Previous Polls

48%NSW 1-12
10%NSW 13+
25%QLD 1-12
13%QLD 13+
17%Yes - obey Ricky, he is the Blues saviour
39%No - Ricky has lost it, club comes first
20%No - Ricky is clutching at straws and making excuses already
23%Unsure - I prefer stand alone Origin weekends anyway
14%Gus - he's already doing everything else
19%Steve Georgallis
21%Ivan Cleary
6%Ricky Stuart
2%Brian Smith
6%Nathan Brown
3%Mick Potter
5%Ivan Henjak
18%Petero to captain-coach
41%Too harsh
20%They got it right
8%He deserved more
7%He should be suspended from club matches but allowed to play Origin
21%No different to Uate's tackle - should be allowed to play Origin

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