Bennett likely to retain coaching

Wayne Bennett is very likely to return as national coach next season after being offered the position again by the Australian Rugby League.

And it's more than likely he'll be coaching again in a Tri Nations, although with the Kangaroos players spending less time in England.

After guiding his side to a 44-4 win over Great Britain in the Tri Nations final, Bennett revealed he had been approached by the ARL last Thursday.

The Brisbane coach is yet to decide what he will do but admitted he had enjoyed his return to international coaching.

"I just have to make up my mind about that," Bennett said.

"I have enjoyed the series, I have enjoyed being with the players. They have been great ambassadors for their country and they've done everything I have asked of them.

"I'm just going to see where it all goes. The board told me on Thursday I had the job if I wanted it."

Bennett and captain Darren Lockyer also voiced their committal for the Tri Nations tournament, provided the players spent less time in England.

Lockyer and his teammates have toured the northern hemisphere in four of the past five seasons and have spent six weeks overseas on this trip.

"I just think it could be worked around so the players from Australia aren't away from home for two months," Lockyer said.

"New Zealand and Australia can play their part in the southern hemisphere. I think we can get away with coming over here and playing for a month.

"That's from the players' point of view."

Bennett is also in favour of playing the Tri Nations again but feels the tournament could be streamlined so the players spend more time at home.

"The players are keen for the concept to continue they just need a bit of better balance," Bennett said.

"I don't think enough credit is given to these guys, how difficult it is for them to come here year after year and be away for this period of time and the advantages the opposition have by playing at home.

"That's a huge advantage. It shows even more character and courage.

"If there's a Tri Nations on, Australia will be in it.

"We would probably expect it to be here. But I think Darren's points are very valid.

"We have talked to the powers to be about it all. It makes a lot of sense. The guys will be a lot happier. The next couple of weeks we'll sort it out."

The Great Britain camp are also supportive of the concept.

Lions coach Brian Noble was already thinking about next year after his side's defeat.

"We'll approach it the same way we did this one - with a view to winning it," Noble said.

"We've got some good players. I hope we don't go into freefall. We have competed well in four games. As a coach I'm pretty confident we will be there and thereabouts next year."