Dogs down Eels in controversial thriller

The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs have a young ball boy to thank as they scrapped an 18-16 victory at ANZ Stadium in front of a healthy 30,394. Eels fans and players were left fuming by a rule which is left to the capabilities of a ball-boy.

The Bulldogs fired quickly in the first and their defensive efforts in the first half saw them take an 18-10 lead into the break.

Greg Eastwood used his power to surge through the Eels pack after 6 minutes to give the Bulldogs a 6-0 lead.

Chris Sandow constructed the Eels first points with a pin-point kick to set up Jarryd Hayne, he flew high to post first Blue and Gold points. The game locked at 6-all mid-way through the first half.

Canterbury extended their lead to two converted tries through Cronulla bound winger, Mitch Brown and Man of the Match, Aidan Tolman who managed to crack the Eels line easily courtesy of Tim Lafai and Michael Ennis respectively.

In the final minutes of the first half, Semi Radradra took a brilliant tap on pass from his captain, Hayne, to dive over in the western corner. Parramatta had crawled their way back to trial by 8 points as they went into the sheds.

Semi Radradra claimed the only points of the second half as he joined Jarryd Hayne as the NRL's leading try scorer with his 18th of the season in the 45th minute. With 2 points in the game, the tensions built to semi-final pitch with the pressure on both teams to make the top 8.

Both teams were denied tries within in the final 10 minutes as Trent Hodkinson bounced the ball over the try line and Semi Radradra slid over the sideline before grounding.

The boiling point hit in the 78th minute as Chris Sandow nailed a 40/20 with just millimetres to spare. In 2014, the 40/20 rule changed to allow teams to take a quick tap from the 20 metre line. However, the ball boy must place the ball at the mark and not pass directly to a player, which was the case tonight.

The Eels finals chances came down to a 10 year old ball-boy who would have only followed the directions of a screaming first grader. The Eels in the end not good enough to scrap victory after conceding easy first half tries.

Next week the Bulldogs host the embattled Wests Tigers at ANZ Stadium on Thursday Night, while the Eels return to Pirtek Stadium in a massive clash with the Manly Sea Eagles.

Match Details
Parramatta Eels 16 Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 18
Venue: ANZ Stadium

Crowd: 30394
Halftime Score: Parramatta Eels 10 Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 18 Players of the Match:
3 points - Aidan Tolman
2 points - Sam Perrett
1 point - Jarryd Hayne

Tries: Jarryd Hayne, Semi Radradra (2)
Conversions: Chris Sandow (2/3)

Tries: Greg Eastwood, Mitch Brown, Aiden Tolman
Conversions: Trent Hodkinson (3/3) Live Commentary

LATE MAIL: Bulldogs - Pat O'Hanlon drops out of the squad, Canterbury will take the field 1-17 tonight.

LATE MAIL: Eels - No changed for Parramatta, as per the Tuesday team sheet, 1-17

Welcome to's LIVE coverage from ANZ Stadium as the 8th placed Bulldogs take on the 9th placed Parramatta Eels as both teams fight out for a finals spot. There is just four games remaining in the regular season and the race is on as we head towards September. Jarryd Hayne will have to spark the Eels into gear so they can overcome their traditional rivals and jump into the top 8.

As for Canterbury, they are again with Josh Reynolds who has been suspended for several incidents, not including taking his frustrations out on a plastic chair after being sin binned.

We are still awaiting kick off here at ANZ Stadium, both teams still in the sheds.

The Bulldogs now exiting the sheds here at ANZ, the Eels to follow... kick off should be moments away

1: We are UNDERWAY, finally, at ANZ Stadium as Chris Sandow kicks off. Bulldogs get first use of the ball.

1: Bulldogs complete their first set, good opening set finished with a bomb from Trent Hodkinson which was taken easily by Jarryd Hayne deep in his own half.

2: Chris Sandow comes up with a poor last tackle kick and it's a change over for the Bulldogs 10 metres short of the half way line.

4: Mitch Brown flirts with the touchline as he attempted to take the last tackle kick from the Eels. The Bulldogs with possession deep in their own half

4: First penalty of the game against Parramatta, too long in the ruck from Tepai Moeroa. Trent Hodkinson finds the sideline and attack 30 metres out from the Eels line.

5: VIDEO REFEREE for the Bulldogs, Greg Eastwood has a TRY. Looking at grounding as he easily charged through three Eels defenders.

Scored by Greg Eastwood. Kick to come.

Greg Eastwood gets GREEN LIGHTS as he surged through 3 Eels defenders after a massive charge on the try line. Bulldogs first points tonight

Conversion attempt by Trent Hodkinson successful.

Trent Hodkinson from beside the uprights slots the extras and the Bulldogs make it a converted try lead

7: Penalty to the Bulldogs, their second of the night, this time for offside. Hodkinson kicks for touch and the Bulldogs march up to just 20 metres out

8: Corey Norman forces the kick dead off the boot of Michael Ennis. It's a line drop out and repeat set for the Bulldogs.

9: Greg Eastwood darts into a opening in the defensive line but he can't hold onto possession. Eels clean up and they come up with it 10 metres from their try line.

10: Good defensive set from the Bulldogs, The Eels forced to keep from deep in their own set after gaining just 17 metres from the full set. Bulldogs start their set on half way

11: Bulldogs defensive line keeps the Eels again in their own half. Corey Norman forced to kick from on his own 20 metre line.

12: William Hopoate is trapped in goal, forced back from the kick after taking it. Line drop out again for the Bulldogs

14: The Eels hold out again, Chris Sandow cleans up a bomb from Hodkinson. Eels have possession 10 metres out from their own half

15: No penalty comes as Semi Radradra was tackled in the air, Chris Sandow's bomb sees the Bulldogs attack from within their half.

17: Chris Sandow aims for a 40/20 but it comes up just shy of the 20 metre line. Scrum for the Bulldogs now.

18: Forward pass denies Tony Williams a long range try, Moses Mbye comes up with a misguided pass. Scrum for the Eels 10 metres inside the Bulldogs half.

Scored by Jarryd Hayne. Kick to come.

Jarryd Hayne takes a pin-point kick from Chris Sandow and flies down to score next to the posts. Beautiful positioning from the fullback

Conversion attempt by Chris Sandow successful.

Chris Sandow guides the ball between the posts and locks the score up with a successful conversion

22: Time off here, Josh Jackson is down after taking a hit from David Gower. Jackson will be taken off with possible concussion.

23: Penalty to the Bulldogs, slow release in the ruck from Ken Edwards. Bulldogs 30 metres out from the Eels try line.

Scored by Mitch Brown. Kick to come.

Mitch Brown takes a great pass from Tim Lafai and his footwork sees him sail over for the Bulldogs second try off their third penalty of the game.

Conversion attempt by Trent Hodkinson successful.

Trent Hodkinson has nailed the conversion from the western sideline to convert

27: Trent Hodkinson places a grubber kick between the Eels defence on last tackle, it's taken easily by Hayne and the Eels have possession once again deep in their own half.

Chris Sandow makes an unforced error.

Whoops. Chris Sandow drops the ball as he shaped to kick on last tackle, focus just drawn away slightly from the play gives the Bulldogs a chance from a change over 15 metres out

Scored by Aiden Tolman. Kick to come.

Aidan Tolman has slipped easily into a gap off a simple short pass from Mchael Ennis out of dummy half. Too simple for Canterbury

Conversion attempt by Trent Hodkinson successful.

Trent Hodkinson slots the extras and the Bulldogs make it a two converted try lead

31: Another penalty for the Bulldogs, Isaac De Gois comes up with a high tackle. That is 4-0 the count now, Bulldogs up to half way

32: Semi comes up with a brilliant catch off the boot of Hodkinson, he beats Mitch Brown to the ball and the Eels have possession on their 20 metre line.

33: It's taken 32 minutes, but the Eels have their first penalty of the game. They attack from a Sandow touch finder, 40 metres out

34: Back to back penalties for the Eels. David Gower surged towards the line and Sam Perrett came up with a great one-on-one tackle, but draws the penalty for too long in the ruck.

35: Chris Sandow taken out as he kicked through. Penalty to the Eels, count is now 4-3 as Michael Ennis held him back. Eels 5 metres out again on the attack

Corey Thompson makes an unforced error.

Corey Thompson makes a meal of the Sandow grubber in goal and it's a line drop out for the Eels. Chance again, but the defensive line is holding.

Scored by Semi Radradra. Kick to come.

Semi Radradra dives over in the western corner as he took a tap on from Jarryd Hayne as he managed to keep the play alive. Tim Lafai can't shut down the shifting play and the Eels strike back

Conversion attempt by Chris Sandow unsuccessful.

Chris Sandow with the conversion attempt from the western sideline swings it wide of the uprights

40: HALF TIME at ANZ Stadium sees the Bulldogs hold an 18-10 lead after a massive defensive performance.

41: Second half is underway here at ANZ Stadium as the Bulldogs kick off and lead the Eels by 8 points.

41: Great opening defensive set from the Eels, Bulldogs similarly to their opposition trapped in their own 20 metre zone.

42: Penalty to the Eels, offside is the call against the Bulldogs. Parramatta attacks 10 metres out

Scored by Semi Radradra. Kick to come.

Semi Radradra brings up his 18th try of the season off a brilliant cut out pass from Corey Norman, he strolls over in the corner for his second of the night.

Conversion attempt by Chris Sandow successful.

Chris Sandow with the conversion from the eastern sideline, at the juncture of the 20 metre line slots the points.

Jarryd Hayne makes an unforced error.

Jarryd Hayne takes an inside pass from Chris Sandow, but after taking a 20 metre bolt he is unable to hold onto possession in a two man tackle from behind.

51: Shocking end to the set for the Eels, Corey Norman rushes a kick after the Eels spread rapidly across the field. Tim Lafai wraps up the ball and it's a change over at the 10 metre line.

53: Early kick from Sandow on the 3rd tackle sees it roll over the sideline and it's a scrum for the Bulldogs.

54: Time off here as David Gower was snipered as he looked to take a dart into the defence. His knee the issue and his night could over as he was assisted by the trainers off the field.

55: Trent Hodkinson rolls the kick end on end and it's a scrum down for the Eels in their own half, 15 metres off their try line.

58: Sam Perrett took the catch on last tackle in the field of play, Bulldogs again stuck in their half with the ball.

60: Pauli Pauli is flinged over the sideline after he slipped into the line after taking an offload from Hayne.

63: Trent Hodkinson kicks straight to the waiting arms of Norman and the Eels are let off the hook as they could have easily conceded points in the eastern corner.

64: Jarryd Hayne aims for a 40/20 but just pulls up in the field of play and Corey Thompson takes it on the full.

66: Semi Radradra almost comes up with a great effort to get out of the in goal area, but he is trapped and it's repeat set for the Bulldogs through a line drop out

67: CHANGE OVER! Eels defence holds and the Bulldogs give up possession in the Eels red zone

68: Double knock on and it's a chance for the Bulldogs through a scrum 20 metres out from the try line.

68: Penalty to the Bulldogs, they have another full set 10 metres out.

69: VIDEO REFEREE for Trent Hodkinson. NO TRY called for Bulldogs

69: NO TRY for Trent Hodkinson, it's ruled a knock on as he bounced the ball as he was collared by Pauli Pauli. 20 metre tap for the Eels.

70: VIDEO REFEREE for the Eels, Semi Radradra is the scorer but we have NO TRY

70: NO TRY for Semi Radradra, he is in touch before grounding. Change over for the Bulldogs at the 10 metre line.

71: Hodkinson puts up a bomb on last tackle and it's taken easily by Vai Toutai in his own red zone.

72: Chris Sandow fumbles the last tackle kick as he shaped for a 40/20 kick and the Bulldogs have it 20m short of half way

74: The passes don't stick for the Eels as Hayne linked with Norman who looked for Radradra but he overran the ball. Bulldogs come up with possession on half way

Fuifui Moimoi makes an unforced error.

Fuifui Moimoi drops the ball in the tackle of Tony Williams and it's a scrum for the Bulldogs 20 metres out from the try line.

77: Trent Hodkinson's kick is poor on last tackle it's taken easily by Norman and the Eels need to go 99 metres to steal this game.

Chris Sandow kicks a 40/20.

Chris Sandow gets the 40/20 and it's going to be a quick tap for the Eels. Chance on here

William Hopoate makes an unforced error.

Will Hopoate rushes the play and it's thrown over the sideline. Scrum for the Bulldogs

79: Time off, 29 seconds left… we've been in this position before with a scrum to win it.

80: FULL TIME at ANZ Stadium, with the Bulldogs defeating the Eels 18-16. Defensive from Canterbury and errors from the Eels costing them the game tonight.