A great series spoilt by an inexcusible incident

The Maroons have won eight series in a row in one of the better origin encounters.

The "eight series in a row" mantra camouflages a simple truth - this series, as with those of recent years, could have gone the other way.

The Maroons and the Blues are very close - and that is good for the game.

But the "intrusion" incident cannot be allowed to pass without some serious questions being asked.

In the "good" old days prior to Origin when 30,000 hardy souls would turn up year in year out at Lang Park - with much fewer turning up at the SCG - there were no security guards on duty, just three or four police from the local station.

Today, at any Origin match there are dozens of police on duty - and probably hundreds of security guards...who surround the whole perimeter fence.

How therefore did the low life not just get onto the field last night - and intrude into the game at a really critical time?

The managers of the stadium should spend less time and money trying to knock of games from other venues, and more looking at the effectiveness of its security measures.

The incident, in the end, did not impact on the result of the game.

But it could have!

The referees followed the rule book when the intrusion occurred - and the rule make sense.

But a multi multi million dollar event, so crucial to the games future, should not be held to ransom by an incident like we saw last night.

The NSW and Queensland Governments should unite and ensure real minimum penalties are imposed for intruders - and those penalties must involve jail time.

We don't want "copy cat" incidents or serial offenders to be around the greatest game of all.

Racing once had one......and look at the havoc be wreaked!!!

Last night's intrusion was arguably the worst we have seen in our game in years.

He should not be getting off with a fine, and a stadium "ban".

A great series - and a great series when the game needs it!