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The Devito Code

MY story starts with a good old fashioned abandoned warehouse. My mate and I were mucking around with a footy at an adjoining park. Heading off to retrieve a stray ball, I wandered over to the warehouse and heard some voices and movement within. Assuming a comfortable spying position, I peeked through a rusted out hole. What I saw that day will stay with me forever.

Manly Supporters: Our Secret Garden

THE Manly supporters are out in force this year, and why wouldn?t they be? Written off as wooden spoon contenders before the season started, they have come out as a surprise packet, firmly entrenched in the top 4. I was lucky enough to catch up with some of the Sea Eagle?s hardcore faithful, and this is what they?ve had to say about the rise and rise of the Silvertails in 2005: ?Un-****ing-believable! They really stuck it to us in the pre-season, but we?ve shown them. Carn the Mighty Sea Eagles!!!?

Happy as a pig in mud

NO, I'm not talking about Riddell booking himself in for some beauty treatment. I'm talking wet weather footy. I'm talking the most recognised image in rugby league. I'm talking the tough stuff it takes to make the hard yards.

The Rugby League Desiderata

IN the spirit of Desiderata, Everybody?s Free To Where Sunscreen and Not The Sunscreen Song; I offer some words of advice to rugby league players...

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