Robbo Reckons

Another month has flown by and the mighty Dolphins are still sitting top of the ladder as As I write this we are in the week of the top of the table clash with the Young Guns it should be a bottler, I hope a big crowd gets to Dolphin Oval and cheers the boys? home.

My column is quickly becoming a story about the lifetime of Shannon Fish. This month one of the boys was getting something out of Fishy?s bag when he pulled out some moisturizer and anti wrinkle cream now come on Shannon that?s not exactly standard issue in a footballer?s kit bag, I can just think back now would that kind of stuff be in the bag of guys like Forrester Grayson, John Barber, Bevan Bleakley, Tony Obst, Wally Fullerton-Smith or Russell Lahiff somehow I think not.

It seems Troy Lindsay has picked up a new nickname of Spiderman in Troy?s comeback game last month Coach Anthony Griffin was walking up the tunnel when he saw Troy being escorted to the doctors room by one of the trainers with ice packs all over his back, all Hook could say is what has he done now he couldn?t possibly get injured getting dressed. What happened was Troy went into his bag and pulled out his shoulder pads and put them on and it had been so long since he had worn them a family of spiders had moved into them and soon as he put them on they began to bite him.

But I think the funniest story of the month has to go Danny Burke. After the gym session at training one night, he was in the change rooms putting on his boots to go and do the fitness and skills part of the training session only to realise he had only bought two right boots to training. But I will give him this he completed the tough session without blinking an eye or saying a word hoping his team-mates wouldn?t find out, but someone did. Don?t worry Burkey your secret is safe with me.

It was good to see three former Dolphins get a start in the Queensland State of Origin side for the first game of the series and it quite easily could?ve been six had Shane Tronc, David Shillington been picked as was mentioned in the papers and Dane Carlaw been fit.

This led me to think about a Redcliffe side of players some juniors some not but all have played here and are currently playing in the NRL or first division this is the side I came up with 1. Adam Mogg Canberra 2. Phil Graham Canberra 3. Brent Tate Brisbane 4. Gavin Cooper Cowboys 5.Craig Frawley Canberra 6.Wayne Bond Penrith 7. Shane Perry Brisbane 8. Petero Civoniceva Brisbane 9. Michael Crocker Melbourne 10. Shane Tronc Cowboys 11. Dane Carlaw Brisbane 12. Ben Jones Canberra 13. David Stagg Brisbane 14. David Shillington Roosters 15. James Stosic Cronulla 16. Dustin Cooper Newcastle 17. Liam Georgetown Penrith add to that another four or five in Premier League and currently playing Super League in the UK Aaron Moule Salford, Sam Obst Wakefield and Danny Nutley Castleford it would make for a fair squad of players. I bet Hook wouldn?t mind this side running out on the weekend.

One last Shannon Fish story when all the boys were sitting around talking about the Mundine vs Green fight and the under card when Shannon popped and asked is Mundine vs Green the main fight. Well Shannon I think that?s why it?s called the main event.

Until Next Month Cheers Robbo