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Tigers hold out to defeat Cowboys

ROUND 13 Wests Tigers 24 v North Queensland Cowboys 14at Telstra Stadium Referees: Steve ClarkMatch Summary:The Tigers have held out the Cowboys to win the Grand Final replay 24-14. The Tigers led 18-4 at half time.The Tigers took the lead with an early try to youngster Michael Crockett in the third minute. Hodgson added the conversion and the Tigers were up 6-0. The Cowboys hit back after 11 minutes with a try to Gavin Cooper. The Tigers responded almost instantly with a powerful try to Anthony Laffranchi that was created by a great offload from Ryan O?Hara. The lead was extended to 14 points after 20 minutes when the Tigers followed up a Dean Collis break with Benji Marshall dotting down under the posts. After the frenetic start no more points were added in the first half.The Cowboys started their comeback in the 47th minute when Brenton Bowen went high to knock a Matt Bowen kick down to Paul Bowman who scored in the corner. The missed conversion made it 18-8. Five minutes later Thurston was in through some neat footwork, and it was 18-14. After two breaks down the left side in the space of a few minutes, Cowboys stand off Shane Muspratt was sin binned for a professional foul, and Brett Hodgson landed a penalty goal for a six point cushion with 20 minutes to go. Try as they might, the Cowboys were unable to breach the Tigers defence, and in the final minute Dean Collis put an exclamation point on the win with a fortunate try in the right corner. The Tigers have to worry about a hamstring injury to Paul Whatuira for next week, while the Cowboys came out of the game well in injury terms.Scorers:Wests Tigers: 24Tries: Dean Collis, Anthony Laffranchi, Benji Marshall, Michael CrockettGoals: Brett Hodgson 4/5North Queensland Cowboys: 14Tries: Paul Bowman, Johnathan Thurston, Gavin CooperGoals: Johnathan Thurston 1/3By the Clock:We're here at Telstra Stadium for the Grand Final replay. Cowboys vs Tigers.Both teams have been down on form in recent weeks, however the Tigers come in off a 44-4 flogging of the Rabbitohs, whilst the Cowboys are coming off a 15-14 extra time loss to the Raiders in Townsville.Both teams are as per-program. Conditions are overcast. Not much of a crowd in. Maybe about 15,000.1 min: And we are underway at Telstra Stadium!4 min: Video referee for a Tigers try...4 min: TRY Wests TigersShades of the Grand Final for the Tigers, great passing gets to Michael Crockett out wide on the last, and he races down the sideline to score in the corner. Hodgson converts off the posts. Tigers 6-08 min: Prince puts up a poor bomb, the Tigers regather and lose 20 metres before Thurston picks up the loose ball.11 min: TRY North Queensland CowboysSome quick passing right on the line has Gavin Cooper scoring in the tackle of Scott Prince. Thurston drops the conversion short from out wide. Tigers 6-416 min: TRY Wests TigersA great offload from O'Hara sets up Laffranchi to burst over from 15 metres out. Hodgson converts. Tigers 12-420 min: TRY Wests TigersA fantastic Tigers try. Collis gets put away down the right side, he gets wrapped up. The next play the ball gets to Marshall who steps and scores. No football score today, it's probably going to be more like an AFL score. Hodgson converts. Tigers 18-425 min: Cowboys go on attack, Thurston puts in a dreadful grubber on the second tackle.32 min: The Cowboys are penalised for obstruction on attack, the penalty is then advanced 10 metres.36 min: Cowboys just aren't clicking in attack, they lose the ball on attack again.38 min: Marshall kicks for himself, regathers, jinks, steps and offloads to a team mate who drops the ball.40 min: The Phantom Siren goes, and not long afterwards we go to half time with the Tigers up 18-4.StatsTigers with 58% of the possession. Very good completion rates from both teams, 15/18 for the Tigers and 13/17 for the Cowboys. The Cowboys have made 145 tackles and missed 16, the Tigers are 118/10. The Cowboys have made twice as many offloads at the Tigers (10-5).40 min: Back underway at Telstra Stadium!43 min: Video referee for a Cowboys try - nil chance of it being awarded.43 min: NO TRY - Sing is denied in the corner.47 min: TRY North Queensland CowboysAfter a strong few sets of defence for the Tigers, they finally break. Bowen kicks across for Brenton Bowen who taps the ball down to Bowman who dots down out wide. Thurston hooks the conversion too much and misses. Tigers 18-852 min: TRY North Queensland CowboysAfter another Tigers mistake Thurston runs onto the ball and beats several tacklers to score under the posts. He converts. Tigers 18-1455 min: Video referee for a Tigers try....55 min: NO TRY - Tigers. Payten nearly dives on a kick, but the ball is ruled to have been forced by the Cowboys.59 min: After a Tigers breakout, Paul Whatuira is taken off the field with an injury.60 min: SIN BIN: Shane Muspratt is sin binned for a professional foul after a Tigers break.61 min: PENALTY GOAL Wests TigersAfter a Tigers break, Muspratt is penalised and sin binned for a professional foul. Hodgson lands the penalty goal for a 6 point lead. Tigers 20-1470 min: The Tigers manage to hold out a concerted Cowboys attack.74 min: Prince is pressured out of a field goal attempt. Still 20-14.77 min: Cowboys penalised in possession for an obstruction.78 min: ATTEMPTED FIELD GOAL Wests TigersPrince misses a field goal. Tigers 20-1480 min: TRY Wests TigersThe Tigers spread the ball, it gets batted up by a Cowboys player, Collis comes down with it and races 20 metres to score in the corner. Hodgson misses the conversion. Tigers 24-14-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Anthony Laffranchi (Tigers)2 - Dean Collis (Tigers)1 - Ryan O'Hara (Tigers)-----------------------------------------

Dragons touch up Knights in the rain

ROUND 12 Newcastle Knights 12 v St George Illawarra Dragons 38at EnergyAustralia StadiumReferee: Tony ArcherMatch Summary:The Saint George Illawarra Dragons proved their 2006 NRL campaign is back on track following a comprehensive 38-12 victory over the Knights in front of 23,256 wet fans in Newcastle.The match mirrored the encounter between the two teams earlier in the year, where it was close early on before one team took control. Earlier in the year it was the Knights who took over the game. Tonight it was the Dragons.After a very amusing early try to re-signed centre Mark Gasnier ? a play involving three kicks (including one by a front rower in Luke Bailey) the Dragons had a slim 4-0 lead. Nine minutes later Corey Payne crashed over near the posts for a 10-0 lead. The very next set had a Dragons break which led to a Ben Hornby try and a 16-0 lead. It became 20-0 only a few minutes later after Gasnier set up Payne for his second try in the corner. Just before half time Andrew Johns, who had a particularly forgettable game scored and converted for the teams to go to the sheds at 20-6.The rout continued 11 minutes into the second half with Dragons forward Danny Wicks crashing over to make it 26-6. A partial charge down just after the hour mark led to another Dragons try and a 26 point lead. This was followed up five minutes later by one of the most unusual video referee decisions seen in rugby league. Trent Barrett toed the ball ahead, it took a bounce off Ben Hornby and came to rest on the try line, and Hornby put his hand on the ball to claim a try. The try was awarded despite Hornby appearing to be miles offside, and despite the terrorist threats from Phil Gould to jump out of the commentary box if the try was awarded. The Knights scored a consolation try to Kurt Gidley with five minutes to go to make the final score 38-12.The Knights have looked out of touch ever since the thrilling 18-16 loss to the Cowboys in Newcastle several weeks ago, while the Dragons are looking better each week. The only injury worry out of the match seem to be the ongoing problem with Danny Buderus.Scorers:Newcastle Knights: 12Tries: Kurt Gidley, Andrew JohnsGoals: Andrew Johns 2/2St George Illawarra Dragons: 38Tries: Trent Barrett, Mark Gasnier, Ben Hornby(2), Corey Payne(2), Danny WicksGoals: Aaron Gorrell 4/5, Ben Hornby 1/1, Mark Gasnier 0/1Crowd: 23,256By the Clock:Tonight is the Knights vs Dragons. Normally a close rivalry, the Dragons were smashed 54-6 by the Knights at WIN Stadium.1 min: And we are underway in Newcastle!4 min: Gasnier gets into space, he gets wrapped up and throws a flick pass to Best that rolls forward.13 min: The game is to-ing and fro-ing from up and down the park. Not much in the way of opportunites lately.14 min: Carney and Buderus aren't in great shape at the moment.17 min: VIDEO REF - for a bizarre possible Dragons try.17 min: TRY St George Illawarra DragonsAn unusual try to say the least. One cross field kick gets batted down to Luke Bailey, he puts up an awful cross kick back to the other side of the field, then Dean Young puts up a kick that is initally collected successfully by the Knights, only to have the ball come loose and Gasnier just gets his hand onto the loose ball. He misses the conversion. Dragons 4-021 min: A few errors coming into the game.25 min: Johns makes an error 20 out from their own line, giving the Dragons a good attacking opportunity.26 min: TRY St George Illawarra DragonsFollowing the Knights mistake, Creagh goes really close under the posts. The next play has Payne crashing over to the right of the posts. Hornby takes over the kicking duties and lands the goal. Dragons 10-028 min: TRY St George Illawarra DragonsBack to back tries for the Dragons following a break down the left hand side. Millard passes to Young who gets into space, and he sets up Ben Hornby to score. Gorrell takes over the kicking duties now and he makes it 16-0. Dragons 16-032 min: Gidley makes an mistake at the back that leads to a drop out for the Dragons. One way traffic at the moment.33 min: VIDEO REFEREE - for a Dragons try in the corner.33 min: TRY St George Illawarra DragonsA dreadful drop out from Johns goes to Gasnier who steps, shifts and throws a great pass to Payne who scores in the corner. Gorrell hits the uprights. Dragons 20-036 min: Plenty of easy metres for the Dragons - this match mirrors the clash earlier this year at WIN. Close early before one team takes control.37 min: Gidley gets into space, he kicks centre field and Best hoofs the ball dead from outside the in goal.38 min: TRY Newcastle KnightsJohns runs onto the ball, he powers through several tacklers to score. He converts his own try to keep the match alive. Dragons 20-640 min: The Dragons look to make something happen just before half time, but can't keep the ball alive.Half time in an interesting game. As mentioned earlier. Very tight early before the Dragons ran in several quick tries to go up 20-0. Johns responded just before half time to keep the Knights in it at 20-6.Dragons have a 54/46 advantage in possession. Both teams have pretty good completion rates - Knights 14/18 and the Dragons 17/20. The Knights have made 168 tackles and missed 21, while the Dragons are 135/13. The Dragons have outgained the Knights by 745 metres to 615. 6 Knights errors to 4 Dragons errors.41 min: Second half underway.45 min: Rain starts falling at the stadium. Steve Chiddy has damaged his calf as touchie. One Mr Tony Des La Heras had taken up one side of the park.49 min: Newcastle really not looking like scoring another 14 points. They look really disjointed on attack.50 min: An error by Gidley at the back this time leads to a scrum 10 out for the Dragons.51 min: TRY St George Illawarra DragonsThe Dragons re-establish their 20 point lead. Barrett finds Wicks who has already beaten his defender and he dots down to the right of the posts. Gorrell converts. Dragons 26-656 min: Knights very pedestrian in attack. Very little urgency shown.60 min: VIDEO REFREE for a Dragons try.60 min: NO TRY - DragonsBest is ruled to have knocked on during a play that involved several kicks.62 min: CROWD - 23,25663 min: TRY St George Illawarra DragonsA Barrett kick is partially charged, Bickerstaff ends up in space and he passes the ball inside to Barrett who scores beside the uprights. Gorrell converts. Dragons 32-668 min: VIDEO REFEREE for a certain Dragons no try. Hornby about 30 metres offside when the Barrett kick was put through.69 min: TRY St George Illawarra DragonsKnock me over with a feather! Hornby appeared to be six miles offside but he ended up standing over the ball and just touched it down. I've never seen a decision like it! Gorrell converts. Dragons 38-672 min: Phil Gould is backing out of his "I'll jump out of the commentary box if they award this try" call.75 min: TRY Newcastle KnightsGidley goes in to score a consolation try for the Knights. Johns converts. Dragons 38-12FULL TIME: And the Dragons run away with a 26 point win over the Knights in the rain of Newcastle.-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Mark Gasnier (Dragons)2 - Trent Barrett (Dragons)1 - Daryl Millard (Dragons)-----------------------------------------

Knights leave it late against Tigers

ROUND 10 Wests Tigers 16 v Newcastle Knights 18at Campbelltown Sports StadiumReferee: Sean HampsteadMatch Summary:A 77th minute try to Irishman Brian Carney has given the Newcastle Knights an exciting 18-16 win over the Wests Tigers at Campbelltown this afternoon.The Knights opened the scoring with an 11th minute try to fullback David Seage following an Andrew Johns break. Four minutes later the Tigers responded with a great try to Daniel Fitzhenry that went unconverted. Steve Simpson scored off an inside ball after 28 minutes to give the Knights a 12-4 buffer. Not long before half time the Tigers scored a great team try the concluded with Shane Elford dotting down in the corner, and the try was converted from the sideline to cut the Knights lead to 12-10 at the break.Attack was limited in the second half ? an Andrew Johns after 58 minutes looked like being the only scoring in the half. On the 72nd minute the Tigers hit the front 16-14 following another long range team try, this time scored by Chris Heighington under the posts. But the 14,499 crowds hopes of a Tigers victory were dashed in the 77th minute when Brian Carney chipped for himself, and Brett Hodgson made a rare mistake, allowing Carney to kick through and score in the corner for the win.The Tigers can feel like the lost a match they shouldn't have won anyway, looking beaten with 10 minutes to go, only to take a lead briefly before the Knights snatched it back.Scorers:Wests Tigers: 16Tries: Shane Elford, Daniel Fitzhenry, Chris HeighingtonGoals: Brett Hodgson 2/3Newcastle Knights: 18Tries: David Seage, Steve Simpson, Brian CarneyGoals: Andrew Johns 3/4Crowd: 14,499Half time: Knights 12-10By the Clock:Counting down to kickoff at Campbelltown Sports Stadium today - the clash between the Knights and the Tigers. It's the battle of the '05 Premiers vs the '05 Wooden Spooners. Plenty of points in the offing today with two strong attacks and two less than stunning defences. Nice afternoon in Sydney on Mothers day.Both teams taking to the field now. The Knights are 1-17, while Galea is out for the Tigers and Galloway is in.1 min: Andrew Johns kicks off!10 min: The Tigers are making plenty of inroads when the spread the ball wide. Good scrambling defence saves the Knights.11 min: TRY Newcastle KnightsJohns breaks the line through some feeble tackles, Seage is in support on his right and Seage scores by the posts. Johns converts. Knights 6-015 min: TRY Wests TigersThe Tigers pass the ball out wide, attract an overlap and Lolesi darts down the touchline before throwing the ball inside to Fitzhenry who scores. Hodgson misses the conversion. Knights 6-423 min: Fitzhenry spills a kick into touch just a metre away from the Tigers goal line. Andrew Johns knocks on at the scrum base.28 min: TRY Newcastle KnightsJohns throws an inside ball to Steve Simpson who barges over from 5 metres out. Johns converts. Knights 12-432 min: Very end to end, open attacking football. A few errors creeping in though.34 min: The Tigers go on attack, they catch and pass down the line and look certainties to score only to have Anthony Quinn come up with an intercept.37 min: Tigers score a line drop out.38 min: TRY Wests TigersFollowing the line drop out, play drifts across field to Marshall who runs into an open space, and he contines across field before passing to Elford who scores out wide. Hodgson slots the touchline conversion. Knights 12-1040 min: The Tigers bust out and play rolls downfield, the ball goes to Elford who is taken into the corner post by Carney and Gidley.40 min: End of a frenetic half of football.The Tigers have a 51/49 possession advantage. They have completed 16/19 sets to the Knights 11/16. Both teams have missed heaps of tackles, 21 for the Tigers and 32 for the Knights, while having made a similar number of tackles. Both teams have already made over 700 metres, Tigers with 10 offloads to the Knights 4, and the Knights have made 5 errors to the Tigers 4.40 min: Teams returning to the field now.40 min: Tigers get the second half underway!48 min: After some very open football from both teams, the Knights pick up a line drop out.50 min: The Knights are getting hammered 6-1 in the penalty count.51 min: 6-2 now as Lolesi is penalised for obstruction, then 6-3 for a strip.55 min: A promising move for the Tigers comes to nothing as Collis loses the ball over the line.58 min: PENALTY GOAL Newcastle KnightsThe Tigers are penalised in possession for not standing up to play the ball. Johns lands the goal. Knights 14-1059 min: The Knights are looking a bit lost at the moment.64 min: The Tigers are throwing everything at the Knights but are unable to come up with points.66 min: Both teams are looking quite tired and are struggling in attack, compared to the first half.71 min: CROWD - 14,49972 min: TRY Wests TigersMarshall runs across field, offloads to a winger who finds Heighington who scores under the posts. Hodgson converts. Tigers 16-1475 min: Johns puts a bomb up, Hodgson comes down with it in traffic five metres out from his own line.77 min: VIDEO REF for a Knights try!77 min: TRY Newcastle KnightsCarney breaks down the sideline, he chips over the top for himself, Hodgson fumbles and Carney kicks ahead off the ground and he dives on the ball to score in the corner. Johns sprays the conversion. Knights 18-1680 min: NEWS The Tigers can't make anything of their final set, and the Knights win a thrilling match.-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Steve Simpson (Knights)2 - Craig Smith (Knights)1 - Benji Marshall (Tigers)-----------------------------------------

Country score late win over City-slickers

CITYVCOUNTRY2006 City 10 v Country 12at Apex Oval, DubboReferee: Tony ArcherMatch Summary:A late Anthony Quinn try has given Country a 12-10 upset win over City in Dubbo tonight. Country dominated the first half of the game almost totally ? helped by City making three errors inside the Country 10 metre line. Country opened the scoring after 13 minutes with a penalty goal. 10 minutes later Country scored the only try of the first half, to Anthony Laffranchi off a Brett Finch offload, and after almost total domination of the first half the Country went to the sheds up only 8-0.City came back strong in the second half, scoring eight minutes into the half after a cross field kick was batted on to Paul Gallen who offloaded to David Simmons who scored out wide. The conversion made the score 8-6. After 61 minutes City capitalised on a Kurt Gidley error, and scored in the opposite corner in the form of Luke Rooney ? after another Gallen offload. There was one more twist left in the match when, with four minutes to go ? Anthony Quinn somehow rebounded from a solid hit and got the ball down on the line inches from the corner post, for the 12-10 win.While the match was close, and needed players to step up to the plate, the New South Wales selectors are probably still more probably none the wiser as to who they will be selecting to fill in the gaps, although players like Paul Gallen, Amos Roberts, Kurt Gidley and Brett Finch certainly pushed their cases.Scorers:City: 10Tries: David Simmons, Luke RooneyGoals: Brett Hodgson 1/2Country: 12Tries: Anthony Quinn, Anthony LaffranchiGoals: Craig Fitzgibbon 2/2By the Clock:Not far away from kickoff at the historic Apex Oval in Dubbo.City vs Country, the start of domestic representative season for 2006. Generally speaking, two-fairly star studded teams today. The City boys are favourites tonight, and have won 3 out of the last 4 of these clashes.Very healthy crowd in tonight, and the conditions are dry.1 min: We're underway in Dubbo! Ben Hornby starts us off by kicking out on the full, and City will go on the attack.1 min: Hodgson is thrown into touch early in the count, only a few metres out from the goal line.6 min: Very messy start with a lot of poor passes and a general lack of cohesion.7 min: VIDEO REFEREE for a Country try...8 min: NO TRY - Amos Roberts is ruled to have knocked on in goal trying to ground a bomb.10 min: City turn the ball over, but manage to hold Country out.10 min: Another City turnover. Country dominating territory and possession at this early stage.12 min: Finch is pressured on the last tackle, he gets the ball away and after Country throw it around a bit Amos Roberts picks up a line drop out.13 min: PENALTY GOAL CountryCity are penalised for stripping the ball of Craig Fitzgibbon. He adds the two points from 20 out, right in front. Country 2-015 min: A fantastic kick from Country traps David Simmons in the in goal.17 min: Country get another repeat set. City are under siege.18 min: City finally get the ball back as Gidley kicks a little too deep.19 min: Current Storm player Brett White hits ex-Storm player Matt Orford late after he kicks it.20 min: City are unable to take advantage of the penalty and turn the ball over for the second time in good attacking position.23 min: TRY CountryBrett Finch runs up the middle and offloads to Laffranchi who has a yawning gap to run through and score under the posts. Fitzgibbon converts, and the domination is starting to show on the scoreboard. Country 8-026 min: Finch puts a kick out on the full, fortunately it isn't in the worst position on the field.28 min: Simmons comes very close to scoring after a chip kick, but Quinn shows his soccer skills and City get a goal line drop out.29 min: Gower puts the ball down 10 out from the Country goal line. Three turnovers hot on attack from City.31 min: Country turn the ball over 10 metres out from their own line, City with their best chance, but they blow it as Orford knocks on at the scrum base.40 min: Half time. Country have largely dominated this game, helped by four City mistakes 10 metres out from the Country line. They ought to lead by more than 8 points, but City have managed to hold on and stay within single digits of Country.40 min: Country have 60% possession. City have made 12 errors to Countrys 3 - completion rates are 8/20 for City and 17/21 for Country.40 min: Back underway at Dubbo.45 min: Roberts fails to catch the ball and ends up knocking it into touch - scrum City 10 metres out.46 min: NEWS Craig Gower is injured and is really limping. City get a repeat set.48 min: TRY CityCity finally take advantage of good field position. Orford kicks high across to the posts, Hodgson bats the ball across field, it goes through hands and Simmons scores out wide. Hodgson hits the conversion from out wide. Country 8-652 min: NEWS Gower moving well again.57 min: Country throw the ball around and cross the try line, only to be called back for a forward pass.60 min: Gidley nearly makes a great close range catch on a kick, but he loses the ball, City scrum 10 out.61 min: TRY CityOff the back of the Gidley error, City move the ball from sideline to sideline, Gallen throws an offload to Rooney who scores in the corner, allowing City to take an almost undeserved lead. Hodgson misses the goal. City 10-867 min: Hicks is held up on tackle four. The following kick is taken by Lewis who is trapped in the in goal.69 min: MacDougall held up on tackle four. Finch kicks high to Roberts who knocks on. Still 10-8 to City.71 min: 9 Minutes to go, City somehow holding on.72 min: Quinn can't get out of the in goal, line drop out to City.73 min: Gower kicks on tackle four and doesn't even find the in goal.74 min: Rooney gets trapped in the in goal at the other end of the field. Jason King - possible fractured thumb.76 min: VIDEO REFEREE: Possible Country try...76 min: TRY CountryThe Country boys spread the ball wide and somehow Anthony Quinn grounds the ball inches away from the corner post. Roberts hooks the touchline conversion. Country 12-1080 min: City are forced to come up with a goal line drop out, ensuring the win for Country.80 min: NEWS Country survive a second half City fightback and win the match with a try four minutes from time.-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Andrew Ryan2 - Preston Campbell1 - Paul Gallen-----------------------------------------

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Bulldogs tackle their way to victory

ROUND 9 Sydney Roosters 14 v Canterbury Bulldogs 30at Aussie StadiumReferees: Sean HampsteadMatch Summary:The Canterbury Bulldogs have recorded an impressive 30-14 victory over the Sydney Roosters in their NRL clash at Aussie Stadium today. The Bulldogs trailed 12-0 after 32 minutes, 12-6 at half time and 14-6 not long after half time.The Bulldogs dominated most of the first half, but poor finishing let them down. The Roosters opened the scoring after 25 minutes when Nigel Plum barged across the line for a 6-0 lead. That lead was doubled shortly afterwards with a great Roosters team try finished off by Amos Roberts. The Bulldogs struck back just before half time when Tony Grimaldi ran 30 metres from dummy half.The second half was very similar to the first, but the teams changed roles; the Bulldogs were defending their backsides off and the Roosters were pushing to score. Craig Fitzgibbon knocked a penalty over just after the resumption, but that was all the scoring for the Roosters in the second half, as the Bulldogs piled on 24 unanswered points. Daniel Holdsworth dotted down after 48 minutes, and then the Bulldogs took the lead 8 minutes later with a blockbusting barge over try to Willie Mason. The Bulldogs then had to defend madly for 20 minutes before a Luke Patten break was held up in a superb cover tackle by Amos Roberts. The Roosters couldn?t hold out for the set of six and conceded a try to Bulldogs prop Brad Morrin. Matt Utai made a try saving tackle on Setaimata Sa when he came down with a bomb just short of the line and Utai managed to wrap him up with just 4 minutes to go. After the siren the Bulldogs emphasised their second half domination with a try to Sonny Bill Williams after the siren. The only player placed on report was John Doyle from the Roosters, while Corey Hughes missed a large amount of the match with a hamstring injury.Scorers:Sydney Roosters: 14Tries: Nigel Plum, Amos RobertsGoals: Craig Fitzgibbon 3/3Canterbury Bulldogs: 30Tries: Tony Grimaldi, Willie Mason, Brad Morrin, Sonny Bill Williams, Daniel HoldsworthGoals: Hazem El Masri 5/5By the Clock:Swirling wind at the Football Stadium. Field is in good condition and it is a nice day in Sydney.Counting down to kickoff in the battle between these two hated rivals. The Roosters won both games in 2005 - 29-16 at Telstra Stadium and 32-12 at todays venue. Both teams are trying to get onto a 2 game winning streak. Fairly sparse looking crowd in attendance.1 min: Underway at the Sydney Football Stadium!4 min: NEWS Utai is bundled into touch by Sa and Perrett. The Roosters turn it over from the scrum.5 min: NEWS Andrew Ryan held up over the line. Roosters hold out the set.6 min: NEWS Finch attempts a 40/20 and the ball sails out on the full.7 min: NEWS Utai follows through a grubber kick but knocks it on as he spins to ground it. Call made by the on field referee for a change.9 min: NEWS Now Ben Roberts puts the ball out on the full.10 min: NEWS Anasta throws a rushed pass to Finch who drops it in good attacking position.16 min: NEWS The Roosters make their first foray into the Bulldogs 20 but follow it up with a dreadful kick.17 min: NEWS The Bulldogs are coming up with some really sloppy passes.19 min: NEWS The Bulldogs go on attack following a penalty, but Roberts puts in a poor kick on the third tackle. The Roosters turn the ball over though. The Bulldogs respond by passing the ball over the touchline again.21 min: NEWS The Bulldogs lose the ball in their own half, giving them one of their best attacking opportunities.22 min: NEWS Anasta appears to have dived on a ball in the in goal to knock the ball on in the in goal, but the Roosters earn a goal line drop out.25 min: TRY Sydney RoostersThe tackle count gets reset, and Plum runs through a yawning gap to score to the right of the posts to score his first try. Fitzgibbon converts. Roosters 6-026 min: NEWS Morley knocks on on the 2nd tackle. 8 Rooster errors to 5 Bulldogs errors.27 min: NEWS The Roosters survive after making an error on the first set after the kickoff.28 min: NEWS Corey Hughes has a hamsting injury - the probability of his return is unknown.30 min: NEWS Mellars makes a brave attempt to get out of the ingoal but he gets trapped and the Bulldogs get a repeat set.32 min: TRY Sydney RoostersThe Roosters spread the ball inside their 20. Perrett busts down the wing, he passes inside to Finch who finds Roberts who avoids some tacklers to score under the posts. A great breakout try. Fitzgibbon converts. Roosters 12-036 min: NEWS Plum putting in some great hits today. He knocks Mason onto his arse.37 min: TRY Canterbury BulldogsGrimaldi runs 30 metres from dummy half to score beside the posts. El Masri unsuprisingly converts, and reaches 100 points for the season. Roosters 12-639 min: NEWS The Bulldogs let the ball bounce across the dead ball line from the restart.40 min: NEWS Sonny Bill kicks ahead just before halftime, it bounces of Anasta who picks it up and puts centralising kicks that it taken care of safely by the Bulldogs.And so ends a first half punctuated by errors and dopey football. The Bulldogs dominated for most of the first half but find themselves down 12-6.40 min: NEWS Second half underway.42 min: PENALTY GOAL Sydney RoostersThe Bulldogs are penalised for stripping the ball. Fitzgibbon adds the points from out in front. Roosters 14-644 min: NEWS Corey Hughes is due to return to the math shortly.44 min: NEWS The kickoff goes out on the full, penalty Roosters on halfway.45 min: NEWS The Roosters go close to scoring but Wing forces the pass and it is gathered up by the Dogs.46 min: NEWS ON REPORT - John Doyle is put on report for a high tackle on Nate Myles.47 min: NEWS A good set from the Bulldogs gets them a goal line drop out.48 min: TRY Canterbury BulldogsAfter getting the repeat set, Maitua goes through a gap and throws a pass inside to Holdsworth who scores under the black dot. El Masri converts. Roosters 14-1251 min: NEWS The Roosters get a repeat set after a bomb is fumbled, but they are held out by the Bulldogs defence.54 min: NEWS Still quite a few errors in this match.56 min: TRY Canterbury BulldogsMason ploughs his way over the line on the last tackle, scores under the posts. El Masri converts. Bulldogs 18-1456 min: NEWS Utai drops the kickoff and the Roosters will get the ball right back.58 min: NEWS The Bulldogs defend their error.61 min: NEWS Anasta breaks up the middle, he kicks ahead for Finch. Finch can't see the ball and the Bulldogs are forced to play a goal line drop out.63 min: NEWS The Roosters are struggling in attack. The repeat set ends poorly as Sa kicks the ball dead. Roosters get the ball back via a strip.64 min: NEWS A far better kick from the Roosters nets them a line drop out. El Masri seems to have added the goose step to his set of moves.67 min: NEWS Patten breaks out and is tracked down and held up in a fantastic tackle by Amos Roberts.68 min: TRY Canterbury BulldogsAfter the Patten break the ball heads across field, Asotasi offloads to Morrin who scores amongst a bunch of tacklers. El Masri converts. The Bulldogs are out to a 10 point lead with 10 to go. Bulldogs 24-1475 min: NEWS The Roosters are starting their sets at the wrong end of the field if they expect to win this game.76 min: NEWS Sa comes down with a bomb, and somehow Matt Utai tackles him just short of the line, saving a certain try.78 min: NEWS Patten goes back to grab the ball from a breakout. The Bulldogs spread the ball wide and drop the ball 20 metres out.78 min: NEWS Shillington drops the ball and the Bulldogs will go on to win this game.80 min: NEWS With only 50 seconds to go the Roosters throw the ball over the sideline from the scrum.80 min: TRY Canterbury BulldogsThe Bulldogs throw the ball around after the siren and Sonny Bill Williams scores to put an exclamation mark on this win! El Masri converts. Bulldogs 30-14-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Willie Mason2 - Roy Asotasi1 - Tony Grimaldi-----------------------------------------

Orford field goal steals Manly win

ROUND 8 Manly Sea Eagles 23 v Parramatta Eels 22at Sydney Cricket GroundReferees: Steven ClarkMatch Summary:The Manly Sea Eagles scored a memorable 23-22 win over the Parramatta Eels at the Sydney Cricket Ground in a match befitting of the anniversary of the 1976 decider. The Eels led 16-0 at one stage in the first half, but only led 16-12 at halftime. The match was played in front of only 19,200 spectators.Brett Delaney scored after just five minutes when a kick bounced wildly, causing headaches for the Manly defence. The score remained 6-0 until the 26th minute when Delaney kicked a penalty goal. Almost off the kickoff the Eels headed back downfield for a spectacular try to Matt Petersen and a 14-0 Eels lead. Delaney put another penalty goal over after 34 minutes, and then the match changed. Brett Stewart scored after 36 minutes, and Chris Hicks won the race to a loose ball right on halftime, for a 16-12 halftime deficit.Nine minutes into the second half Glenn Morrison dotted down out wide for a 22-12 lead. The Sea Eagles struck back very quickly with a try to Steve Bell. Six minutes later Brent Kite fought his way over the line to level the match a 22-all. Both teams had plenty of scoring chances and errors to capitalise on. Tim Smith missed a field goal in the 74th minute, and four minutes later Matt Orford kicked the winning field goal in a lot of traffic. Tim Smith had a chance to level the match at 23-all, but he put his last minute field goal shot wide right.Following this result the Sea Eagles continue to fly high, while Brian Smiths last season at Parramatta is starting to look less than memorable.Scorers:Manly Sea Eagles: 23Tries: Chris Hicks, Brent Kite, Brett Stewart, Steve BellGoals: Matt Orford 3/4Field Goals: Matt OrfordParramatta Eels: 22Tries: Glenn Morrison, Matthew Petersen, Brett DelaneyGoals: Brett Delaney 5/5By the Clock:The Eels have won the toss and have elected to bat.The match today is being played under grey skies with a very small crowd.5 min: TRY Parramatta EelsSmith kicks across field, the ball bounces at right angles and Delaney fights his way across the line. He converts the try. Eels 6-010 min: NEWS The Eels put a bomb up and nearly recover, but McKinnon drops the catch at short mid-wicket.12 min: NEWS The Eels enforce a goal line drop out.13 min: NEWS Tahu goes very close to scoring, and the Eagles defend the kick superbly.16 min: NEWS Manly are ruled to have been held up in the ingoal.18 min: NEWS McKinnon is pushed into touch in a poorly judged kick return.20 min: NEWS Orford is being dealt with in the blood bin, Glenn Morrison has a head/neck injury - he is leaving the field under his own power.24 min: NEWS The pitch...the field, not another tired cricket joke...is very hard, and a lot of kicks are bouncing on and on and going dead.26 min: PENALTY GOAL Parramatta EelsThe Eagles are penalised for markers not being square, they are marched 10 metres and Delaney kicks the penalty goal. Eels 8-028 min: TRY Parramatta EelsJeremy Smith kicks across field, Petersen flies high and takes a great running catch to score out wide. Delaney converts. Eels 14-029 min: NEWS Glenn Morrison has been given the all clear to return to the field.32 min: NEWS Watmough knocks on 20 metres out.34 min: PENALTY GOAL Parramatta EelsMark Bryant is penalised for a high tackle on Fui Fui Moi Moi. Delaney kicks the goal. Eels 16-036 min: NEWS Video referee for a Sea Eagles try...36 min: TRY Manly Sea EaglesSome great passing and offloading has Stewart scoring beside the posts. Orford converts. Eels 16-640 min: NEWS Video referee for an Eagles try...40 min: TRY Manly Sea EaglesMenzies puts in a grubber kick, and Hicks fights his way to the ball. Orford converts, and we go to halftime. Eels 16-1240 min: NEWS The Eels started very well, but the Sea Eagles have put on two quick tries before halftime.40 min: NEWS Back underway at the SCG!49 min: TRY Parramatta EelsThe Eels break out, and it gets followed up with try to Morrison out wide. Delaney converts. Eels 22-1252 min: TRY Manly Sea EaglesThe ball is floated out wide to Bell who cuts the Eels defence and scores out wide. Orford hits the posts and misses. Eels 22-1658 min: TRY Manly Sea EaglesAfter some sustained pressure, Kite scores with three tacklers hanging off him. Orford converts. 22 all.62 min: NEWS McKinnon is trapped in the in goal. Manly are going great at the moment.63 min: NEWS The Eels hold out brilliantly. Burns puts in a dreadful kick which takes the pressure off.63 min: CROWD - 19,20065 min: NEWS Tim Smith knocks on as the Eels were putting pressure on Manly.69 min: NEWS McKinnon makes an error at the back, luckily for the Eels the Sea Eagles throw a forward pass.70 min: NEWS McKinnon breaks down the right side, Delaney is on the inside who is taken down and loses the ball 10 out.71 min: NEWS Matai is away, but the pass to him is ruled forward, despite it appearing to go backwards.73 min: NEWS Menzies takes a great catch right in front of the posts to potentially save a try. Both teams are out on their feet.74 min: ATTEMPTED FIELD GOAL Parramatta EelsTim Smith attempts a field goal, but it stays way too low. 22 all.77 min: NEWS Petersen drops a catch on the goal line, he knocked it backwards and then had to hit it dead. Line drop out.78 min: FIELD GOAL Manly Sea EaglesOrford knocks the field goal over from right in front, under plenty of pressure! Sea Eagles 23-2279 min: NEWS Menzies knocks on right on halfway.80 min: ATTEMPTED FIELD GOAL Parramatta EelsTim Smith puts the match levelling field goal wide tight. Sea Eagles 23-2280 min: NEWS Manly win an absolute thriller with a field goal minutes out from full time!-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Matt Orford2 - Ben Kennedy1 - Steve Menzies-----------------------------------------

Tongue action steals late Raider win

ROUND 6 Canberra Raiders 18 v New Zealand Warriors 14at Canberra StadiumReferees: Gavin BadgerMatch Summary:The Raiders came from behind to steal a late 18-14 victory over the Warriors at Canberra Stadium tonight. The Warriors led 6-0 at half time.The match was generally played with little attacking interest shown by either team, especially in the first half, when the Warriors led for most of the period 2-0 care of a Tony Martin penalty goal. Brent Webb scored just before half time, and the missed conversion gave the Warriors the 6-0 lead.Both teams came out firing in the second half, at least compared to the first half. Seven minutes after the break Alan Tongue dived over from dummy half to level the match at 6-all. The Warriors re-took the lead six minutes later with a try to Wairangi Koopu, after a break down the right wing. The lead was extended to 14-6 with another Martin penalty goal.The Raiders then started their brave comeback as first Lincoln Withers scored off the back of a penalty and then Alan Tongue came up with his piece of individual magic, as he grubbered ahead for himself, kicked ahead again and then dived on the ball in the in-goal with only four minutes to go. The Raiders managed to hang on and record their third win of 2006.Scorers:Canberra Raiders: 18Tries: Alan Tongue(2), Lincoln WithersGoals: Clinton Schifcofske 3/3New Zealand Warriors: 14Tries: Wairangi Koopu, Brent WebbGoals: Tony Martin 3/4By the Clock:Not far away from kickoff at Canberra Stadium.1 min: NEWS We are underway in chilly Canberra this evening between the Raiders and Warriors. The Warriors have not defeated the Raiders in Canberra since 1997 and if the Warriors win, they will move off the bottom of the table for the time being. The Raiders have the bye in round seven so a win tonight will have them hot on the heels of the top eight.9 min: NEWS Chalk claims a try but he is ruled to be offisde from the kick. Replays show it to be a 50/50 call.12 min: NEWS Withers hits Wiki in a superb tackle.16 min: NEWS Both team not very flash in attack, Raiders dominating field position.18 min: PENALTY GOAL New Zealand WarriorsJason Smith is penalised for a shepherd. Martin opens the scoring for the match. Warriors 2-020 min: NEWS Patrick Ah Van is out for the rest of the match with an injury.22 min: NEWS Plenty of errors thus far in the match.25 min: NEWS Fairly good defence from both teams so far, although that is attributable to the lack of attack.29 min: NEWS The Raiders are warned over excessive penalties.30 min: NEWS The Warriors go on attack but Webb has the ball stripped off him by Chalk.32 min: NEWS Frawley is tackled inches short of the tryline on the last tackle.35 min: NEWS Rothery is put on report for a high shot on Tony Martin.37 min: TRY New Zealand WarriorsWebb slices through the Raiders defence and scores. Martin misses the conversion. Warriors 6-039 min: NEWS Warriors turn the ball over on attack.40 min: NEWS The Warriors are leading in a very scrappy match, 6-0.40 min: NEWS Back underway at Canberra Stadium!42 min: NEWS The Raiders strip the ball one on one, but it goes forward, saving the Warriors.45 min: NEWS The Warriors put some pressure on the Raiders line, then grubber kick dead.47 min: TRY Canberra RaidersTongue dives over from dummy half on the last tackle. Schifcofske converts. 6 all.53 min: TRY New Zealand WarriorsMartin breaks down the right wing, he offloads to Koopu who outpaces the cover and scores. Martin converts. Warriors 12-659 min: NEWS The Warriors capitalise on a Raiders mistake and go 90 metres, and Byrne is tackled metres short of the line. The Warriors fail to capitalise on the good field position.61 min: PENALTY GOAL New Zealand WarriorsThe Raiders are penalised for a high tackle and Martin lands the penalty goal. Warriors 14-667 min: NEWS Video referee for a Raiders try...67 min: TRY Canberra RaidersLincoln Withers scores off the back of a penalty. Schifcofske converts. Warriors 14-1269 min: NEWS Chalk drops the ball as he is on his way to a certain try.70 min: NEWS The Warriors are called back for a forward pass as Rovelli hares off to the try line.72 min: NEWS The Raiders have really got the momentum at the moment.75 min: NEWS The Warriors get on the breakout, but Fein drops the ball.76 min: TRY Canberra RaidersTongue puts a kick in, kicks again and dives on the ball. After much stuffing around, Schifcofske converts. Raiders 18-1480 min: NEWS Alan Tongue scores a fantastic late try for the Raiders to steal a brave victory over the Warriors.-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Alan Tongue2 - Clinton Schifcofske1 - Lincoln Withers-----------------------------------------

Broncos win dour contest

ROUND 6 Sydney Roosters 6 v Brisbane Broncos 24at Aussie StadiumReferees: Steve ClarkMatch Summary:The Brisbane Broncos have defeated the Sydney Roosters 24-6 in a dour Good Friday contest. The Broncos led 8-6 at half time.The Roosters took an early 6-0 lead with their only decent sequence of attack in the game, when they spread the ball to Amos Roberts who outpaced the Brisbane defence and scored out wide. Roberts converted the try. The Broncos hit back with a powerful try to Petero Civoniceva. A penalty just before half time gave the Broncos their 8-6 half time lead.The second half was very poor, with plenty of errors and little attacking enterprise. Corey Parker added a handful of penalty goals and Sam Thaiday scored a try on a nothing attacking set before Greg Eastwood sealed the game when the ran through poor Roosters defence.The Roosters wretched injury run continued with an injury to Iosia Soliola that will probably see him out for a month or more, while debutant Steve Meredith is out for the season needing a knee reconstruction.Scorers:Sydney Roosters: 6Tries: Amos RobertsGoals: Amos Roberts 1/1Brisbane Broncos: 24Tries: Petero Civoniceva, Sam Thaiday, Greg EastwoodGoals: Corey Parker 6/6By the Clock:A few minutes away from kickoff1 min: NEWS The Roosters kick off!5 min: TRY Sydney RoostersThe Roosters move the ball brilliantly to Roberts who outpaces the Brisbane defence and scores out wide. He converts his own try. Roosters 6-012 min: TRY Brisbane BroncosBig Petero Cinoniceva crashes over from close range. Parker converts. 6 all.17 min: NEWS The Broncos are peppering Vince Mellars and he is taking the bombs brilliantly.19 min: NEWS The Broncos force a goal line dropout on the Roosters second tackle.22 min: NEWS The Broncos are penalised for an obstruction on a lazy play.26 min: NEWS Very entertaining end-to-end contest at the moment. Some good attacking moments and pretty solid defence.32 min: NEWS Webcke penalised for a high shot, penalties 5-all.32 min: NEWS The Roosters break down the left side and Tupou makes a try saving tackle on Mellars metres from the line.37 min: NEWS Berrigan gets extremely close to scoring on the last tackle, but is tackled inches short.40 min: PENALTY GOAL Brisbane BroncosThe Roosters are penalised for a high shot, and Parker slots the penalty from 30 metres out, right in front. Broncos 8-640 min: NEWS Halftime at Aussie Stadium.The Roosters scored early, but the Broncos struck back with a try and a penalty goal just before halftime to lead 8-6.40 min: NEWS Back underway.46 min: TRY Brisbane BroncosThe Broncos put on a pretty average set after a Roosters error, but Thaiday goes through a gaping hole to score. Broncos 14-649 min: NEWS Soliola busts up the middle, but on the following play Minichello puts in a nothing kick which runs into touch.51 min: NEWS The Broncos make an error, but defend strongly and force an error on the last tackle.54 min: NEWS Soward finds Anthony Tupou with a solid falcon. A fairly scrappy game with not too much attacking enterprise.60 min: PENALTY GOAL Brisbane BroncosParker kicks a penalty goal. Broncos 16-663 min: PENALTY GOAL Brisbane BroncosThe Broncos initially get a penalty they can't kick for goal from. This is followed by Minichello getting penalised for backchat, and Parker kicks the penalty goal. Broncos 18-668 min: TRY Brisbane BroncosEastwood breaks away and scores under the posts, to all but kill of this match. Parker converts. Broncos 24-670 min: NEWS At the moment the most exciting parts of the match are the huge yards the Broncos are making off Rooster errors.79 min: NEWS Video referee for a Roosters try....79 min: NEWS NO TRY - The Broncos fumble the ball in the in goal but Anasta can't get downward pressure on the ball.80 min: NEWS The Broncos defeat the Roosters 24-6 in a less than memorable match.-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Corey Parker (Broncos)2 - Petero Civoniceva (Broncos)1 - Karmichael Hunt (Broncos)-----------------------------------------

Panthers win despite Gower injury

ROUND 5 Parramatta Eels 18 v Penrith Panthers 44at Parramatta StadiumReferees: Jason RobinsonMatch Summary:The Penrith Panthers have defeated the Parramatta Eels 44-18 in dramatic circumstances at Parramatta Stadium. The Panthers piled on 30 unanswered points in the second half to recover from trailing 18-14 at half time. The half time deficit was compounded by a sternum injury to halfback Craig Gower that saw him needing to be taken to hospital.The Eels started well but had a try disallowed after eight minutes. The Panthers took the lead a few minutes later with a try to Preston Campbell. Three minutes later Craig Gower doubled the Panthers lead to 12-0. Zeb Taia responded for the Eels a few minutes later, and that was followed up with a try to Dean Widders for the Eels to trail 12-10. Craig Gower was hit after kicking by Marcus Perenara, who was put on report for an innocuous looking hit. This was followed up by a penalty goal to Preston Campbell. Timana Tahu scored a few minutes short of half time, and he then got a second after the half time siren for the Eels 18-14 half time lead.Shane Rodney scored four minutes into the second half after a comedy of errors from both sides, then the poor Eels defence took over as Lee Hookey scored out wide, followed up by Wesser running right through the Eels defensive line. Wesser got his second when he followed up his own kick with nine minutes to go, and Luke Priddis capped off the win when he backed up a Luke Lewis break.It is a very alarming sign for the Eels, who have wilted in the second half of most of their matches this year and have only one win. This second half collapse is made even worse because of the absence of Craig Gower. The Panthers have started the year well, with only a golden point loss, and they are yet to even play a match at home.Scorers:Parramatta Eels: 18Tries: Timana Tahu(2), Dean Widders, Zeb TaiaGoals: Mark Riddell 1/2Penrith Panthers: 44Tries: Preston Campbell, Craig Gower, Luke Priddis, Shane Rodney, Rhys Wesser(2), Lee HookeyGoals: Preston Campbell 8/9By the Clock:Beautiful day here at Parramatta Stadium. Both teams as per the program.And we're underway in the first half!5 min: NEWS The Eels enjoying much of the early possession.8 min: NEWS Video referee for an Eels try...8 min: NEWS NO TRY - Peterson fails to ground the ball in the corner of the in goal.10 min: TRY Penrith PanthersCampbell grubbers into the ingoal, nobody is home and he scores. Successfully converts his own try. Panthers 6-013 min: TRY Penrith PanthersCraig Gower dummies his way over the line. Campbell converts off the uprights. Panthers 12-016 min: TRY Parramatta EelsTaia scores for the Eels. Riddell fails to convert. Eels 14-1223 min: TRY Parramatta EelsTahu grubbers down the sideline, he regathers and passes infield to Widders who scores. Riddell converts. Panthers 12-1030 min: NEWS Gower is down with an apparent sternum injury.30 min: PENALTY GOAL Penrith PanthersGower leaves the field with a sternum injury. Campbell slots the two points from the penalty for the late tackle on Gower. Marcus Perenara is on report for the hit. Panthers 14-1035 min: TRY Parramatta EelsAfter some sustained pressure Tahu runs through the Panthers defence and scores out wide. Delaney misses the conversion. 14 all.36 min: NEWS Craig Gower is being taken to hospital as a precaution.40 min: TRY Parramatta EelsMcKinnon gets the ball after the siren, he returns it to the 20 metre line, throws a fantastic offload when he looks wrapped up, Tahu is ankle tapped short but gets up and scores. Delaney misses the conversion. Eels 18-1440 min: NEWS Halftime in a very enjoyable match. The Panthers took a 12-0 lead, but the Eels hit back to level the match at 14-14 before the after the siren try at halftime. 40 min: NEWS Back underway!Craig Gower has a cracked sternum.44 min: TRY Penrith PanthersPeterson picks up an errant Panthers pass, only to throw his own errant pass, which is picked up by Rodney who scores. Campbell makes it 4/4. Panthers 20-1845 min: NEWS Gower has been coughing up blood and has just been loaded into an ambulance.52 min: NEWS Still a fairly high quality match with the odd error creeping in.54 min: TRY Penrith PanthersThe Panthers bust down the right sideline and Lee Hookey scores a fairly easy try. Campbell converts from the sideline. Panthers 26-1859 min: TRY Penrith PanthersWesser runs right through the Eels line and scores 10 in from the sideline. Very poor Eels defence have led to the last two tries. Campbell converts again. Panthers 32-1864 min: ATTEMPTED PENALTY GOAL Penrith PanthersTsoulos is penalised for interfering with the play the ball. Campbell misses the goal from about 35 metres on the angle. Panthers 32-1865 min: NEWS After the 20 metres drop out, the Panthers cut the Eels up but Rodney knocks on 10 metres out. The Eels are just self-destructing.68 min: NEWS McKinnon breaks on the last tackle but is hauled down just short of the line.71 min: TRY Penrith PanthersA great attacking lead up has Wesser grubbering into the in goal, he chases through and scores his second. Campbell converts. Panthers 38-1878 min: TRY Penrith PanthersLewis breaks through more feeble Eels defence and passes to Priddis who outpaces the cover and scores under the posts. Campbell converts. Panthers 44-1880 min: NEWS The Panthers have flogged the Eels 44-18, taking home the second half 30-0 without Craig Gower.-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Rhys Wesser (Panthers)2 - Preston Campbell (Panthers)1 - Trent Waterhouse (Panthers)-----------------------------------------

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