Bears to play Cougars at home

This week the North Sydney Club will welcome the Penrith Club to North Sydney Oval in a replay of round six. Both teams will be champing at the bit to meet up, but for differing reasons.

The Bears Jersey Flegg side while losing to the Panthers 34-22, played one of their most competitive and entertaining matches which featured the golden boot of James Maloney and a great individual performance from centre Matt ?Mad Dog? McDougall. No doubt the boys see a win in their sights and will pull-out all the stops to achieve it this Sunday.

However James Maloney has since been promoted to Premier League and will join his team mates in a revenge attack on the team that beat them [the Cougars] 66-24. Statistically this season, the next match played after the bye was the Bears best game of the season winning against the Bulldogs at
home 42-32.

The Jersey Flegg will battle the Penrith Panthers at 1:00 p.m. while the Premier League will seek revenge against the St Marys/Perith Cougars at 2:30 p.m. at North Sydney Oval on Sunday 18th June. BE THERE!

PICTURED: Norths Flegg prop Mitchell Erickson takes a run against the Roosters. Photo: Steve Little

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by e-mail [email protected], or check out the website at


North Sydney Premier League v St Marys-Penrith
1. Richard Retimana
2. Anthony Beare
3. Ryan Shortland
4. Filinga Filiga
5. Karl Johnson
6. Daniel Russell (c)
7. James Maloney
8. Aaron Trinder
9. Ben Ellis
10. Michael Harper
11. Chris Saab
12. Matt Bartlett
13. Brad Domek

14. Ryan Russell
15. Bede Tuohy
16. Scott Perrin
17. Andrew Moodie
22. Eddie Sua
Coach - Josh White

North Sydney Jersey Flegg v St Marys-Penrith
1. Matt McDougall
2. Chris Heasman
3. Bladen Baird
4. Daniel Phillips
5. Ryan Wilson
6. Jason Saliba
7. Liam Foran
8. Mitchell Erickson
9. Gavin Duncan
10. Pio Rokomaqisa
11. Mick Morris
12. Arnold Mano
13. Chris Dears

14. Tim McDonald
15. Michael Jones
16. Tupo Peaua
Coach - Steve Carter