2008 Preview - Canberra Raiders

Canberra Raiders 2008 By Michael Treacy LeagueUnlimited.com

1. William Zillman, 2. Joel Monoghan, 3. Phil Graham, 4. Adrian Purtell, 5. Colin Best, 6. Todd Carney 7. Marc Herbert, 8. Scott Logan, 9. Lincoln Withers, 10. Troy Thompson, 11. Nigel Plum, 12. Neville Costigan 13. Alan Tounge RES: 14. Michael Weyman, 15. Dane Tilse, 16. Thom Leoroyd-Lars, 17. Terry Campese

Player to have a big year - Todd Carney

Todd Carney is a player never short of a headline, whether for the right or wrong reasons. A naturally gifted footballer, often in the wrong place at the wrong times, Carney has worked through his problems and came out a better player for it. Carney is the Halfback Canberra fans pin all their hopes on to deliver them back to the glory days of the early 90