Bears face Bulldogs and Sharks

The Bears Premier League side remains virtually unchanged for their round 3 clash with the Sharks on Saturday with the only alteration being Eddie Peae in for Clark Webb at half back. With some players returning from injury the Bears did not quite match the well drilled Eels but did enough to convince coach Wayne Lamkin to stay solid as they face the Sharks, coached by another Ex-Bear in Craig Wilson.

The word amongst the Jersey Flegg camp is that they are champing at the bit for a win after coming oh so close against the Sharks on the weekend. The boys will face the Bulldogs at Belmore Show Ground on Saturday.

With the juniors being on the road for the first 5 rounds they now get a break with 4 home matches for the remaining rounds. The first of which will be played at T G Milner Field on Saturday against the new Western Districts team.

The Souths empowered Premier League play the Cronulla Sharks at 5:30pm on Saturday 31st prior to the Bunnies V Sharks first grade match at Toyota Park. The eager Jersey Flegg team will play The Bulldogs at 3:30pm at Belmore Oval also on Saturday. And the redemption seeking Harold Matthews and S G Ball will face the Western Districts from 12:00pm at T G Milner Field again on Saturday.

PICTURED: Jaiman Lowe hits it up for the Bears at T G Milner Field on Saturday. Photo: Steve Little.