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Round 6 - My Mountain of Rankings

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I feel like games used to be a little easier to predict back in the day. What kind of team let's a 16 point lead get chased down? I'll tell you who, the bloody Roosters. I feel like lately my power rankings have been changing as frequently as the Tigers halves combination. Let's hope it's a bit better this week (on both counts).

Round 5 - My Mountain of Rankings

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NOW that all this exciting Thursday night football action is done with, everyone can resume their regular tradition of falling asleep while watching the Broncos game every Friday night. In football news, Warriors and Dragons fans will be happy to know that their teams don't completely suck arse (actually, yes they do). Anyway, onto the Power Rankings!

Round 4 - My Mountain of Rankings

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THE competition proves as hard to decipher as ever. Surely no team

Week 1 Power Rankings


BETTER late than never I always say. I

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