7's Draw Released

The draw for the Cougar World Sevens rugby league tournament has been released.

The draw is :

Pool A: Parramatta Eels, Cronulla Sharks, Qualifier 1, Widnes Vikings. Pool B: Penrith Panthers, Wests Tigers, South Sydney Rabbitohs, Canberra Raiders. Pool C: Canterbury Bulldogs, St George Illawarra Dragons, Lebanon, Melbourne Storm. Pool D: Sydney Roosters, Brisbane Broncos, North Queensland Cowboys, NZ Residents. Pool E: Newcastle Knights, NZ Warriors, Manly Sea Eagles, Qualifier 2. Pool F: France, Tonga, Fiji. Pool G: Russia, Samoa, PNG.

January 24: Game Fixture Pool Time 1 Eels v Sharks A 1.00pm 2 Qualifier 1 v Widnes A 1.20pm 3 Panthers v Tigers B 1.40pm 4 Souths v Raiders B 2.00pm 5 Bulldogs v Dragons C 2.20pm 6 Lebanon v Storm C 2.40pm 7 Roosters v Broncos D 3.00pm 8 Cowboys v NZ Residents D 3.20pm 9 Eels v Qualifier 1 A 3.45pm 10 Sharks v Widnes A 4.05pm 11 Panthers v Souths B 4.25pm 12 Tigers v Raiders B 4.45pm 13 Bulldogs v Lebanon C 5.05pm 14 Dragons v Storm C 5.25pm 15 Roosters v Cowboys D 5.45pm 16 Broncos v NZ Residents D 6.05pm 17 Knights v Warriors E 6.30pm 18 Eagles v Qualifier 2 E 6.50pm 19 France v Tonga F 7.10pm 20 Fiji v PNG F 7.30pm 21 Russia v Samoa G 7.55pm 22 Knights v Eagles E 8.15pm 23 Warriors v Qualifier 2 E 8.35pm 24 Tonga v Fiji F 8.55pm 25 France v Russia F 9.15pm 26 Samoa v PNG G 9.35pm

January 25: 27 Eels v Widnes A 9.45am 28 Sharks v Qualifier 1 A 10.05am 29 Panthers v Raiders B 10.25am 30 Tigers v Souths B 10.45am 31 Bulldogs v Storm C 11.05am 32 Dragons v Lebanon C 11.25am 33 Roosters v NZ Residents D 11.45am 34 Broncos v Cowboys D 12.05pm 35 Knights v Qualifier 2 E 12.25pm 36 Warriors v Eagles E 12.45pm 37 France v Fiji F 1.05pm 38 Tonga v Samoa F 1.25pm 39 Russia v PNG G 1.45pm 40 Repacharge Match 2.20pm 41 QF Pool A v Pool B 2.40pm 42 QF Pool C v Pool D 3.00pm 43 SF (International) 1st v 4th 3.20pm 44 SF (International) 2nd v 3rd 3.40pm 45 QF Pool E v Pool F 4.00pm 46 QF Pool G v Repacharge winner 4.20pm 47 Schoolboys Final 4.40pm 49 International 3rd and 4th playoff 5.25pm 50 SF Winner G41 v WG42 5:45pm 51 SF Winner G45 v G46 6.05pm 52 International Cup Final 6.25pm 53 World Sevens Final 6.55pm