Thompson Scandal

The whole Thompson scandal with his wife is far from the truth. The real scandal is that Lance is very disappointed because Trent Barrett has been given a pay rise and Lance has been given a pay cut. Thompson told the club,"after everything i've done for you, you treet me like this?" The day after the incident, Thompson didn't attend training and the club was ready for an explanation. The club rang him a numerous times but Lance refused to pick up the phone. Lance hasn't attend training ever since that day. The club is devastated and had no option but to make the excuse of he is having personal problems so therefore we gave him a bit of time off. The club is in serious problems. The other day when they were promoting the charity shield match, they asked Nathan Brown what is happening with Lance Thompson? Brown simply replied," Mate, I don't know whats going on but im playing with who I got and thats all I can do." Brown said some other comments that were more convincing but they didn't show it on the replay. This should answer what is really going on at the Dragons.