Anderson Dissapointed With
Tri-Series Decision

Kiwi coach Daniel Anderson has come out against plans for the new Tri Series, to be played in Great Britain for the next three years.

Anderson believes the scheduling will disadvantage the Kiwis and he suspects the Tri series has been specifically set up for the British.

He says it is selfishly based and does not cater for New Zealand league's wants or needs.

Anderson is all for the New Zealand League setting up its own agenda, and he has written a letter to the New Zealand League board outlining his recommendations.

Anderson also says the fact that the July Trans Tasman test may be scrapped, and the ANZAC test reinstated, does not bode well for the Kiwis.

He says it needs to be a series of two games at least, with those games not too far apart to allow for coaching, analysis and selection changes, and Anderson thinks they should take at least one of those tests and play it in New Zealand because the kiwi public deserve it for being so supportive.