An official statement from the
Newtown RLFC President, Mr. Barry Vining.

Statement from the President of the Newtown RLFC Concerning Recent Club Developments.

As a Director of the Newtown Jets RLFC for 25 years, during which time I have been President for the last 20 years, I would like to make an official response to some of the opinions aired in media articles in the past two weeks.

Firstly, it should be known that the partnership arrangement with the Sydney Roosters RLFC is exactly the same as we had with the Sharks in season 2005.

Just as we did during our recent negotiations with the Roosters, our Board had unanimously nominated Col Murphy for the Jets VB Premier League coaching position for season 2005. Stuart Raper, the head coach of the Sharks, made his appointment and Col was the successful applicant.

In discussions with the Sharks during July and August of 2005 concerning the 2006 season and onwards, we were informed of a number of changes that the Sharks required for the partnership to continue into 2006 and beyond. Included in these proposed changes to the existing partnership agreement was a clear indication that notwithstanding a successful playing season in 2005, there would be changes in the coaching and staffing arrangements for 2006.

We advised the Sharks that we could not accept their total package of proposed changes.

As previously stated, the Newtown Board again unanimously nominated Col for the Jets VB Premier League coaching position for season 2006 with the Roosters. Unfortunately on this occasion Col was not successful in his application. We must all accept the fact that NRL head coaches should have the right to select all of their staff, including the second grade (i.e. VB Premier League) coach. This principle goes back as far as Jack Gibson?s involvement with the Newtown Jets in the successful 1973 season.

Our Board to a man was disappointed that Col was not successful in obtaining the VB Premier League coaching position for season 2006. We will never forget his contribution to the Newtown Jets as a player, trainer and coach.

It should be remembered that in the 2005 season the players who represented the Jets in the royal blue and white were in the main Cronulla-Sutherland contracted players who all quickly came to respect our club?s jersey, our history and club culture.

There are enough old hands around the Newtown RLFC to ensure that our culture is not only preserved but grown and cherished.

The Newtown RLFC Board and the club management are all very conscious that our unique culture as a working man?s club, which is an integral part of the heart of our organisation, will be treated with the respect it deserves. We are all Indians at Newtown and there are no chiefs; our victory song will still ring in our supporters? ears and the crowd on the hill at Henson Park will mingle with the players after many wins to come.

It is very important to realise that the arrangement with the Roosters is a 5-year term with a further 5-year option which incorporates support from the Roosters at both the VB Premier League and Jim Beam Cup levels.

In putting this partnership together with the Sydney Roosters we maintain our complete name as the Newtown Jets; our trade marks; our club colours of Royal Blue and White; plus all of our home games are to be played at Henson Park. All of these matters were non-negotiable and have been completely retained in the partnership with the Roosters.

We will continue to run our football club as we have for many years as a stand-alone business. There will be no cross-pollination of revenues or costs with the Roosters.

The word ?fear? was used in one of the recent newspaper headlines and this does not fit well with the Newtown Jets culture. We have gone through some very hard times in our history, none harder than 7 years without a team competing in senior Rugby League between 1984 and 1990. It was tough going, but we were never fearful.

However, we would have been very concerned about our future if we had not signed this long-term deal with the Sydney Roosters. This new partnership enables us to build and plan for the future with greater confidence.

Further to the above, please let me give you my rock-solid assurance that:

The Newtown RLFC definitely keeps its traditional club colours
The Newtown RLFC keeps its full name, corporate logos and merchandising rights
The Newtown RLFC will be playing all of its home games at Henson Park.
We want all of our club members and supporters to join with us and get behind the boys in royal blue from 2006 onwards!

Up the Jets!

Barry N. Vining
Newtown R.L.F.C. Ltd.