47th Battalion Memorial Trophy This Saturday

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  • May 10 2007 6:49PM

47th Battalion Memorial Trophy This Saturday Saturday May 12 will see Martin Love Oval, Mundubbera light up and showcase the cream of Wide Bay Rugby League talent when the historic 47th Battalion Trophy is contested. In a first for many years, the 47th Battalion final will be contested away from Bundaberg and the Sunshine Coast.

The A Grade and Under 19s will be contested between Sunshine Coast Gympie Rugby League and the Bundaberg Rugby League. The best A Grade players in Wide Bay will be on display to push their claims for the Division Representative Team.

The Premier Grade will be a first for the Wide Bay Division, with teams from Wide Bay North (Central Burnett, Fraser Coast, and Northern Districts) playing Wide Bay South (Sunshine Coast C Grade, South Burnett). This will provide opportunity for players to put their hand up for selection in the Wide Bay representative team.

The 47th Battalion will be used to select the QRL Wide Bay Division Squad to play against South West Division on June 9 for the prestigious Kissane Cup and from there the A Grade Divisional Carnival - June 23-24, BMD Kougari Oval, Wynnum. The games in Mundubbera will also help celebrate the reformation of the Mundubbera Tigers in 2007 and bring top level rugby league to an area steeped in rugby league tradition. Mundubbera Rugby League formed in 1921 is one of the oldest clubs in the Wide Bay Division and along with close neighbours Eidsvold will provide players for the Wide Bay North team.

47th Battalion Saturday 12th May Martin Love Oval - Archer Park - Mundubbera Gates Open 2.30pm Entry Fee Adults $6.00

4.00pm Under 19 - 47th Battalion - Keith Perrin Shield Bundaberg V Sunshine Coast 5.30pm Premier Grade Wide Bay North (Central Burnett, Fraser Coast, Northern Districts) V Wide Bay South (Sunshine Coast C Grade, South Burnett) 7.00pm 47th Battalion A Grade - 47th Battalion Final Bundaberg V Sunshine Coast


THE ENDURING 47th Battalion Trophy is a magnificent memorial to the military unit of the same name which had its headquarters in Maryborough, but drew men from all parts of Wide Bay.

Donated in 1971 by Bundaberg's Peter Marcelles, the trophy carries the history of a proud man whom emigrated from Greece and served in the 47th Battalion during World War II.

The trophy is Marcelles' tribute to the memory of fallen comrades during the War. The trophy drew together Rugby League personnel and members of the 47th Battalion in a spirit of co-operation and remembrance of those that paid the ultimate price to ensure Australia retained its freedom and way of life. Initially, the competition started with Maryborough, Bundaberg, Gympie, Sunshine Coast, and South Burnett, with Central Burnett joining as a full member in 1985. Players from these Leagues are enlisted from the same area as the 47th Battalion.

Marcelles, who passed away in 1988, arrived in Australia prior to the outbreak of hostilities in 1939. He enlisted in the 47th Battalion where he made many of his first friends in his adopted country.

In Peter's own words "The 47th Battalion was my family and I wish to perpetrate the memory of the many friends I made, which includes those who paid the high price in the Middle East and Papua New Guinea."

The 47th Battalion Memorial Trophy will mark its 37th year as Wide Bay's premier rugby league accolade this year, contested in Mundubbera on Saturday May 12.

47TH BATTALION WINNERS - A GRADE Trophy Winners 1971 - 2006 A Grade 1971 South Burnett 1972 South Burnett 1973 Maryborough 1974 Sunshine Coast 1975 Sunshine Coast 1976 Maryborough 1977 Sunshine Coast 1978 Sunshine Coast 1979 Sunshine Coast 1980 Sunshine Coast 1981 Gympie 1982 South Burnett 1983 Bundaberg 1984 Bundaberg 1985 Maryborough 1986 Gympie 1987 Gympie 1988 South Burnett 1989 Sunshine Coast 1990 South Burnett 1991 Sunshine Coast 1992 Sunshine Coast 1993 Sunshine Coast 1994 Bundaberg 1995 Sunshine Coast 1996 Maryborough/Hervey Bay 1997 Sunshine Coast 1998 South Burnett 1999 Sunshine Coast 2000 Sunshine Coast 2001 Sunshine Coast 2002 Sunshine Coast 2003 Bundaberg 2004 Sunshine Coast 2005 Sunshine Coast 2006 Sunshine Coast

47TH BATTALION WINNERS - UNDER 19'S Trophy Winners 1971 - 2006 Under 18/19 Keith Perrin Shield

1973 South Burnett 1974 Maryborough 1975 Bundaberg 1976 Bundaberg 1977 South Burnett 1978 South Burnett 1979 Sunshine Coast 1980 South Burnett 1981 South Burnett 1982 South Burnett 1983 South Burnett 1984 Bundaberg 1985 South Burnett 1986 South Burnett 1987 Sunshine Coast 1988 South Burnett 1989 Sunshine Coast 1990 Central Burnett 1991 South Burnett 1992 Sunshine Coast 1993 Sunshine Coast 1994 South Burnett 1995 Sunshine Coast 1996 South Burnett 1997 Sunshine Coast 1998 Sunshine Coast 1999 Sunshine Coast 2000 Sunshine Coast Inaugural Retravision Trophy 2001 Sunshine Coast 2002 Sunshine Coast 2003 Sunshine Coast 2004 Sunshine Coast 2005 Sunshine Coast 2006 Sunshine Coast

for further information, please contact QRL Wide Bay Division Manager Gary Dunbar 0427 232 165 [email protected]


Your Two Cents...

  • Richard Somers

    The wins of Sunshine Coast 1980 and Gympie 1981 are two of my most cherished memories. To be part of both those teams was tremendous. many went on to be successful in Brisbane as well. Both Coaches were also well rspected-John Reddy (SC) and Jim Tierney (G)