An Idiots Guide to Being a Rugby League Writer


1 - Getting Started 1.1 - Pre-requisites 1.2 - Understanding the game 1.3 - How to work with facts

2 - Journalistic Integrity 2.1 - What is it? 2.2 - What do I do with it? 2.3 - How do I obtain it?

3 - Writing your piece 3.1 - Ignoring facts 3.2 - Opinion over Information 3.3 - Purpose of your article

Chapter 1 - Getting Started

1.1 - Pre-Requisites

Pre-requisites are skills and tools in your arsenal which are strongly required to carry out your duties as a Rugby League writer successfully. These pre-requisites will also be relied upon from time to time in your duties to announce to the world your wisdom on said topics in an effort to get yourself out of some massive hole you dug for yourself, via some unintelligible diatribe you splurted out while half drunk at an important official ceremony.

1.2 - Understanding the game

Information about rugby league is readily available everywhere you look in Australia, so even if you have little to no understanding of the game, you can quickly and easily find out. In most careers, an understanding of the business you are about to enter into is a pre-requisite, luckily for you though, this is not the case for rugby league writers. In fact, the less you know the better equipped you will be.

1.3 - How to work with facts

Facts are very useful at times, but can get in the way of a very good article at other times. You need to understand the delicate balancing act of fact usage. The best and simplest policy, which will always see you in good stead, is this: If it