Better deal for disabled footy

Kogarah Council has approved the construction of a new entrance booth and turnstiles in English Street to Oki Jubilee Oval.

The English Street turnstiles are seen as an important element of the $8 million upgrade of the oval.

Speaking in support of the development application for new turnstiles, Lachlan McLean of R2K - Return to Kogarah - told the Council that the entrances and exit facilities for a venue that holds 17,000 supporters needed to be a lot more adequate.

The oval currently has only two public entrances - one in Park Street and the other adjacent to Jubilee Avenue and the Princes Highway.

Mr McLean said the new entrance will give easier access for disabled patrons.

The Park Street entrance allows some disabled access, but the only adequate place for those in wheelchairs to watch the match is on top of the toilet block or what's known as "the slab" next to the grandstand.

He said the new entrance on the English Street side of the ground will allow the disabled access to link in with the terrace seating proposed for the northern side of the ground.

Kogarah Council received two objections to the proposal on the grounds that the new English Street entrance would cause more parked cars in surrounding streets.

However, Mr McLean said the additional turnstile at the northern end of the ground will assist in the flow of patrons entering and leaving Jubilee Oval.

"An extra exit will help to alleviate issues such as mild pedestrian congestion that is sometimes experienced after a game when the patrons attempt to leave the venue at the same time," he said.

Councillors agreed, and the DA for the new turnstiles was approved by them.