Battle over lights for Oki

Kogarah Council has received a petition from residents in Carlton objecting to the proposed installation of new floodlighting at Oki Jubilee Stadium.

The petition was signed by seven residents of a block of units in Buchanan Street, Carlton, three blocks west of the ground.

It was the only objection received during the public exhibition period for the lighting DA.

The R2K (Return To Kogarah) lobby group has collected in excess of 1,300 signatures in support of the lighting.

Of these, more than 340 of the signatures were from Kogarah Council's North Ward where Oki Jubilee Stadium is situated, according to R2K spokesperson Lachlan McLean.

He described it as a decent response for an off-season.

Mr McLean said the lighting proposed for the ground will be low-impact, community friendly lighting that minimises light spill and glare.

"It is essential the new lights go in and are up to broadcast standard so that future games can be televised," Mr McLean said.

"It means the potential for Friday night and Saturday nightgames. The current lighting is inadequate. In the past it has cost the club between $20,000 and $25,000 a game to hire adequate lighting," he said.

The DA is for six lighting towers - four in the ground and two behind the ground in the training field, adjacent to Princes Highway - with an overall cost of around $1 million.

Kogarah Council is expected to make a decision on the lighting DA in the next few weeks.

It is the latest in a number of DA's that are being progressively filed as part of the ground's $8 million upgrade.

Already approved are a new entrance and turnstiles to the ground in English Street and a new training ground next to the Princes Highway.

Next up will be a DA for new seating at the northern and southern ends of the ground for 2,200 spectators.