Battle Cry To Bring Factions

St George Illawarra boss Peter Doust wants to hear supporters chanting "Dragons, Dragons" to avoid factions forming between St George and Illawarra fans.

Doust was responding to reports of violence during the National Rugby League match between the Dragons and Cronulla at Toyota Park on Saturday night.

It was sparked by a section of Dragons fans engaging in a mock chant of "Steelers, Steelers" when their team fell behind on the scoreboard.

A small group of St George Illawarra supporters were offended at the implication that the joint venture Dragons were branded the Steelers when they lost, but St George when they won.

"People's individual feelings and traditions are theirs and they're entitled to their views," said Doust.

"If I was asked officially what I would like to hear our supporters yelling and screaming, it would be the Dragons.

"That's the notion that represents St George Illawarra. It's part of our brand and says all that needs to be said, rather than one or the other."

Doust did not wish to comment on the arrest of two Dragons fans at the ground, but he believed divisions within supporters were being driven by minority groups.

"I'd rather be talking about what the majority of supporters of St George Illawarra supporters are thinking about than I would about the minority who have their own agendas," he said.