Anthony Seibold's training camp blog

Here is the penultimate Anthony Seibold's training camp blog for Celtic Crusaders and their training tour downunder. The players return to UK-based training on January 2nd.

Thursday 18th December 2008

We were back into the hard grind of three sessions today with skills, gym, team work and conditioning taking the focus. I cannot stress enough the level of fatigue both physically and mentally that occurs when completing a schedule of this volume and intensity. The players and staff have remained upbeat and positive and realise that the end of the first block of training in preparation for 2009 is almost complete. On the penultimate day it is obvious that the work of the past three weeks has started to bear fruit. Today Thibault tested the players for their speed over 40 metres using the electronic speed gates. There was some outstanding results. Anthony Blackwood scored the fastest time with a sub 4.90 for 40 metres. Tony Duggan was close behind with an even 4.90. The forwards also excelled and some of our big men were very quick across the park. Mark Bryant who tips the scales at 106kg covered the 40 metres in sub 5.30 and was followed closely behind by Ryan O'Hara and Adam Peek. They are guys over 105 kgs and ran elite level times for their respective positions. You could not wipe the smile from John Dixon. You would not expect anything less that that from experienced pros like these recruits from Australia's NRL. On a more social front we finished tonight with a traditional Aussie barbeque poolside at our Hotel. John Dixon and I took the helm and I overheard many of the players comment on the exceptional standard of the cuisine. The senior players within the group offered some awards for the players