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Time after time

?I?M hit, knocked groggy. The feeling is like being half awake and half dreaming. And your awake half knows what you?re dreaming about?..you see neon, orange and green lights blinking. You see bats playing trumpets, alligators playing trombones, and snakes are screaming. Weird masks and actor?s clothes hang on the wall.?

A New Game

A new game*

Forum Sevens: Joe Bloggs?s Blog - excerpts from real life

2ND February 2003-02-02 Hi everyone ! This is my blog (web log) ! Angela the marketing assistant came to training and asked if anyone wanted to make a blog ? Everyone pointed at me and Dicko went and told her what my name is. So here I am, dear diary ? Angela came to the unit (sponsors is Megaplex) and showed me how to turn on and where to tipe. Had my first ?beep test? today and Channel 8 was there. I guess they called it a beep test because they have to beep out all the swearing ? Retch was so out of breath, he could hardly swear. The beeptest is f***ing hard. can I say that ?

Forum Sevens: The bigger they are??

GORILLAI weighed the wedding tackle the other night. After having a shower I was admiring myself in the mirror, just window shopping, when I spied the bathroom scales on the floor.

Forum Sevens: Make mine a forward

WHEN you're fighting for your life, up against a wall with someone advancing on you, I want a mate beside me. And not just any old mate, no stoner-pal or drinking buddy, I want a mate who is a also a forward !

Forum Sevens: The Greatest Ever Winger

WELL, you?ve no doubt heard about how great a winger was or is Wendell Sailor or Lote Tuquiri, that Nathan Blacklock topped the NRL try-scorers list three year running. Older folk will no doubt remember Larry Corowa, or Les Kiss, or Michael Cleary or Ken Irvine as great wingers. All of them athletic, strapping players.

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