12 man Penrith sour farewell for Patten and Kimmorley

Penrith have survived having their captain sent off to sour Luke Pattens and Brett Kimmorleys farewell game sealing the game on fulltime and winning 24-18.

Canterbury wanted to send two greats of the game off in style and were switched on from the opening minutes, meanwhile Penrith looked like they were the team readying their mad Monday celebrations. Steve Turner started the party in the fifth minute, taking a nice pass from Patten to score. Goodwin converted and made it 6-0.

Jamal Idris further added to the lead, finding a gaping hole and taking a nice Kimmorley pass to double the advantage for the Bulldogs. Andrew Ryan would also hit another huge hole, highlighting Penrith's lack of attitude oddly for a clash which could seal them a top four spot.

The Bulldogs were beating the clock but Penrith slowly worked their way back into the match and just before halftime, Michael Gordon took on the line and produced a miracle ball for Sandor Earl to walk in untouched, Gordon converted and made it a 16-6 scoreline at oranges.

Penrith looked like a different team in the second half, starting to hit the ball up with some ferocity and the kicks were hitting their mark, with Sandor Earl this time deflecting the ball back for Brad Tighe to touchdown and make the difference only four points with time on the clock.

Penrith would take the lead for the first time in the 66th minute after a somewhat controversial try, which looked to have been knocked on by Penrith was awarded to Trent Waterhouse and converted by Gordon to make it 18-16 and game on in the last home game for Canterbury.

Kimmorley would show why he has survived so long in first grade, putting a nice shoulder into Frank Pritchard to knock the ball loose. Canterbury got a penalty and opted for the penalty goal and Goodwin evened up the game, making for an interesting final ten minutes.

Petero Civoniceva wouldn't be seeing any more gametime though, when he was the first player sent from the field, after a vicious swinging arm on Gary Warburton. This would only steel Penrith who had several unsuccessful shots at field goal but they would hang in there with one less person.

Travis Burns would charge down a Kimmorley field goal in the dying seconds. It bounced into Luke Lewis' arms who offloaded to Michael Jennings to score the matchwinner and sour the celebration. Penrith though have injury problems to their halfback Luke Walsh and Petero Civoniceva will have to front the judicary for his swinging arm.

Match Details
Canterbury Bulldogs 18 were defeated by Penrith Panthers 24
National Rugby League - NRL - Round 25 - Monday August 30, 2010 7:00pm
Venue: ANZ Stadium
Referee: Steve Lyons and Tony De Las Heras
Video Referee: Paul Simpkins
Touch Judges: Gavin Morris and Ricky McFarlane
Crowd: 13,794
Halftime: Canterbury Bulldogs 16 Penrith Panthers 6

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 Points - Luke Lewis
2 Points - Trent Waterhouse (1 Try)
1 Point - Ben Roberts

Canterbury Bulldogs (18)
Tries: Andrew Ryan, Steve Turner, Jamal Idris
Conversions: Bryson Goodwin (2/3)
Penalty Goals: Bryson Goodwin (1/1)

Penrith Panthers (24)
Tries: Brad Tighe, Trent Waterhouse, Michael Jennings, Sandor Earl
Field Goals: Brad Tighe (0/1), Travis Burns (0/1)
Conversions: Michael Gordon (4/4)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary Welcome to ANZ Stadium for tonight's farewell to "The General" Luke Patten and "Noddy" Kimmorley who have their final homes before going to England and the retirement home respectively. Canterbury launched themselves into third in the Toyota Cup in a points fest 48 points to 40, giving something for Bulldog fans to cheer for in September.
Canterbury have several changes, with Ben Barba going to centre, Ben Hannant to prop, Jamal Idris to the second row forcing Chris Armit onto the bench and Brad Morrin joins him. Penrith only have one change, Masada Iosefa taking Daine Laurie's bench spot.
Penrith will kick off, after winning the toss and Canterbury will recieve.
1 min: Penrith have kicked it off and here we go.
1 min: Canterbury through Michael Ennis have earnt an early penalty for the markers not being square.
2 min: Bulldogs have sounded off their intentions early, shifting it wide. Sadly it went into touch. Petero hitting it up for Penrith has dropped it.
5 min: TRY
Luke Patten has drawn in several defenders and flicks it out to Turner who steps inside and scores the opening try. Goodwin has a hard attempt to begin with but has no problems converting it.
Canterbury Bulldogs 6-0
7 min: Penrith go to their pet play the bomb on their first chance down at the Bulldogs line but it's knocked on. Bulldogs restart at the twenty.
8 min: The error is compounded by some more ill discipline from Penrith conceding a penalty.
10 min: TRY
Canterbury look on a different level to Penrith at the moment. They are shifting it from side to side, Kimmorley finding Idris in a huge hole to stretch out for another try. An easier attempt for Goodwin and he slots it.
Canterbury Bulldogs 12-0
13 min: Travis Burns attempts a chargedown but gives himself up when he stops. Sigh of relief for Canterbury.
14 min: Markers are too slow bellows Tony De La Heras as he blows the whistle again, forcing Penrith to defend their tryline again.
16 min: TRY
A no look pass from Ben Roberts sends Andrew Ryan into another huge gap and diving over, Penrith not looking like a top four team at the moment. Goodwin misses his first conversion, hitting the goal post and bouning back.
Canterbury Bulldogs 16-0
17 min: Penrith have an opportunity to get onto the scoreboard but they try to be fancy early and drop it cold. They now have only completed one set out of the four they've had.
19 min: Penrith have their first penalty for the game, for the Buldogs chasers being offside.
22 min: Everything Penrith is trying tonight is failing, a shift on the last tackle ends with Purtell being bundled into touch, just handing the ball back to Canterbury.
23 min: A forward pass denies Brett Kimmorley a try in his farewell to ANZ Stadium.
24 min: Let's see if Penrith can do something with this set, after two penalties in a row. Prime opportunity to strike back here. They concede a third and Penrith are on the ten metre line.
27 min: Mickey Paea spills an easy pass in front of him, Penrith will need some points before halftime if they want to stay in this. It's four penalties in a row here for Penrith but they aren't doing anything with them.
29 min: The possession has evened up now, with the prolonged pressure from Penrith. It'll continue with another error by Josh Morris this time.
32 min: Canterbury were looking like they flicked a switch and brought the form from 2009 but Michael Ennis has ended that run with a loose carry.
33 min: Six again for Penrith, this time the bomb worked, with Goodwin dropping it.
35 min: Canterbury get another piggyback from their own end after another penalty from Penrith, they are undisiplined and uninterested tonight.
36 min: Brad Tighe is taken out after he kicked the ball by Josh Morris and Penrith have a chance to get on the board before oranges.
39 min: TRY
Penrith have some points, Michael Gordon takes on the line and throws a great flick pass to Earl who goes over untouched. Gordon converts and it's ten the difference now.
Canterbury Bulldogs 16-6
40 min: Nothing fancy here and it's halftime. Penrith are still in this but need to make up ten points in the second half.
41 min: Both sides have made their way back onto the field and Canterbury will kick us off.
43 min: Penrith have started the second half, with some enthusiasm and are rewarded with a penalty.
Penrith could have a try after a six again call, just checking the grounding. Jamal Idris isn't in the best shape as well.
44 min: No try, knock on by Iosefa.
45 min: Major problems here for Penrith, with Luke Walsh going off and straight up the tunnel.
46 min: Michael Jennings bursts through and offloads to Lewis but drops it.
48 min: A nice play on last by Ben Roberts gives Canterbury another set, as Michael Gordon has to run the ball over the touchline.
49 min: A small knock on from Ennis at dummyhalf stops Canterburys momentum even after a penalty.
51 min: Penrith feeling the loss of Walsh after Civoniceva kicks a nothing ball on the last tackle.
53 min: Adrian Purtell creeps just slightly high and is pinged by the referee.
54 min: Ben Roberts steps his way through the line but Andrew Ryan can't hold onto the flick pass.
58 min: Canterbury just holding off any attempts of attack from the Panthers at the moment.
59 min: Penrith get some luck here, getting a penalty out of their own end.
Brad Tighe could have a try to get Penrith back into the game.
61 min: TRY
Penrith off that penalty are back into the contest, after a bomb is deflected back from Earl to Tighe who just dots down to score. Gordon from close to the touchline does it easy and the lead is reduced to four.
Canterbury Bulldogs 16-12
63 min: Brad Morrin doesn't help his team mates with a drop ball on the fourth tackle fourty metres out.
66 min: TRY
Another kick and another try for Penrith this time for Trent Waterhouse who pounces on the spoils for the try. Dear oh dear, replays show that it was touched by two Penrith players but can't change it now. Gordon from a similar position to his last one, slots this one too.
Penrith Panthers 18-16
67 min: Frank Pitchard almost makes a meal of catching the footy but he gets a shoulder from Kimmorley to dislodge the ball. Canterbury have a penalty and elect for the goal.
Goodwin from besides the posts kicks it easy.
18 all
70 min: Petero has thrown a swinging arm in a high tackle and may be sent off.
70 min: and he's off! It was a huge swinging arm and Warburton is in trouble.
72 min: Travis Burns gets a slice of luck, with his pass hitting the hands of a dogs player and ruled six again.
Burns has the first shot at field goal but shanks it.
18 all
74 min: Canterbury try to keep the ball alive but Armit can't hold onto it.
Brad Tighe has an attempt at field goal but he too misses, this time to the left.
18 all
76 min: Great opportunity for Penrith here, after a Paea high tackle.
78 min: Kevin Kingston goes for a dart on the last tackle but is caught with it.
79 min: Josh Morris could get a start with Sydney FC after trying to hook a crossfield kick from Roberts back infield but fails. Penrith have a scrum right next to halfway.
79 min: Knock on by Penrith, Canterbury have a full set at Penriths line.
80 min: Ben Roberts dribbles a ball in-goal and the defenders catch Sandor Earl in goal. Bulldogs will have twenty seconds for a shot.
Penrith could have stolen one with twelve men here, just checking if it's a knock on.
80 min: TRY
Penrith have won this with twelve men on the bell. Travis Burn charges down a Kimmorley field goal, Luke Lewis picks up the loose ball and hands off to Jennings to run away and score. Gordon adds salt to the wounds with the conversion.
Penrith Panthers 24-18

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