front of 47,193 fans.The Broncos set the tone for the match when Shane Perry raced past Warriors defenders to score in the 8th minute. After 20 minutes Shaun Berrigan doubled the Broncos lead as he ran through non-existent Warriors defence to score under the posts.Soon after it was 18-0 as Karmicheal Hunt scored out wide. The Warriors managed to get one back with not long to go in the half when Gatis bombed for Byrne who dotted down out wide.The Warriors threatened to make a match of it as Gatis claimed a try 10 minutes into the second half. With 20 minutes to go Lockyer sliced through the Warriors defence off a short pass to score under the posts. Justin Hodges claimed a brace of tries in the final stages of the match to turn a tight game into a rout.Next week the Broncos will host the Dragons in the 3rd vs 6th final at Suncorp Stadium, while the Warriors will face a variety of alcoholic beverages come Monday morning.Scorers:Brisbane Broncos: 36Tries: Shaun Berrigan, Justin Hodges(2), Karmichael Hunt, Darren Lockyer, Shane PerryGoals: Darren Lockyer 2/2, Corey Parker 4/4New Zealand Warriors: 12Tries: Todd Byrne, George GatisGoals: Lance Hohaia 2/2By the Clock:Happy Fathers day from Suncorp Stadium. Today we have one of the clashes of the season, the Broncos hosting the Warriors.The Warriors have Todd Byrne in for Nathan Fein. Darius Boyd is in for Stephen Michaels on the Broncos side.Super crowd under sunny skies in Brisbane. The Warriors are in grey and the Broncos in maroon.1 min: The Broncos kick off!4 min: Price makes a break but can't offload to support.7 min: The Warriors just stop a Broncos attacking raid.8 min: TRY Brisbane BroncosPerry races over from a short ball from Lockyer. Lockyer converts. Broncos 6-012 min: The Warriors find touch just outside the Broncos 20.13 min: The Warriors are penalised for interfering in the play the ball. The Broncos knock on on the first play.16 min: The Broncos very strong defensively, the Warriors not making too much ground.17 min: INJURY - Darius Boyd looking unwell after a hitup.17 min: The Warriors get a penalty after a strong Vatuvei hitup.21 min: TRY Brisbane BroncosBerrigan races over from dummy half. Very poor Warriors defence. Parker converts. Broncos 12-024 min: INJURY - Webb injured after a big hit from Carroll, and is coming from the field.25 min: The Broncos make a break and get six more tackles.25 min: Tate just loses the ball chasing a Lockyer kick. The Warriors in all sorts of trouble.28 min: NEWS VIDEO REF - For a Broncos try...28 min: TRY Brisbane BroncosGreat ball movement from the Broncos sees Hunt score out wide. Parker converts. Broncos 18-031 min: The Warriors get a penalty while hot on attack.31 min: The Warriors get a line dropout off a lucky deflection.35 min: VIDEO REF - For a Broncos try...35 min: NO TRY - BroncosTate penalised for a double movement.36 min: TRY New Zealand WarriorsGatis bombs from dummy half, Byrne flies high and claims the first points against the Broncos in almost three weeks. Hohaia converts. Broncos 18-640 min: ATTEMPTED FIELD GOAL Brisbane BroncosLockyer just puts a field goal attempt under the bar. Broncos 18-6HALF TIME: With the Broncos looking totally dominant. Brent Webb has played his last minutes for the Warriors, he is out for the rest of the match with rib cartilage damage.40 min: Back underway at Suncorp.42 min: Hodges just averts a Warriors 40/20.46 min: Anderson loses the ball with the Warriors hot on attack.47 min: A Broncos try called back for a forward pass.47 min: CROWD - 47,19349 min: Warriors get six more tackles off a McGuire error.50 min: TRY New Zealand WarriorsRovelli puts up a bomb, Vatuvei knocks it back to Gatis who dots down. Hohaia converts as McGuire is taken from the field after an accidental knee from Wiki. Broncos 18-1252 min: Warriors looking far better in the 12 minutes of this half.54 min: Ropati kicks through for Byrne who recovers and gets it away to Hohaia, but the pass was ruled forward.56 min: The Warriors put up another bomb, Vatuvei looks best to get the ball but he swings and misses.58 min: The Broncos bringing their intensity back. The Warriors throw a forward pass on the last tackle.59 min: TRY Brisbane BroncosLockyer collects an offload and steps Ah Van to score under the posts. Parker converts. Broncos 24-1263 min: NEWS VIDEO REF - For a Broncos try...63 min: TRY Brisbane BroncosAfter a very dodgy knock on call against Ropati, the Broncos get a scrum 10 out. Hodges scores a few plays later. Parker converts. Broncos 30-1267 min: The Broncos have another try called back for a forward pass.70 min: Good desperation defence from the Warriors keeps the Broncos out.71 min: Hunt takes the ball across the sideline with Vatuvei chasing down a kick.72 min: TRY Brisbane BroncosRopati loses the ball at one end of the field, two plays later Hodges avoids defenders to dot down out wide. Lockyer converts off the post. Broncos 36-12-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Justin Hodges2 - Darren Lockyer1 - Shaun Berrigan-----------------------------------------

Manly beat Bulldogs in a thriller

ROUND 25 Manly Sea Eagles 21 v Canterbury Bulldogs 20at Brookvale OvalReferee: Sean HampsteadMatch Summary:The Manly Sea Eagles have claimed a thoroughly exciting 21-20 win over the Canterbury Bulldogs at Brookvale Oval tonight. The Sea Eagles led 18-12 at half time.Manly opened the scoring inside two minutes off a fairly lucky bounce. Monaghan put in a clearing kick, El Masri let the ball bounce allowing Orford to recover the ball and race away to score. The lead was extended to 12-0 after seven minutes after winger Michael Robertson out jumped Bulldogs defenders to dot down out wide.The Bulldogs came storming back however, with Nate Myles crashing over from close range. Andrew Ryan tied the game up with another close range try after 25 minutes. Matt Orford landed a penalty goal near the end of the half, while Shayne Dunley scored a contentious try just on half time.The try scoring for the night was completed just after half time, with Emelio running through a large gap to score. On 65 minutes Andrew Ryan was denied a try by the video referee, despite it being quite similar to the Dunley try in the first half.Manly retook the lead with 12 minutes to go after the Bulldogs were found offside after a Patten error. An El Masri penalty goal meant that the 20,163 crowd would get their moneys worth. After Brett Stewart was denied a try from dummy half, Orford was able to set easily for a field goal, and with two minutes to go he slotted him the winning point.Next week Manly make the tough road trip south to Melbourne to face the Storm, while the Bulldogs travel west to face the Panthers.Scorers:Manly Sea Eagles: 21Tries: Shayne Dunley, Matt Orford, Michael RobertsonGoals: Matt Orford 4/5Field Goals: Matt OrfordCanterbury Bulldogs: 20Tries: Nate Myles, Andrew Ryan, Andrew EmelioGoals: Hazem El Masri 4/4By the Clock:Good evening from Brookvale Oval. Tonight we have the Sea Eagles hosting a depleted Bulldogs team.Last week Manly dealt to Souths 38-16, while the Bulldogs were hammered 30-0 by the Broncos.Earlier in the year the Sea Eagles destroyed the Dogs 40-14.The Bulldogs will play 1-17. Rose is on the bench for Manly.1 min: We're underway at Brookvale. There is the possibility of thunderstorms tonight.2 min: TRY Manly Sea EaglesThe Sea Eagles put in a clearing kick, El Masri lets it bounce, Orford recovers the ball and darts away to score. Orford converts. Sea Eagles 6-05 min: The Bulldogs have a kick partially blocked, it is ruled not to have been played at and Utai gets tackled on the last.7 min: Watmough and Miles have a bit of a push and shove in backplay.7 min: VIDEO REF - For a Manly try...7 min: TRY Manly Sea EaglesOrford puts up a cross field kick, Robertson outjumps El Masri and dots down out wide. Orford converts from touch. Sea Eagles 12-09 min: Maitua penalised for a high tackle on the try scorer.10 min: Manly have the Bulldogs overawed at the moment.14 min: TRY Canterbury BulldogsAfter a magnificent Patten kick return the Bulldogs get a penalty. Myles gets a short ball to crash over next to the posts. El Masri converts. Sea Eagles 12-618 min: During a great hitup by Kite, Sonny Bill knocks the ball out of his grasp.20 min: The Bulldogs get a lucky six-again call off a non-existant charge down, the Bulldogs get a dud call on a knock on a play later. Orford makes a break from the scrum base.21 min: While Manly are hot on attack, Burns is penalised in possession for an improper play the ball despite Sherwin knocking him off his feet.22 min: The Bulldogs go very close on the last tackle.23 min: INJURY - Matai looking very groggy after being tackled. Manly are running through the Bulldogs like a good curry. The Manly defence isn't much better.25 min: TRY Canterbury BulldogsRyan gets across in similar fashion to Myles. This time it is a long pass from dummy half that had Ryan inside his defender and he crashed over. El Masri converts. 12 all.30 min: Orford puts in a banana kick, Ryan takes it on the full and returns in with great strength.31 min: 40/20 - Sherwin kicks fromm just inside the 40, finds touch just inside the 10.32 min: Utai spills the ball with the line begging.33 min: Matai breaks and kicks ahead. Penalty Manly as he was taken out after kicking.34 min: Stewart attempts to dive over from dummy half, but he loses the ball in the process.36 min: PENALTY GOAL Manly Sea EaglesThe Bulldogs are penalised for slowing down the play the ball. Orford nails the penalty goal. Sea Eagles 14-1237 min: Holdsworth penalised for a high tackle on Dunley.38 min: VIDEO REF - For a Manly try...38 min: TRY Manly Sea EaglesDunley runs right through the Bulldogs defence and score. Very questionable call. Orford misses. Sea Eagles 18-12Halftime: The Bulldogs did well to recover from trailing by 12 very early, but faltered late in the half and trail 18-12.40 min: Back underway at Brookie, and the rain comes down.42 min: Another clearing kick bounces brilliantly for Manly, but they get penalised for being offside.43 min: TRY Canterbury BulldogsWith Orford down injured, the Bulldogs find a gap in the defensive line and Emelio strolls across the tryline. Yet again very similar to the first two Bulldogs tries. El Masri converts. 18 all.45 min: Menzies forces a Bulldogs error right in front of the posts just after the restart.47 min: INJURY - Orford off the field after picking up a knee injury.49 min: INJURY - Brad Morrin (Bulldogs) out for the night with a partial dislocation of his kneecap.51 min: INJURY UPDATE - Orford getting his knee strapped. He may be able to return tonight.53 min: It is really hosing down at the moment.57 min: Plenty of errors in the game, not helped by the rain. McIlwain smashed by Matai.59 min: 40/20 - Monaghan picks up a 40/20 for Manly. Manly waste the attacking chance by knocking on on tackle two.60 min: NEWS - Orford back on the field.64 min: Bulldogs starting to play their normal game, trying to force the error.65 min: VIDEO REF - For a Bulldogs try...65 min: NO TRY - BulldogsRyan ruled to have knocked on over the goal line. Odd decision given the Dunley try earlier tonight.68 min: PENALTY GOAL Manly Sea EaglesPatten loses the ball and it is recovered by an offside player. Orford slots the two from 25 out, right in front. Sea Eagles 20-1870 min: CROWD - 20,16372 min: PENALTY GOAL Canterbury BulldogsThe Bulldogs catch the Sea Eagles offside. El Masri nails the penalty goal. 20 all.74 min: Bulldogs lose the ball 40 out from their own line.76 min: Manly look to score a try instead of the field goal, the ball goes dead.78 min: FIELD GOAL Manly Sea EaglesOrford lands a field goal. Sea Eagles 21-20-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Matt Orford (Sea Eagles)2 - Steve Menzies (Sea Eagles)1 - Andrew Ryan (Bulldogs)-----------------------------------------

Warriors create upset of 2006

ROUND 24 Melbourne Storm 20 v New Zealand Warriors 24at Olympic Park MelbourneReferee: Tony ArcherMatch Summary:The Warriors have claimed the upset of 2006 with a stunning 24-20 victory over the Melbourne Storm at Olympic Park Stadium in Melbourne. The Storm had a narrow 14-12 half time lead.The Storm were all over the Warriors early in the match, dominating both territory and possession. Matt Geyer opened the scoring in the 10th minute when he beat Manu Vatuvei to a cross field bomb. Five minutes later, totally against the run of play Simon Mannering gave the Warriors the lead after Brent Webb recovered his own kick and offloaded to Mannering. The conversion put the Warriors ahead 6-4. The Storm responded almost instantly after Vatuvei let a kickoff go into touch ? the first of three times he did it. Steve Turner dotted down in the corner and the Storm went up 8-6.The Warriors took the lead again after 26 minutes with Manu Vatuvei scoring out wide off a Steve Price cut out pass. A few minutes later Brent Webb was controversially denied a try by the video referee. The Storm picked up a penalty and went down the other end of the field to score through Matt King. Lance Hohaia picked up a penalty goal for the Warriors right on half time for a 14-12 Storm lead.The Warriors dominated the early stages of the second half, and scored through Brent Webb off a deflected kick seven minutes into the half. Unfortunately for the Warriors, Vatuvei let the kickoff go touch in goal. Off the resulting drop out Greg Inglis burned the Warriors defence to score and regain the Melbourne lead at 20-18.The match then went through a period where the Storm looked quite dominant but were unable to finish as cleanly as they normally did. In the 73rd minute Manu Vatuvei broke out and put Brent Webb away for a try out wide. Hohaias sideline conversion put the Warriors up 24-20 with five minutes to go. Astonishingly Vatuvei let the ball go into touch again, but the Storm were unable to capitalise. A series of errors had the Storm defending their line as time ran out.The Warriors look forward to their last home game of the season against the Roosters, and the Storm travel to Canberra to take on the Raiders.Scorers:Melbourne Storm: 20Tries: Matt Geyer, Greg Inglis, Matt King, Steve TurnerGoals: Cameron Smith 2/4New Zealand Warriors: 24Tries: Simon Mannering, Manu Vatuvei, Brent Webb(2)Goals: Lance Hohaia 4/5By the Clock:Good evening from Olympic Park Stadium in Melbourne.The Storm are looking to celebrate being officially crowned Minor Premiers. The Warriors are now officially out of the race for the eight.Ready to go in front of a huge crowd at Olympic Park.1 min: We are underway!3 min: Storm make an early error trying to crack the Warriors out wide.5 min: The Storm crack the Warriors out wide, a great intercept by Webb saves a certain try.7 min: The Storm are looking very good tonight. Ah Van makes an impressive ingoal escape however.8 min: Ah Van handling the pressure from the Storm kicking game so far.10 min: TRY Melbourne StormCronk puts in a cross field kick for Geyer who has the step on Vatuvei, Geyer dots down out wide. Smith misses. Storm 4-013 min: Storm hold all the territory and possession. Again Ah Van handles a Storm bomb and makes a 25 metre run.15 min: TRY New Zealand WarriorsWebb kicks ahead, he recovers and offloads to Mannering who shrugs off Greg Inglis to score. Hohaia converts. Warriors 6-416 min: Vatuvei lets the kickoff go into touch. Storm scrum 10 out.17 min: TRY Melbourne StormThe Storm spread the ball wide to Turner who dots down in the corner. Smith misses again. Storm 8-619 min: The Storm have complete territorial domination at the moment. Possession is slowly evening out.21 min: Poor play from the Storm, Wiki pressures Smith and the Storm end up throwing the ball into touch. Louis Anderson comes up with a bad error one play later.23 min: Warriors get a let off with the Storm trying to keep the ball alive it ends up getting picked up by Rovelli.25 min: The Warriors have had one decent attacking opportunity so far. The Storm kick return and kick chase is superb.26 min: TRY New Zealand WarriorsThe Warriors second reasonable attacking opportunity. Steve Price throws an amazing cut out pass to Vatuvei who scores in the corner. Hohaia misses from touch. Warriors 10-830 min: VIDEO REF - For a Warriors try..30 min: NO TRY - WarriorsWebb ruled to have knocked on trying to ground a kick. Could have been a benefit of the doubt try.31 min: TRY Melbourne StormOff the back of a penalty the Storm spin the ball to King who crashes over out wide. Smith converts. Storm 14-1035 min: Vatuvei goes in off a forward pass. Looked to be flat at worst.37 min: Warriors get a line drop out.39 min: Warriors get another line dropout. Great Storm defence.40 min: PENALTY GOAL New Zealand WarriorsCrossman penalised for a high tackle. Hohaia lands the goal. Storm 14-12Halftime in a very entertaining match.40 min: Back underway at Olympic Park!40 min: 40/20 - The Warriors pick up a 40/20 on the first set of the second half.42 min: The Storm handle a fairly tame Warriors attacking set.43 min: Lauaki penalised for a late hit on Cronk.43 min: Hoffman crosses off a forward pass and the play gets called back.47 min: VIDEO REF - For a Warriors try...47 min: TRY New Zealand WarriorsRovelli kicks, the ball deflects off a Storm player and Webb comes up with the ball and scores next to the uprights. Hohaia converts. Warriors 18-1449 min: Vatuvei again totally stuffs receiving the kickoff and the Storm get a line dropout.50 min: VIDEO REF - For a Storm try...50 min: TRY Melbourne StormOff the dropout, Inglis gets put into space and scores out wide. Smith converts. Storm 20-1854 min: Webb drops the ball with a try on.56 min: Shots of a furious Craig Bellamy as the Storm drop the ball.58 min: Warriors survive another Storm attacking set.60 min: 20 minutes to go, the Storm are looking a little rusty, but the Warriors are rattling them.62 min: The Storm starting to turn the screws. They aren't finishing too well yet, but the signs are there.64 min: Hohaia drops the ball with a huge overlap for the Warriors.67 min: Storm still defending very well.68 min: King drops the ball on the last tackle with a possible try on.70 min: Warriors kicking game just a little too long.71 min: Gatis and Luck penalised for a 50/50 lifting tackle. Storm hot on attack.73 min: Warriors hold out a Storm attacking set.73 min: TRY New Zealand WarriorsVatuvei breaks out, he draws the fullback and offloads to Webb who scores out wide. Hohaia puts the kick down the middle. Warriors 24-2077 min: Warriors hold out after another kickoff error.78 min: Hill loses the ball and the Warriors go on attack.79 min: Inglis knocks on only several metres out.The Warriors cause the upset of the season, defeating the Storm 24-20 at Olympic Park.-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Grant Rovelli (Warriors)2 - Brent Webb (Warriors)1 - Greg Inglis (Storm)-----------------------------------------

Broncos hammer Bulldogs 30-0

ROUND 24 Canterbury Bulldogs 0 v Brisbane Broncos 30at Telstra StadiumReferee: Steve ClarkMatch Summary:The Brisbane Broncos have defeated the Canterbury Bulldogs 30-0 in a stunning upset at Telstra Stadium tonight. The Broncos were in control throughout and led 18-0 at half time.The Broncos took seven minutes to open the scoring with a try to Tonie Carroll who crashed over from short range off a Darren Lockyer pass. It then took nearly half an hour for the next points to be posted, when Shaun Berrigan snuck through some dreadful defence to score. Mere minutes later the 26,111 crowd were stunned as Lockyer capped off a breakout play by the Broncos for an 18-0 lead. The Bulldogs lost a number of players to injury in the first half ? they lost Asotasi, Tonga and Myles to leg injuries and Asotasi and Tongas futures this season are up in the air.The Broncos sealed the match after 55 minutes with a great try to Shaun Berrigan. Justin Hodges fielded a long kick, returned it right through the defensive line and offloaded to Berrigan who raced away to score. The second half meandered along with a number of tries rubbed out by Steve Clark or the video ref. The Broncos put an exclamation point on the win in the 80th minute with another breakout try, on this occasion to Brent Tate.Next week the stunned Bulldogs will travel to Brookvale for another Friday night clash, while the Broncos face yet another challenge as they return to Sydney to play the Eels at Parramatta Stadium.The result tonight officially crowned the Melbourne Storm as Minor Premiers.Scorers:Canterbury Bulldogs: 0Tries: Brisbane Broncos: 30Tries: Shaun Berrigan(2), Tonie Carroll, Darren Lockyer, Brent TateGoals: Darren Lockyer 2/2, Corey Parker 3/3By the Clock:Good evening from Telstra Stadium. Tonight we have to Bulldogs looking to continue their drive to second on the ladder with a victory over the rather listless Broncos.Last week the Bulldogs took care of business in beating the Dragons 26-10, while the Broncos were brave in their 12-18 loss to the Storm.The Broncos are 1-17. The Bulldogs are missing Sonny Bill, Dallas McIlwain comes in for him.Pretty good looking crowd in. The Dogs in butchers stripes, the Broncos in maroon.1 min: The Bulldogs kick off!3 min: A few players slipping over early.7 min: TRY Brisbane BroncosTonie Carroll barges over from close range off a Lockyer short pass. Lockyer converts. Broncos 6-010 min: ON REPORT - A swinging arm from Willie Mason has Shane Perry in less than great shape. It was also a somewhat late tackle.13 min: INJURY - Asotasi forced into the dressing rooms with a knee injury.14 min: The Dogs making some uncharacteristic errors.16 min: Boyd crosses out wide, but the final pass from Tate is ruled forward. A very close call.17 min: A very similar incident at the other end of the field. Utai makes a clean break up the middle. The last pass from Ryan to Patten is ruled forward in a dreadful decision.22 min: INJURY - Willie Tonga headed for the sheds as well.23 min: INJURY - Nate Myles injured but he is forced to play on. Mason is also injured. He's had a head clash but can carry on.26 min: INJURY UPDATE - Willie Tonga out for the night with a knee injury. Scans tomorrow for the rest of his season. Nate Myles has limped from the field too. The Dogs are down to one man on the bench.30 min: Still the Bulldogs are making wierd errors. Bad passes, simple knock ons.34 min: TRY Brisbane BroncosBerrigan runs across field from dummy half, escapes from some flimsy tackles and scores to the left of the posts. Parker converts. Broncos 12-036 min: TRY Brisbane BroncosThe Broncos go back to back. Parker makes a break up the middle. Tate gets tackled, Lockyer races onto the ball to score under the posts. Parker converts. This is a vintage Pre-Origin Broncos performance. Broncos 18-0Half time in a less than exciting match. The Broncos are going well, but the Bulldogs are flatter than a crepe.40 min: Back underway at Telstra!44 min: VIDEO REF - For an unlikely Bulldogs try..44 min: NO TRY - BulldogsMcIlwain ruled to have bounced the ball in trying to ground it chasing his own kick. It looked like it could justifiably have been awarded as a benefit of the doubt try.McIlwain injured his shoulder in the process of scoring.47 min: Bulldogs totally unable to crack the Broncos defence. It isn't their night.55 min: TRY Brisbane BroncosHodges returns a kick, opens up the Bulldogs defence, draws Patten and passes to Berrigan who races 48 metres to score under the posts. Parker converts. Broncos 24-059 min: CROWD - 26,11162 min: Another Broncos try is wiped out on a dodgy forward pass call. More forward passes called tonight than in an entire weekend.64 min: VIDEO REF - For a Broncos try...64 min: NO TRY - BroncosTate knocks a cross field kick on.66 min: VIDEO REF - For a Bulldogs try...66 min: NO TRY - Utai forced into the corner post before he ground the ball.69 min: El Masri trapped in the ingoal for a Broncos dropout.74 min: VIDEO REF - For a Broncos try...74 min: NO TRY - BroncosBoyd ruled to have knocked on being tackled close to the line.78 min: VIDEO REF - For a Bulldogs try...78 min: NO TRY - BulldogsAndrew Ryan penalised for interfering with Justin Hodges chasing a kick.80 min: TRY Brisbane BroncosThaiday breaks the Bulldogs defence and offloads to Tate who races away to score under the posts. Lockyer adds the extras. Broncos 30-0Fulltime, and the Broncos claim an astounding 30-0 victory over the previously in form Bulldogs.-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Justin Hodges (Broncos)2 - Petero Civoniceva (Broncos)1 - Darren Lockyer (Broncos)-----------------------------------------

Bulldogs easily handle Dragons

ROUND 23 Canterbury Bulldogs 26 v St George Illawarra Dragons 10at Telstra StadiumReferee: Sean HampsteadMatch Summary:The Canterbury Bulldogs have run out comfortable 26-10 winners over the St George Illawarra Dragons in front of 31,256 fans at Telstra Stadium this afternoon. The Bulldogs had a comfortable 16-4 halftime lead.The Bulldogs were quick out of the blocks with Brent Sherwin scoring after six minutes. Willie Mason doubled the Bulldogs lead after 14 minutes with a strong run that saw him drag two tacklers over the line. The Bulldogs went up 16-0 after 24 minutes with a try to Hazem El Masri in the corner. The Dragons struck back four minutes later with a try to Brett Morris. The Dragons had a late chance at the Bulldogs line, but threw a forward pass.The Bulldogs struck first after halftime with Sonny Bill scoring near the posts after a Dragons error. Trent Barrett responded on the 48 minute mark with a try under the posts, but from then on the Dragons didn?t really threaten. Hazem El Masri added a penalty goal just before the hour mark, and another one just before fulltime for the final 26-10 scoreline.Next week the Bulldogs host the struggling Broncos, while the Dragons host the Tigers ? both teams are in freefall.Scorers:Canterbury Bulldogs: 26Tries: Hazem El Masri, Willie Mason, Brent Sherwin, Sonny Bill WilliamsGoals: Hazem El Masri 5/6St George Illawarra Dragons: 10Tries: Trent Barrett, Brett MorrisGoals: Mathew Head 1/2By the Clock:Good afternoon from Telstra Stadium. Today we have the Bulldogs hosting the Dragons. Big crowd in and it is a beautiful day.Ryles isn't starting for the Dragons, Bulldogs are 1-17.1 min: The Bulldogs get us underway!5 min: Quick start here, we haven't had a stoppage in play yet.6 min: TRY Canterbury BulldogsA Bulldogs pass goes astray, the Dragons rush up on it but Sherwin gets the ball and he scores an embarassingly easy try. El Masri adds the extras from beside the posts. Bulldogs 6-09 min: The Dragons kick through and Cooper recovers it, however he gets wrapped up and throws a poor pass. The Bulldogs nearly score at the other end.11 min: Mason penalised for not playing the ball correctly.12 min: Gasnier makes a great run, he offloads to Cooper who has the ball knocked out as he catches it.14 min: TRY Canterbury BulldogsMason gets the ball back on the inside and scores in the tackle of two defenders. El Masri lands the goal from 10 left of the posts. Bulldogs 12-020 min: The Dragons get good field position off a Sherwin mis-kick.21 min: A good kick from Head nearly finds Best in the corner.23 min: The Bulldogs go on attack after a penalty.23 min: INJURY - Sam Isemonger injured after a head clash with Andrew Ryan. He has a huge lump on the side of his face.24 min: TRY Canterbury BulldogsGreat leadup play from the Bulldogs including a great offload from Sonny Bill has El Masri scoring right in the corner. His kick goes across the face of the uprights. Bulldogs 16-028 min: TRY St George Illawarra DragonsQuick hands from the Dragons has Brett Morris scoring in the corner. Head hits the uprights and misses the goal. Bulldogs 16-433 min: Hornby nearly gets forced into the ingoal, he gets the ball to Best who runs over the sideline instead. Dumb play really.35 min: VIDEO REFEREE - For a highly unlikely Bulldogs try.35 min: NO TRY - El Masri ruled to have knocked on contesting a bomb. Follows a great defensive set by the Dragons.36 min: The Dragons nearly score after recovering a long kick.38 min: Dragons will go on attack to finish the first half.39 min: First play after a scrum feed the Dragons throw a forward pass.Halftime at Telstra Stadium.Second half delayed as we have no referee.40 min: Bumsteads back and we're underway!43 min: TRY Canterbury BulldogsThe Dragons make an error, Sonny gets the ball several plays later off a tidy Holdsworth offload and he dots down 10 to the right of the posts. Some hints of an obstruction. El Masri converts. Bulldogs 22-447 min: Hornby makes a break to inside the 10 and gets a penalty.48 min: TRY St George Illawarra DragonsA great pass to Barrett gets him inside his defender and he scores under the posts. Head converts. Bulldogs 22-1058 min: PENALTY GOAL Canterbury BulldogsEl Masri lands a penalty goal. Bulldogs 24-1068 min: The Dragons have had the best chances in the last 10 minutes, but can't get across the whitewash.73 min: Head has been interchanged off, it looks as though the Dragons are conceding defeat.74 min: Barrett chips, chases and can't hold onto the ball.77 min: Lot of errors in the game now.78 min: ON REPORT - Poore is on report for a swinging arm on Armit.79 min: PENALTY GOAL Canterbury BulldogsEl Masri lands the penalty for the swinging arm in front of 31,256 fans. Bulldogs 26-10Fulltime, and the Bulldogs claim a comfortable victory over the Dragons.-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Willie Mason2 - Sonny Bill Williams1 - Andrew Ryan-----------------------------------------

Knights defeat Roosters in Gosford

ROUND 22 Sydney Roosters 18 v Newcastle Knights 32at Central Coast StadiumReferee: Tony ArcherMatch Summary:A powerful first half from the Newcastle Knights and in particular Andrew Johns has seen them to a 32-18 win over the Sydney Roosters at Bluetongue Stadium in Gosford today.The Knights scored four tries in the first half to lead 26-6 at halftime. It only took the Knights 50 seconds to open the scoring, Johns putting Simpson into a hole before Simpson offloaded to Buderus who scored out wide. The Knights were in again after 11 minutes when Andrew Johns stepped the defence and scored under the posts. The Knights were going at over a point a minute was they went up 18-0 after 15 minutes when the Roosters fumbled a Johns bomb and Chris Bailey dived on the dregs and scored.It was 24-0 after 27 minutes when Danny Buderus put Luke Davico over from close range. The Roosters struck back six minutes before halftime with a try to one of their more impressive players, Shaun Foley. The Knights were denied a try by the video referee just on halftime, however a penalty went their way and Johns added the two points for the 20 point halftime lead.The second half meandered along for the most part with both sides going through the motions. The Knights scored their final try just before the hour mark with Riley Brown scoring out wide. The Roosters scored two late tries, one to Iosia Soliola and one to departing centre Ryan Cross.With the result the Knights move up into the top four. Next week the Knights host the Sea Eagles on Friday night, while the Roosters travel west to face the Panthers.Scorers:Sydney Roosters: 18Tries: Ryan Cross, Iosia Soliola, Shaun FoleyGoals: Craig Fitzgibbon 2/2, Josh Lewis 1/1Newcastle Knights: 32Tries: Danny Buderus, Andrew Johns, Luke Davico, Chris Bailey, Riley BrownGoals: Andrew Johns 6/6Crowd: 18,124By the Clock:Hello from Gosford. Today we have an important match for the Newcastle Knights, as a victory will keep them in the top 8 hunt.The Knights have lost Reynoldson, Lowrie and Mullen, and have given Chris Bailey, Daniel Abraham and Riley Brown the call up. The Roosters are 1-17.Last week the Knights got home in a close game against the Sharks while the Roosters belted the Cowboys.Big crowd at Bluetongue Stadium, grey skies.1 min: Tony Archer blows time on and the Roosters kick off!1 min: TRY Newcastle KnightsA terrible start for the Roosters. On tackle three Johns puts Simpson into space, Simpson races away and unloads to Buderus who has to do some work to dot down in the corner. Johns converts and it is a perfect start for the Knights. Knights 6-05 min: The Knights put Ryan Cross into touch while the Roosters are on attack.7 min: The Knights pick up a goal line drop out after some shambolic play from the Roosters at the back.10 min: The Knights get another drop out when Foley can't escape the in goal. He came impressively close however.11 min: TRY Newcastle KnightsJohns steps the Roosters defence from five out and scores under the posts. He converts his own try. Knights 12-015 min: TRY Newcastle KnightsJohns puts up a bomb, the Roosters fumble it and Chris Bailey comes up with the ball and scores 10 to the left of the posts. Johns converts. Knights 18-022 min: The Knights go back on attack with a penalty.24 min: The Knights go close several times but the Roosters hold out.27 min: TRY Newcastle KnightsBuderus puts Davico over from close range. The Roosters are all at sea, Johns converts. Knights 24-031 min: The Roosters get their best attacking opportunity and Amos Roberts knocks on.32 min: Abraham puts in a kick and Thaiday knocks on in an effort to ground the ball.33 min: Johns comes up with his worst play of the game throwing the ball right to a Roosters player.34 min: TRY Sydney RoostersLewis puts up a banana kick, Abraham can't hold on to it and Foley dives onto the ball to score beside the posts. Fitzgibbon converts. Knights 24-639 min: VIDEO REF - For a Knights try..39 min: NO TRY - KnightsThe penalty goes against the Roosters for interfering with a player going for the ball, the player knocked the ball on so that is why the penalty goes to the Knights.40 min: PENALTY GOAL Newcastle KnightsOff the back of the penalty mentioned above, Johns nails the goal and we go to halftime. Knights 26-6The Knights have dominated for most of this match, after racing to an 18-0 lead after 15 minutes and justifiably lead by 20 at halftime.40 min: Underway in the second half!40 min: Ryan Cross knocks on 10 out from his own line.42 min: Cross makes up for his error with an intercept and he runs 80 metres to put the Roosters on attack.43 min: VIDEO REF - For a Roosters try...43 min: NO TRY - RoostersRyan Cross is ruled offside after Thaiday fumbles a kick and Perrett gets the ball down.44 min: Knights pick up a line drop out.46 min: Lewis kicks out on the full attempting a 40/20.51 min: The Roosters survive another Knights attacking set, but concede a drop out.53 min: The Roosters hold out again and Roberts takes a Johns bomb to get the Roosters possession, only for the Roosters to knock on a few plays later.55 min: VIDEO REF - For a Knights try...55 min: NO TRY - KnightsJohns knocks on reaching out for the line.56 min: Thaiday initally has trouble recovering the ball, he then breaks away and runs 80 metres.56 min: SIN BIN - Finch is given 10 minutes for holding Thaiday down for too long.57 min: TRY Newcastle KnightsThe Knights take advantage of having an extra man, Riley Brown scores out wide off a Buderus cut out pass. It all came off a great break by Milton Thaiday who ran through some feeble defence. Johns converts. Knights 32-661 min: 40/20 - Lewis picks up a 40/20 for the Roosters.62 min: The Roosters waste the 40/20, the Knights recover the ball and go back on attack.65 min: TRY Sydney RoostersSoliola scores off a Setaimata Sa flick pass. Fitzgibbon converts off the upright from out wide. Knights 32-1267 min: CROWD - 18,12471 min: TRY Sydney RoostersThe Roosters put in a grubber for Cross who scores out wide and he loses his pants in a Carney tackle. Lewis converts. Knights 32-1875 min: Knights pick up another drop out.79 min: Thaiday ends a pedestrian Knights attacking set by getting put into touch.Fulltime, and the Knights have moved up into the top 4.-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Andrew Johns2 - Danny Buderus1 - Milton Thaiday-----------------------------------------

Storm win epic clash against Dragons

ROUND 21 St George Illawarra Dragons 24 v Melbourne Storm 34at Oki Jubilee Stadium KogarahReferee: Sean HampsteadMatch Summary:The Melbourne Storm have prevailed over the St George Illawarra Dragons 34-24 in an enthralling encounter at OKI Jubilee Stadium this afternoon. The Storm led 16-12 at half time.The Dragons opened the scoring in the fifth minute with a penalty goal to Matt Head after the Storm were penalised for a grapple tackle. The Storm responded almost instantly with a try to Matt King. Colin Best let a bomb bounce and the ball was recovered by Steve Turner who threw a pass behind his back as he was headed across the sideline, and King touched down out wide. The Storm increased their lead only three minutes later with a try to Ryan Hoffman after some very nice ball movement created the overlap on the left side.The score remained 12-2 until the half hour mark when some Matt Cooper magic got the Dragons back into the game. Head kicked ahead, Cooper picked the ball up and scored in the tackle of Billy Slater. Four minutes later the scores were level with Mark Gasnier taking a Head bomb and scoring out wide. Unfortunately for the Dragons, Ashton Sims knocked on from the set right after the try, and the Storm made the Dragons pay with Steve Turner scoring in the corner on what turned out to be the last play of the half.The early period of the second half was frenetic, with Greg Inglis showing his brilliance with a 60 metre try from dummy half. Five minutes later the Dragons responded with a Brett Morris try off another perfect Matt Head kick. The Storm scored a rather fortunate try only minutes later after a pass to Hoffman hit him in the chest. He kicked the ball ahead once, recovered it and two passes later Matt King was in for a 26-16 lead.Billy Slater was sin binned for a professional foul four minutes later, and the Dragons took advantage of it with Trent Barrett scoring out wide several minutes later. The Dragons moved to within two points with another Matt Cooper try again inspired by a Matt Head kick. He chipped, Gasnier recovered and threw a huge pass to Cooper who was in out wide. The Dragons went very close to scoring again, but on the next set the Storm went nearly 100 metres, and kicked a penalty goal for a 28-24 lead.The Storm then knocked on off the restart, and the Dragons had two consecutive sets camped right on the line, but Gasnier knocked on reaching out to score. Billy Slater then inspired the final try for the Storm, breaking out of his own end to put the Melbourne side hot on attack, and a few plays later Cooper Cronk scored in the corner to put the icing on the cake.An amazing game that should really buoy the hopes of the Storm, while the Dragons can feel unlucky, poor goal kicking had them trailing late in the game when they could in fact have been leading. The Storm stay six points clear at the top of the table and are on track for the Minor Premiership. Next week the Dragons will face the resurgent Eels on Friday, and will be looking to arrest the three game losing streak, while the Storm face off against the Tigers in Melbourne.Scorers:St George Illawarra Dragons: 24Tries: Trent Barrett, Matt Cooper(2), Mark Gasnier, Brett MorrisGoals: Aaron Gorrell 1/5, Mathew Head 1/1Melbourne Storm: 34Tries: Cooper Cronk, Ryan Hoffman, Greg Inglis, Matt King(2), Steve TurnerGoals: Cameron Smith 5/7By the Clock:Good afternoon from Kogarah. We have a blockbuster 1 vs 4 clash this afternoon, the Dragons host the Storm. Last week the Storm handled the Sharks well, winning 28-12, while the Dragons were hammered 31-12 by the Raiders.For the Storm, Webster and Kidwell are out. Inglis and Crocker will start with Crossman coming onto the bench. Creagh and Bickerstaff start for Wicks and Bailey who drop to the bench.1 min: The Dragons kick off!2 min: Creagh loses the ball on halfway after making a nice run.3 min: The Storm get the first attacking chance, Barrett defuses a chip kick from the Cronk under the posts.5 min: PENALTY GOAL St George Illawarra DragonsDallas Johnson is penalised for a grapple tackle. Head lands the goal from just over 30 metres out. Dragons 2-08 min: VIDEO REF - For a Storm try...8 min: TRY Melbourne StormCronk puts up a bomb, Best lets it land and the ball comes to Turner who throws a great no-look pass to King before going over the sideline, and King scores right by the corner post. Smiths conversion is a beauty. Storm 6-211 min: TRY Melbourne StormSome great ball movement from the Storm creates an overlap, Kaufusi comes up with the final offload that puts Hoffman in on the left side of the field. Worrying signs for the Dragons. Smith converts. Storm 12-212 min: INJURY - Greg Inglis has been taken to the sheds with a badly dislocated finger.14 min: Melbourne currently have over 70% of possession.17 min: Hill loses the ball just short of halfway.18 min: Crocker loses the ball just over halfway, and the Dragons get a penalty.19 min: Storm hold out an enterprising Dragons attacking raid.22 min: The Storm pressure Head on the last, he goes down the shortside and King knocks the ball down saving a certain try.22 min: Head bats a pass on that is intercepted by Geyer.29 min: HELD UP - Cooper is held up brilliantly by the Storm31 min: TRY St George Illawarra DragonsHead kicks ahead for Cooper, he picks it up and scores out wide in the tackle of Slater. Gorrell hits the posts. Storm 12-633 min: INJURY - Brent White (Storm) in the sheds with a shoulder injury.35 min: VIDEO REF - For a Dragons try...35 min: TRY St George Illawarra DragonsA breakaway set from the Dragons inspired by a Cooper break, a cross field kick goes to Gasnier who juggles the ball and dots dwon out wide. Gorrell ties the match up with the conversion. 12 all.37 min: Sims loses the ball just 20 out from the Dragons line.38 min: TRY Melbourne StormQuick ball movement from the Storm has Steve Turner scoring in the corner. Fantastic attacking play, the Dragons will rue the Sims mistake. Smith just misses from touch. Storm 16-12HALFTIME: A very entertaining 40 minutes passes very quickly. The Dragons will be furious for allowing the Turner try on the last play of the half. 40 min: The second half is underway.44 min: TRY Melbourne StormInglis makes a break from dummy half and races 60 metres to score out wide. Smith hits the uprights. Storm 20-1249 min: TRY St George Illawarra DragonsHead puts in a chip kick for Morris, he takes it on the full and scores in the corner. Gorrell misses, but the Dragons are back. Storm 20-1651 min: NEWS VIDEO REF - For a Storm try...51 min: TRY Melbourne StormThe ball comes off Hoffmans chest, he comes up with the ball and a few passes later Matt King dots down near the posts. Smith converts. Storm 26-1655 min: SIN BIN - A kick is charged down, and Slater is sin binned for a professional foul.56 min: Barrett throws the ball over the sideline on a poorly timed shortside play.58 min: The Dragons run the ball on the last tackle, Cooper makes a break and the Dragons look certain to score, but Hoffman and Inglis drag Gorrell down inches short of the line.59 min: TRY St George Illawarra DragonsBest comes up with a fantastic offload to Barrett who is in space and runs away from Inglis to score five metres in from touch. Gorrell misses the conversion. Storm 26-2065 min: Slater returns to the field just after Cronk puts a kick out on the full.66 min: King comes up with the ball from a Barrett pass that wasn't far off the mark, another great defensive play.69 min: TRY St George Illawarra DragonsHead chips ahead, Gasnier recovers and throws a huge pass to Cooper who scores in the corner. Gorrell misses again. Storm 26-2473 min: The Dragons very nearly score off more broken field play and kicks.75 min: PENALTY GOAL Melbourne StormThe Dragons are penalised for offside on a great attacking set for the Storm. Smith adds the two points from almost right in front. Storm 28-2475 min: The Storm lose the ball on tackle one 10 out.77 min: Gasnier knocks on going for the line. The Storm hold out two consecutive sets.80 min: TRY Melbourne StormA 100 metre set from the Storm has Cooper Cronk going over in the corner. Smith rubs salt into the wounds with the touchline conversion. Storm 34-24-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Cameron Smith2 - Cooper Cronk1 - Matt Cooper-----------------------------------------

Raiders score capital upset over Dragons

ROUND 20 Canberra Raiders 31 v St George Illawarra Dragons 12at Canberra StadiumReferee: Paul SimpkinsMatch Summary:The Canberra Raiders 2006 Finals hopes are well and truly alive following a resounding 31-12 hiding of the near full strength St George Illawarra Dragons at Canberra Stadium this afternoon.The Dragons opened the scoring in only the seventh minute with Trent Barrett scoring out wide after some very nice ball movement and a great run by Colin Best. After nearly 15 minutes of pressure the Raiders got off the mark, Micheal Weyman barging over from a tap penalty. The conversion put the Raiders up 6-4. Seven minutes before half time the Aaron Gorrell locked the match up a 6-6 with a penalty goal. The Raiders re-established their lead not three minutes later, Adam Mogg putting Jason Smith in off a somewhat forward pass.The Raiders took a commanding 12 point lead two minutes into the half with Todd Carney scoring a surprisingly easy try, as he ran right past several defenders to dot down under the posts. Just after the hour mark Clinton Schifcofske landed a field goal to put the Raiders up by 13.Mark Gasnier scored a few minutes later to give the Dragons a hint of a comeback at 19-12. Only a few minutes later Simon Woolford knocked on over the goal line. The Dragons couldn?t make the Raiders pay for the error. Jason Ryles was sin binned with seven minutes to go in the match, and several plays later Todd Carney latched onto a Jason Smith grubber to seal the win. Clinton Schifcofske set up another try for the Adrian Purtell in the 77th minute, and then slotted the sideline conversion for the 31-12 scoreline.Next week the Dragons host the Storm at OKI Jubilee Stadium, while the Raiders are also in Sydney to play the Rabbitohs at Telstra Stadium.Scorers:Canberra Raiders: 31Tries: Todd Carney(2), Jason Smith, Michael Weyman, Adrian PurtellGoals: Clinton Schifcofske 5/5Field Goals: Clinton SchifcofskeSt George Illawarra Dragons: 12Tries: Trent Barrett, Mark GasnierGoals: Aaron Gorrell 2/2Half time: Raiders 12-6By the Clock:Todays game in the ACT has the Canberra Raiders hosting St George Illawarra. This afternoon the Dragons are looking to hop up into a share of 2nd on the ladder, while the Raiders desperately need to win following last nights results.The Dragons in scarlet, the Raiders in green. For the Raiders, Withers starts at halfback, Carney to the bench and Woolford starts. A heap of changes for the Dragons. Wicks and Ryles in, Hornby to fullback, Greenshields to Premier League. Gasnier is in the centres.1 min: The Dragons kick off!2 min: The weather is fine, somewhat grey.7 min: TRY St George Illawarra DragonsThe Dragons spread the ball wide to Best, just before he gets tossed over the sideline he passes inside to Barrett who celebrates his return with a try in the corner. Head hooks the conversion. Dragons 4-010 min: The Dragons go wide on the other side of the field, Morris runs away, his pass to support inside is knocked back the the Raiders, Dean Young nearly got to the ball, but the Raiders bat it dead.11 min: Poore can't control the ball on an attempted barge over play.13 min: The Raiders ruin some great leadup play. Wooford kicks for Mogg who recovers the ball. On the next play Smith runs behind a player and isn't penalised for obstruction, then he throws a cut out pass high over the sideline.15 min: Head nearly comes up with an intercept for the Dragons. Croker loses the ball from the scrum.17 min: Mogg drives Cooper across the sideline in a great defensive play.19 min: Some good play on the last tackle by the Raiders picks up a line dropout.21 min: Smiths grubber into the goalposts allows the Dragons to come up with the ball - had the ball gone past the posts it was a try for all money. The Raiders force the Dragons to kick only 15 metres out.22 min: Mogg claims a try in the corner, however Chalk was forced out over the whitewash first.26 min: TRY Canberra RaidersRight off a penalty Weyman hits the ball up and strolls across the tryline. Schifcofske converts. The Raiders take a well deserved lead. Raiders 6-430 min: Weyman goes very close to scoring again, he gets held up.33 min: PENALTY GOAL St George Illawarra DragonsA break by Hornby and Best has the Raiders penalised for offside. Gorrell adds the two points. 6 all.Wild play before the penalty, a Smith kick bounces horribly for Withers who very nearly scored, Hornby got the ball and set off.35 min: TRY Canberra RaidersGreat lead up play by the Raiders to this try. Mogg puts Smith in with a very good offload. Schifcofske converts. Raiders 12-6HALFTIME: The Raiders lead 12-6 after a particularly exciting half of football.StatsPossession: Raiders 54%-46%Completions: Raiders 15/19, Dragons 12/15Tackles/Missed: Raiders 124/22, Dragons 145/15Offloads: Raiders 9-4Errors: Raiders 6-540 min: Underway in the second half.41 min: Young makes an error only 30 seconds into the half.42 min: TRY Canberra RaidersCarney gets the ball deep out wide, he changes his running angle and scores with alarming ease under the posts. Schifcofske converts. Raiders 18-650 min: The Dragons making a lot of errors - the Raiders are really going well.51 min: Best is forced to knock the ball over the sideline and the Raiders get a scrum 15 out.53 min: VIDEO REF - for a Raiders try...53 min: NO TRY - Graham ruled to have knocked on from a Mogg kick.56 min: INJURY - Lee Te Maari in all sorts for trouble after a head clash.58 min: Try as they might, the Dragons just can't finish off after any good movements.59 min: Barrett holds the pass up, he hangs on too long and passes over the sideline.61 min: A great Schifcofske kick gets the Raiders a drop out.63 min: FIELD GOAL Canberra RaidersSchifcofske lands a field goal to make the Raiders lead a bakers dozen. Raiders 19-667 min: TRY St George Illawarra DragonsGasnier scores under the posts for the Dragons. Gorrell converts. Raiders 19-1271 min: Woolford knocks on over the goal line.73 min: SIN BIN - Jason Ryles is sin binned for saying something to Simpkins, a completely moronic act.73 min: TRY Canberra RaidersCarney collects a Smith kick and dots down out wide. Schifcofske converts. Raiders 25-1277 min: TRY Canberra RaidersSchifcofske runs across the field with the ball in one hand, he throws the ball over the top to Purtell who scores out wide. Schifcofske converts. Raiders 31-12FULLTIME: The Raiders come up with a 31-12 win over the Dragons with easily their best performance of the year.-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Jason Smith2 - Clinton Schifcofske1 - Adam Mogg-----------------------------------------

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