Annual Student Rugby League Varsity Match

The annual Varsity match is upon us again. This event is highly competitive and is the highlight of the RL season for the respective Universities. It is also the student games highest profile event. Added to that it is scheduled to be shown live on Sky for the first time, outstripping its Union equivalent that has an obscure afternoon slot on a Tuesday afternoon in December.

It?s also a growing favourite with spectators and crowds have grown to 1000s now and hopefully will get even higher given its rising profile.

It also attracts significant corporate interest with long time sponsor Pcubed testimony to this. Pcubed's senior manager responsible for the sponsorship Karl Williams, who is also a Skolars alumni and ex-player, sees the event as extremely important in his company's and RLs calendar. Added to this it is a sell out corporate dinner (for the 6th year in a row) prior to the match all bodes well.

Each University has also gathered much higher sponsorships than ever before. WWW.LEAGUELEADERS.COM the student games alumni, Rugby Leagues very own friends reunited, have sponsored both Universities for the first time this year. There is a growing interest in a Varsity Old Boys match that is held prior to the main game and they will play for the WWW.LEAGUELEADERS.COM for the first time.

The teams have had the best ever preparation and prepared well against a variety of professional and international opposition. Skolars, Warrington, Widnes and more exotically Cambridge have toured France and Oxford have trail blazed to Lebanon. This prep should lead to a very exciting encounter.

If you can get down to Richmond Park for the game it?s advisable. A foot note to the history of the event is that Richmond Park is also the oldest rugby club in the world.

If you want more info please call the Skolars office on 0208 888 8488.

Skolarly yours Hector McNeil