Anderson furious as Morley is free
to play

Kangaroos coach Chris Anderson, believes that the officials had encouraged dirty play in the remaining Ashes Tests by failing to suspend Great Britain prop Adrian Morley. With ARL director John McDonald, telling other panel members Morley would have been suspended for six weeks in the NRL, they ignored his plea and fined the Lions forward. NRL judiciary commissioner Jim Hall said Morley, because of his record, would have been liable for a suspension of up to eight weeks if found guilty in a premiership match.

"You can't put England winning the series above everything. There's got to be some rules," Anderson said.

Asked if he was suggesting the desire for Britain to win the Ashes for the first time in 33 years had influenced the outcome of the case, Anderson replied: "Yes. They've got a sniff of it and they know they need their best players there.

"If they had a little bit of belief in the fact that they could beat us without resorting to those sorts of tactics, they might just beat us."

Morley was charged with a deliberate high tackle on opposite Robbie Kearns 12 seconds into Saturday's first Test, he was found guilty only of recklessness by an international disciplinary committee on Monday night. The committee was made up by an Australian, British and RLIF officials.

Though with all this madness happening in the test arena, one can remember back just before the first test between Kangaroos and the kiwis this year, when the Kiwis got heavily beaten 48-6. When Ali Lauiti'iti was suspended by the NRL for a nothing high tackle so he would miss the test match. It has been happening over in Australia for a long time, With Kiwi fans been crying out foul play, and it just shows the International Rugby league is heading in the right direction.