2010 in review - Melbourne Storm (16th)

Without a doubt the biggest story of 2010 was the salary cap scandal that embroiled the Melbourne Storm club. On the 22nd of April it was revealed the Melbourne Storm had deliberately exceeded the cap by a cumulative sum of $1.7 million over five years. This resulted in the Storm being stripped of all their rewards over the past five years including the 2007 and 2009 premiership as well as all the points they had won in 2010 and banning them from accruing anymore for the rest of the season, essentially awarding them the wooden spoon with over four months left to go in the competition.

This triggered a domino effect within the club Chairman Rob Moodie, CEO Matt Hanson and three independent directors were sacked by News Limited. To make matters worse, sponsors such as ME Bank, Host Plus and Skins ended their affiliation with the club in a flurry. Truly, the Storm had paid a big price for all those years of lies and deceit.

Despite all the drama off the field the Storm were able to find a number of silver linings. In response to the NRL's punishment the Melbourne population rallied with thousands signing up as members helping the Storm break the club record for highest crowd attendances.

Also instead of playing for points the Storm instead devised a