2004 Leagueunlimited Season

This is your official invitation to the inaugural League Unlimited 2004 season launch at One World Sport Parramatta. The launch will be hosted as a trivia night with some fantastic prizes for the winning team not to mention some mystery door prizes given to some lucky punters on the night.

Here?s how it works: The season launch is on February 19th, 2004 (a Thursday night) starting at 7:30pm. Each table is made up of ten people and if you have never been to a trivia night before, well here?s your chance to see how much fun you have been missing out on. They are a scream!

The trivia questions won?t just be on Rugby League, there will be questions on general knowledge, music, movies, television, geography and of course, sport (including rugby league). So if you think the night will be dominated by sports questions, you are wrong. There will be six different categories with 20 questions in each category. There will also be a bonus round of double points and each table can choose when to use their bonus round to try and obtain maximum points.

League Unlimited is one of Australia?s premier sporting websites but we want to make our presence felt in the real world, not just on the net. The night is not restricted to Rugby League lovers either. We would love to see anyone interested in having a good time and meeting new people come along.

What you get: The cost of the night is $40.00 per person and this includes a sit down meal and covers the cost of hiring the venue and the prizes. Unfortunately, as One World Sport is a licensed premises, people under the age of 18 are unable to attend. However, we are hoping to make this an annual event that will grow in stature and popularity by the year so if you miss out this year, chances are you?ll be old enough next year to join in the fun.

To secure your place and for your convenience, you can pay through the website on our secure server. Just click this link and you will be taken straight to the payment page. We accept Visa/Mastercard and Bankcard. You can also fax your credit card details to us or send us a cheque or money order. Nothing could be easier.

Alternatively, you can also pay on the night but you must notify us at least a week in advance if you are attending for catering reasons.

When you know your team, you can e-mail the team members names along with your team name to [email protected] or if you need to be placed in a team, just indicate this in the e-mail and we?ll try and find a team for you. There is also a forum specifically set aside for the Trivia Night so just CLICK HERE! to read the latest on the participating teams. If you have any questions, please e-mail [email protected] and we?ll endeavour to answer any query you may have as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours).


ONLINE* The Leagueunlimited secure shopping cart (Credit card) http://www.leagueunlimited.com/midicart_asp_maxi/shop/default.asp Then click on the Leagueunlimited Entertainment link and follow the prompts.

BY FAX (Credit card) Fax your name, address, phone, credit card details along with TRIVIA NIGHT as the heading to: 07 5529 2401 (+61-7-5529-2401 for outside Australia)

BY MAIL (Cheque or credit card) Fax your name, address, phone and credit card details to: Sports Unlimited Online Pty Ltd PO Box 538 Labrador 4215 Australia