$100,000 at stake for Jubilee

R2K strongly encourages St.George-Illawarra fans to write in support of both Rockdale & Hurstville Council's Draft Management Plans for 2003 to 2006. Both Rockdale & Hurstville have allocated $50,000 towards the Jubilee Oval Community Appeal in their draft budgets, which are subject to public comment.

The Rockdale Council ‘Draft Management Plan and Financial Plan' can be viewed at:


Written comments on the Rockdale Plan should reach Council by Tuesday, the 17th of June 2003. They can be sent by:

* E-mail to [email protected]

* Fax on 9562 1653

* Or mail to:

Lia Chinnery

Rockdale Council

PO Box 21

Rockdale NSW 2216

The Hurstville Council ‘Management Plan and Budget' can be viewed at:


Written comments on the Hurstville Plan should reach Council by June the 10th 2003. They can be sent by:

* E-mail to [email protected]

* Fax on 9330 6223

* Or mail to:

John Patterson

The General Manager - Hurstville Council

Civic Centre, City Mall, McMahon Street

Hurstville NSW 2220

Please ensure you add your residential address to any comment you make. Your written comments will have more validity if you reside in the relevant Council area, but please contact both Councils regardless of your locality. It is important that Oki Jubilee Stadium receives the donations, as funds are still required to complete Stage 1 and to ensure that improvements will be made in the future.

Should you have any queries or require any additional information, please send an e-mail to [email protected]