Anyone for Dim Sims?

Not so long ago he was being hailed as the next Artie Beetson, now Ashton "Dim" Sims has the ignominy of being granted permission by St George Illawarra to seek employment opportunities elsewhere.

In layman's terms, basically what they're saying is pack your kit bag and hit the road...north, south, east or west, frankly my dear Ashton, we don't give a damn so long as it frees up our salary cap to retain perceived better players and/or recruit in new blood. That is the cold, hard reality of sport.

And who could blame the Dragons? They forked out big cabbage for Sims believing he'd go all the way to the top, disappointingly his development stalled rather than set the world on fire, his gradual decline in form sees his career well and truly at the crossroads. It can go one of two ways, finish up a big pile of