Bennett may force changes in
Kangaroo line up

Wayne Bennett could not guarantee he wouldn't make changes to the Australian side to play rivals New Zealand in next weekends Tri-Nations final at Elland Road.

Speaking after the Kangaroos had booked their place in the final with a 26-14 win over Great Britain, Bennett said New Zealand were a different kettle of fish to the Lions and refused to rule out making changes.

He changed his side after the test win over France for the crucial clash with Great Britain and he may do the same for the Kiwis after reviewing the Kangaroos' performance, which was well below its best but good enough to win.

New Zealand have troubled Australia during the series, upsetting them in Sydney and almost repeating the effort in the return game a week later in Auckland.

"That's a tough one," he said when asked about possible changes for the final.

"We're playing a different team now and they play differently to Great Britain.

"They beat us by 10 points in the first game and we beat them by two points in the second one so there's not much between us either.

"I'll just have a look at a few things this week and get a feel for it."

Despite posting a 10th win in the past 11 clashes with Great Britain, Bennett is adamant the gap between the three countries involved in the Tri-Nations had continued to close.

He said the players had felt the pressure on them to keep winning.

"If we hadn't trained well all week and hadn't turned up with the attitude we did, it could have been a lot different," said Bennett.

"We went to France last week and we could spend the week kind of being tourists playing a bit of football, but we couldn't do that against Great Britain.

"We're very fortunate. We lose Andrew Johns and Darren Lockyer, arguably the best two players in the game and you put Craig Gower and Trent Barrett in.

"That's one our strengths ... the quality of our player availability.

"We lost Nathan Hindmarsh who was the best forward in the country and someone like Luke O'Donnell puts his hand up.

"That's our great strength, our depth."