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  • Waqa tried to plank.. but he forgot the ball. #NRLAKL9s

    33 secs ago

  • 04:40 :: Highway to the Bonus Zone! Is Don, Is Good blitz down the side, kicks in for Roberts to score. Mortimer converts. GLD 13 CAN 6

    2 mins ago

  • 02:28 :: One fend and Waqa is bouncing like it was the WACA. Ahearn converts. 6-all. #NRLAKL9s

    4 mins ago

  • 00:49 :: Not the start the Raiders wanted. Zillman weaves through the defense and finds Hoffman to plant it. Mortimer converts. GLD 6 CAN 0

    6 mins ago

  • Here we go! #NRLAKL9s

    7 mins ago

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