A History Repeating Knight of Rain

In the corresponding game last year, it was wet and windy and was scoreless until the 61st minute. It look like repeating it self this time round. As the Novocastrian turned out in force with a great crowd of 18,723 fans despite the rain.

The match started well for the Parramatta Eels, with the kick off was collected by Jarryd Hayne off the short kick off, however it was in vain of the match performance.

For 26 minutes of the match it was end to end football from both side, however the early stats indicated that the match was being played in the Eels half, with the Knights being down that end of the park 63% of the time. Another error from the Eels in the end costing them points. As winger Ryan Morgan looking for the quick play of the ball knocked on. That lead to the try to Wes Naiqama, with the Knights shifting it to the open right side with Gidley and Mullen involved. Getting it to Naiqama to dance and dummy to beat Luke Burt to the line and scores the opening points in Newcastle. With the conversion they lead 6 points to NIL.

After the try, in the 32nd minute the Eels chanced their hand and with Jarryd Hayne finding a hole put Jeff Robson through however it was pulled up for a forward pass. But as Robson ran 50 metres to the in goal area, but Knights 5-8th, Jarrod Mullen running in pursuit to save the try. Although it was all in vain as he torn his pectoral muscle and did not return to the field.

In the wet weather there was a lack of control from the blue and yellow side with 5 penalties being conceded in the opening half. The rain caused many errors, but the Knights had definitely been the better side, with an equal spread of the ball.

The quality of the football didn't improve much into the second forty, as in the 56th minute the Eels not controlling themselves with Fui Fui Moi Moi penalised for going into a high shot on Evarn Tuimavave. As a result, the Knights took the two points. The Knights pushing the the lead out to 8 points.

Swapping roles, the Eels getting some possession of the ball and in the 66th minute Bernard Sutton was brought in and Casey McGuire collected the Eels first points. A kick in the goals, with Hayne and Kurt Gidley contesting the ball in the in goal area. He was to have ruled not to have touched it, Casey McGuire lands on the lose ball after Gidley failing to collect it. Eels hitting back 8-6 with the conversion.

The game's flow and excitement dropped off in many parts of the many and this was definitely not the most exciting game due to the conditions. However with only 4 minutes to go, the Eels looking to steal the win, they went to the grubber kick and a player who had some doubt over his abilities, Chris Walker running through to control the ball and secure the win. But the Video Referee called in again and looking at the grounding it was clear to rule a knock on in goals and at the point the Knights held on to the two premiership points.

The wet weather was the dominate factor of the result tonight, however the Knights broke through in the end to hold out the Parramatta side for the victory. In a history repeating low-scoring affair. The Knights and Eels will have to play a more controlled game when the blue and yellow's face the potential back-to-back premiers in the Dragons and the Knights will face the Terrible Tigers away.

Match Details
Newcastle Knights 8 defeated Parramatta Eels 6
National Rugby League - Round 12 - Saturday May 28, 2011 5:30pm
Venue: Ausgrid Stadium
Referee: Gavin Badger and Brett Suttor
Video Referee: Bernard Sutton
Touch Judges: Steve Chiddy and Adam Gee
Crowd: 18,723
Halftime: Newcastle Knights 6 Parramatta Eels 0

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 Points - Joel Edwards 
2 Points - Akuila Uate
1 Point - Casey McGuire (1 Try)

Newcastle Knights (8)
Tries: Wes Naiqama
Conversions: Kurt Gidley (1/1)
Penalty Goals: Kurt Gidley (1/1)

Parramatta Eels (6)
Tries: Casey McGuire
Conversions: Luke Burt (1/1)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary Good Evening League fans, First Grade tonight is about 30 minutes away. Firstly in the Toyota Cup, the Eels got the better of the Knights, defeating them 28 points to 8.

Eels just the one change to the program with 4. Jacob Loko has been ruled out and Ryan Morgan has been called up to fill the spot in jersey number 18.

Whilst for the Knights, they see the return of the their fullback/ 5-8th Kurt Gidley in jumper 19 tonight. Also Keith Luila comes into the side in 20 is the only change.
Pull out the Umbrella's as the rain continues to fall at a wet Ausgrid Stadium, as both sides are about to run out onto the field.
1 min: The Men in Pink, through Gavin Badger say time on here in Newcastle and we have kick off with the Parramatta Eels with the Knights getting the first use of the football in wet weather.
1 min: Well, great start for the Eels. They went for the shorter Kick off at the start and on the 30 meter line, Jarryd hayne collected the ball.
1 min: First Error from the good start of the Eels. Lost ball in the tackle and the Knights have the ball instead their 10 metres
1 min: On the last for the Knights and a good kick away for the Knights as Hayne collected the ball on his own goal line.
2 min: Jeff Robinson was hit by Hidler in his attempt to he to his kick. A low short kick as a result of the hit and Knights have it on their 30 metre line.
3 min: First Penalty to the Knights for Parramatta's Moi Moi being ruled offside. Referee every right.
4 min: On the back of the penalty, a good attacking set from the Knights however not getting any points. A few questionable passes in that set with Wes Naqiama coming close to the line but held out by Tim Mannah.
5 min: Some good defensive work from the Knights, holding the Eels in their half as they forced Hayne to kick on their 40 mtr line. However the kick finding Uate on the full.
6 min: Parramatta very lucky in that set to stop a try. Matt Hilder showing his strength to break through the ruck. But he was stopped by Ben Smith. The end of the set was ended with a Kick and Hayne collecting it in goals for a quick 20m tap.
7 min: Another penalty to the Knights, for Tim Mannah interfering with the ruck. Knights kicking for touch and finding in 30 metres eels territory
8 min: Another set going wrong for the Knights in this wet weather. Chris Houston going into the eels line, but with the slippery ball he lost control. Scrum feed to the Eels on their 20 metre line.
9 min: Almost a perfect kick from Hayne on the last tackle. The ball with some back spin rolled just into touch in the in goal area. 20 m tap for the Knights.
10 min: Another penalty for the Knights. They attack on their 40 metre line.
11 min: Double knock on the call. The wet ball isn't helping either side. The Pass from Mullen to Henry not taken on the full, getting fingers to it, but knock on. Scrum feed to the eels on half way.
12 min: Finding some Parra Footy in that set, getting a few offloads. Interesting end almost for the eels. the kick from McGuire going with a low grubber, Kurt Gidley messing it up but in the end grounding the ball in the goals. Goal line drop out for the Eels.
14 min: The wide passing of the eels has cost them an error, as the tackle from Uate on Hayne, forced the ball free and to travel forward. Thus scrum going to the Knights on their 10 metre line.
15 min: First penalty to the Eels for the Night. Keith Lulia the player penalised for laying in the ruck. They kick and find touch on their 40 mt line.
16 min: Trying to pass it quickly again and this time Moi Moi dropping the ball for the Eels third error. Scrum feed to the Knights.
17 min: WOW! Akuila Uate going for a great break, but he was wrapped up by Hayne after the 40 metre line. He ran down the sideline but wrapped up and then passed after the held call of the referee. thus Scrum feed to the eels.
18 min: Not the best kick from the eels on the last tackle. the Grubb-ish kick bouncing up to Uate on his 30 metre line. Knights going back on the attack.
19 min: Zero tackle the call from the Knights. Very lucky it wasn't a knock on. They attack 5 metres inside the parra side of half way
20 min: Knights losing their way in thats set. Failing to get to the kick was Mullen. Almost losing the ball in a knock on but losing 10 metres in the previous play. Eels have the play of the ball only metres from their line.
21 min: Jordan Atkins under pressure of the high ball, collected it well for the Eels to attack inside their 10 metre line.
23 min: Early stats: Time in Own Half: Knights 37% compared to the Eels 63% of the time
23 min: Uate under a misguided kick beat Burt to the ball and the Knights collect it inside their 20.
24 min: Looking for a quick play of the ball. With Ryan Morgan not controlling it in the ruck. Knights have the scrum feed from the lost ball.
26 min: TRY
The Knights after playing end to end football for this match and on the back of a mistake from the Eels. Shifting it to the open right side with Gidley and Mullen involved. They got it to Naiqama to dance and dummy to beat Burt to the line and scores the opening points in Newcastle.

A great strike from Gidley on the sideline, and it sails between the posts.
Newcastle Knights 6-0
29 min: No error in the set backing up the try. Only making it to the 40 metre line, showing some good defensive work with the Knights getting to their kick. Collected by Hayne brought up to the 20 metre line,
30 min: Daniel Tolar showing how to put pressure on the kicker of Robson who he hit in the process of ending the set for the Eels.
30 min: The kick not the best of the Knights. the eels getting the 20m tap.
32 min: Well, a great call from the Referee's the possible try to the Eel Jeff Robson. Some issue with Jarrod Mullen leaving the field with a possible shoulder/arm injury..more news to come on that. However the Knights get the scrum feed on halfway.
33 min: Penalty to the Eels for playing being offside. That is only their 2nd. With Mullen off, Wes Naiqama has shifted to fullback and Gidley has shifted in a spot in the line.
35 min: In what was looking to be six more tackles, the Eels were penalised for Chris Walker being inside the 10 metres of the kicker. Knights going to attack from 20m from their line.
36 min: INJURY UPDATE: Jarrod Mullen, will not be back tonight, as he suffered a Pec Tear in the try saving tackle. Thus, Gidley in to halves with Henry, Naiqama to fullback to cover for Mullen.
38 min: A call from the touchie, a forward pass the ruling. Scrum feed to the Knights on their 20 metre line. The flow not with the Eels.
38 min: Another penalty going to the Knights, with a High shot coming from Ben Smith on Daniel Tolar.
39 min: Scrum feed to the Knights, Hayne looking for a quick ball but knock on the call.
40 min: HALFTIME: The Knights leading the Eels only 6 points to NIL after a wet and error filled first half. half time wrap soon.
Interesting half of football. The match as been affected by the continuing rain in Newcastle. As a result the error count is up to a combine 16 with 6 for the Knight and 10 of the Eels. Thus the completion rate has taken a massive hit to the Eels with only 55% of their sets have been completed.

There has been a lack of control from the blue and yellow side with 5 penalties being conceded in the opening half. The wet weather have caused those errors, but the Knights have definitely been the better side, with an equal spread of the ball. It is still anyone's game, it has been a grinding encounter but if a team wishes to go to the win they need to complete the sets and eliminate the errors.

The only injury news is that Jarrod Mullen has torn a pectoral muscle in his attempt to save a try to Eel Jeff Robson. He won't be returning to the match if this is the case. The second half is only minutes away.
40 min: The rain continues to fall as the Parramatta Eels run out first onto Ausgrid Stadium, with the Home stadium following just behind. The Knights will kick off with the Eels getting the first use in this half. The Men in Pink are ready to get this second half under way. Here we go!
41 min: A better opening set from the eels. No error in the set, however the kick from Casey McGuire had a lot of hangtime by only travelling 10 metre with Naiqama collecting it on his 40m line.
42 min: Kurt Gidley getting to the kick, controlling set you would think. Parramatta get the scrum feed on their 10 metre line.
43 min: Penalty to the Knights again, for Eels getting up too high in the tackle. Not the best start now for the eels. They need to make the most of it.
44 min: Akuila Uate going for a good run in that set for the Knights. Weird bounce of the ball, the referee told to play on, with the ball going so it seemed out. In the end knock on the call and on the last change over to the eels on their 10m line
45 min: A massive kick from Hayne, it hit the corner post on the full from about halfway, and rolled dead. 20 metre tap for the Knights.
47 min: Luke Burt says thank you as he collected the kick of the Knights on his 10m line. Eels need to work it out and make some good field position.
47 min: The errors now at 8-all, with the Eels having ruled to have knocked on. Scrum feed to the Knights.
48 min: Well a simple turn over after winning the ball back, scrum feed to the Eels as Luila knocked it on from dummy half.
49 min: The Eels getting some luck with a penalty for Knights being offside. Can they capitalise on this play inside the Knights half.
50 min: Knights hanging on in the set, with the Eels going to the boot with Robson early. Jordon Atkins chasing through the line, however knocking the ball dead. Knights get the 20m tap.
51 min: Jarryd hayne losing his footing on his line, getting the ball of the kick down there. It was an easy stop for the Knights. Eels working inside their 30m line.
52 min: Penalty to the Eels, for the Knights' Cameron Ciraldo placing a hit on Moi Moi who looked to get the ball, but it was only a dummy to him. Eels attacking well inside the Knight half.
53 min: Confusion in the Eels camp in that set, with Chris Walker ending with the ball on the last tackle. Not knowing what to do, trying to pop the ball out, the Knights end with it.
54 min: Penalty to the Knights with Casey McGuire placing a hit and swinging arm to the jaw. Knights inside the eels half now.
55 min: Well, the eels not going how to control themselves. Fui Fui Moi Moi penalised for going high shot on Evarn Tuimavave. As a result, the Knights taking the Two points.
On the back of another penalty for a high shot against the Eels. Kurt Gidley taking the opportunity to extend the lead. Successful kick at the penalty goal.
Newcastle Knights 8-0
58 min: Moi Moi placing pressure on the Knights kicker, with the ball going out on the full. Eels get the penalty.
59 min: Video Referee Decision for the Eels. Possible knock on against Hayne.
59 min: TRY
TRY! Green Lights from the Video Referee - Benefit of the Doubt. In a messy piece the Eels chancing their hand in this match. With the kick in the goal, with Hayne and Gidley contesting the ball in the in goal area. He was to have ruled not to have touched it, Casey McGuire lands on the lose ball after Gidley failing to collect it.
Newcastle Knights 8-4
60 min: WOW! Hayne has missed the attempt to catch the ball from the restart. Knights have the scrum feed on the eels 10m line.
62 min: Cameron Ciraldo on the last received the ball from his teammates, but failing to get to his winger. The ball going out into touch. The Eels with the ball as a result on their 20m line.
64 min: Beau Henry very lucky in that play. The Ball on the last tackle just landing inside the touchline for the eels to get the scrum feed 25m from their own line.
65 min: Under pressure the Eels got confused again, turning the ball over on the last with Wes Naiqama flying through the line to collect the mess.
66 min: Trying to get the quick play of the ball, henry knocks on. Scrum feed to the eels.
67 min: Eels getting the scrum penalty for the Knights breaking early from the scrum.
68 min: BANG! Jarryd Hayne has been absolutely creamed by Knights Joel Edwards. Eels losing the ball as a result, Knights have the ZERO tackle.
69 min: ZERO TACKLE! Eels making a meal of the kick. Knights luck to collect the bouncing ball. Eels struggling since scoring their try. Knights attacking inside the eels 10m
70 min: Great try saving tackle from the eels, Hayne and Hindy involved in stopping the Knights. However to end the set, Gidley's kick had too much with the ball going dead into the corner. Scrum feed to the Eels on their 10metre line.
71 min: Well Moi Moi with a lovely ball to Luke Burt who put the foot down to run 30 metres but finding the Knights line in the end.
72 min: Knights escape the raid from the eels in that set, they attacked well the eels, but the knights wrapped up the kick.
73 min: Well, that was a great play from Hayne, the high kick allowed to bounce and Casey McGuire chasing through, and forcing James McManus back into the in goal area for a Goal line drop out.
75 min: Hayne luck with the grubber kick, the ball looking to go dead curved back toward the posts and Taneila Taslo force Beau Henry play at it for another goal line drop out.
75 min: Hayne luck with the grubber kick, the ball looking to go dead curved back toward the posts and Taneila Taslo force Beau Henry play at it for another goal line drop out.
76 min: VIDEO REFEREE DECISION! Chris Walker may of scored to steal the win.
76 min: NO TRY! Chris Walker has been denied by the Video Referee as in the wet weather, the wet ball wasn't able to be handled in goals. knock on the call. 20m tap for the Knights.
77 min: Beau Henry in the attempt to get the ball away, the Knights kicker put everything behind the ball for the Eels get to the 20 m tap.
79 min: Eels losing confused again in the set. Lacking direction and Ryan Morgan lacking the ball control knocking it on. Knights will escape and collect the win, you would think. Scrum feed to the Knights on their 40 metre line.
79 min: Time off. Interesting, possible leg injury to a player of the Knights. with 9 seconds remaining here.
79 min: The Knights kick the ball dead, with the Eels with the 20m tap with 4 seconds to go.
80 min: It's all over, the Knights beating the Parramatta Eels 8 points to 6 in a very wet Newcastle tonight. In a low scoring affair the eels lacking some control in the wet. Match report coming soon.

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