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  • Those quotes with Graham Annesley comes via a @SkyNewsAust Sportsline interview with @Luke_Doherty #NRL

    2 mins ago

  • “We have to be respectful of Manly in this process. It must be very difficult for them” – Graham Annesley #NRL

    4 mins ago

  • “I was quite confidence he was able to see past that” – Graham Annesley says he believed DCE could see through the dramas at GC #NRL

    4 mins ago

  • “Hopefully (DCE) will lead to further signings. To further strengthen our club. Demonstrate there is a future for our club” – Annesley #NRL

    5 mins ago

  • “I have only had confirmation in the last few minutes” – Graham Annesley, @GCTitans CEO #NRL

    7 mins ago

Advertising Opportunities