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An Idiots Guide to Being a Rugby League Writer


"PRE-REQUISITES are skills and tools in your arsenal which are strongly required to carry out your duties as a Rugby League writer successfully." - A Forum Sevens article

'Onomastical' Opinions


"KIDS can be cruel. Just think about it. Like petite predators, they seek out those who appear to be the weakest and least confident." - A Forum Sevens article

A Rugby League Tragedy


"LEAGUE, like life, isn

Death Becomes Us


"IT'S a beautiful July day in Panther territory... But despite this beautiful panorama, and smiling staff, this is not a place where anyone wants to be..." - A Forum Sevens article.

Welcome to another warm helping of wisdom


BOBBY Fulltime aka bgdc for the Titans writes for the Forums Sevens competition.

Forum Sevens Player Registrations Now Open


THE Forums Sevens, a beaut competition where you can write articles for fun, and have the opportunity to win some great prizes as well as the chance of getting your article published on!



REHABILITATION is a dirty word in this day and age.An article written in November 2007 from edabomb in the Forum Sevens Tri-Nations

Swinging Willies


PLAYER and club loyalty, honouring contracts, anti-tampering deadlines

And the drugs don



One Little Lie


AN extraordinary series of events which can follow the telling of just one fib. An article from madunit in the Forum Sevens Tri-Nations...

A Momentary Lapse Of Reason


AN article originally posted after the final round of the NRL minor premiership. From Pistol in the Forum Sevens Preliminary Final...

Field Of Dreams


AN article originally posted after the final round of the NRL minor premiership. From Jesbass in the Forum Sevens Preliminary Final...

10 Years Ago


THIS month marks 10 years since we had a split competition and two grand finals. An article from Willow in the Forum Sevens Grand Final...

The Wool That Is Pulled


DO commentators, officials and players hear themselves for the first time like everyone else? A speculative article from MKEB... in the Forum Sevens Grand Final...

A Tribe Unto Ourselves


BEING a rugby league supporter is a state of mind. An article from Jesbass in the Forum Sevens Grand Final...

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