AMNRL to help coordinate Rugby
League Event in Phoenix, AZ

On Saturday, September 17 in Phoenix, Arizona the American National Rugby League will help coordinate a day of Rugby League development in the western USA.

In support of the developing Western AMNRL, headed by former Tomahawks International Loren Broussard, a number of players from the east coast will be traveling west to support an exhibition event with the objective of raising the awareness of Rugby League throughout America.

The western area of the USA is populated with many expats from Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the Pacific Islands and South Africa familiar with the game of Rugby League and interested in promoting the game in their own regions.

Being such a vastly populated nation with tremendous distance between each major region, it is the aim of the AMNRL to develop local competitions in regional areas based on the model developed in the Northeast that continues to grow every year, that would ultimately foster a national competition with playoffs between various regions.

Two great games of Rugby League are scheduled with players from the NE joining players from California, Arizona, Utah, and Texas to launch a new regional competition in the west in 2006.

More information on this great evening of Rugby League can be found at

Saturday, September 17 at 6:35pm

Washington High School, Phoenix, AZ