Anthony Seibold's weekly Super League blog No. 3

Anthony Seibold's weekly Super League blog No. 3 Week ending 24 January 2009.

It was interesting to see so many in the press pick up on my blog last week and also interesting to see the various slants taken on my thoughts by the different media outlets. As they say any publicity for the club is good publicity! As I suggested last week via my comments in the blog I am very passionate about this and the pathways being created by the club and most importantly I believe in what the club is doing in this regard. I did fail to mention that the Welsh speaking and Llanelli product Geraint Davies (pictured above) has also been here from day one of the club and it will be most pleasing to see him make his debut this year in Super League having recruited him at the end of 2005 from the Wales University team. Chris Beasley and Aled James are also two guys who are in our 2009 Super league squad who played in our debut season in 2006 and again both have make big contributions in our brief history. We received more press in recent days due to our dilemma with having eight players still waiting to have their visas approved in Australia. As John suggested in his press releases that most media outlets picked up on yesterday, we cannot worry about what may or may not happen or whether the players will be here for the Leeds game or in fact the Salford fixture. We can only control things like what we do with the squad we have available to us and who are here and also what training programs we can send to the players back in Australia to perform individually. Many may ask