Adrian Lam set to join Wigan coaching

Adrian Lam is returning from Australia in two weeks time when he will join the Wigan Coaching team. He will have responsibility for the Under 21's side but will also assist Denis Betts on a daily basis to help first team preparations.

David Lyon who has coached the Under 21's side on a part time capacity will be leaving that position to make way for Adrian Lam.

Coach Denis Betts said,

"David Lyon is a very good coach and has been good for us. He does have a full time job however, and only works for us part time. Adrian Lam will work on a full time basis and he will be a great asset to the club."

Chairman Maurice Lindsay said,

"We thank David for his excellent contribution but we are lucky to have Adrian Lam on board next year. His international experience is invaluable, particularly as there is still uncertainty over Mike Gregory."