Big names on show at Back to Belmore

Big Names On Show at Back To Belmore

A host of big name Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs will have their first hit out of 2012 on Sunday as the Club hosts the Sydney Roosters on Back To Belmore day at Belmore Sports Ground.

The Bulldogs have named two sides for the main game, which represents the first time an NRL strength team has played at the venue since 1998.

Over 10,000 Members and supporters will be in attendance at the match, with a limited amount of Grandstand seats left for sale four days out from the game. Tickets can be purchased through

The NRL squad will feature All Stars representatives Ben Barba and Frank Pritchard along with 17 other players with first grade experience.

English recruit James Graham will also line up in a Blue and White jersey for the first time since joining the Club in December, as will fellow newcomer Luke MacDougall.

The NRL game is the pinnacle of a five game smorgasbord of Rugby League, which kicks off with the Bulldogs taking on the Roosters in the opening round of Harold Matthews Cup and SG Ball at 10am & 11.30am respectively.

Toyota Cup follows the SG Ball at 1pm, with NSW Cup taking on Roosters feeder team Newtown at 3pm.

The NRL trial kicks off at 5pm.

Getting There and Away

Those planning to attend the Back to Belmore trial are strongly advised to leave the car at home and catch public transport as parking around the venue will be extremely limited and traffic control measures will be in place.

Belmore Sports Ground is a five minute walk from Belmore station. City Rail trains operate between Central, Redfern and Belmore station every 15 minutes. For train and other timetable enquiries please visit or

NRL Teams

1. Ben Barba 2. Steve Turner 3. Josh Morris 4. Jonathon Wright 5. Bryson Goodwin 6. Kris Keating 7. Josh Reynolds 8. Aiden Tolman 9. Joel Romelo 10. Sam Kasiano 11. Frank Pritchard 12. Dene Halatau 13. David Stagg 14. James Graham 15. Greg Eastwood 16. Corey
Payne 17. Michael Lett

1. Michael Lett 2. Sam Ahofono 3. Tim Lafai 4. Luke MacDougall 5. Daniel Abou-Sleiman 6. Chad Isles 7. Trent Cutler 8. Marty Taupau 9. Shane Pumipi 10. Tim Browne 11. Josh Jackson 12. Jake Foster 13. Dale Finucane 14. Jake Finn 15. Harlan Alalaatoa 16. Tupou
Sopoaga 17. Ed Murphy

Coach: Des Hasler


1. Gerrard McCallum 2. Ratu Tagive 3. Ed Murphy 4. Josh Portlock 5. Dean McGlinchey 6. Chad Isles 8. Trent Cutler 26. Ray Moujalli 9. Lionel O'Mally 28. Jake Finn 11. Tupou Sopoaga 12. Lachlan Burr 13. Harlan Alalaatoa 16. Junior Roquica 17. Sterling Siejka
21. Samisoni Langi 22. Oliver Gordon 23. Dean Janda 24. Jay Bonnell 31. Kose Lelei 36. Michael Ioapo

Coach: Barry Ward

Toyota Cup

1. James O'Brien 2. Eddy El-Zbaidieh 3. Matthew Fukofuka 4. Louis Mackenzie-Taylor 5. Jon Sila 6. Moses Mbye 7. Frederick Robinson 8. Curtley Hope-Hodgetts 9. Dean Janda 10. Solo Alone 11. Danny Fuaolo 12. Jordan Jammal 13. Blake Carter 14. Kava Utoikamanu
15. Pio Seci 16. James Ralphs 17. Ben Stratton 19. Jon Taefu 20. Andrew Shipway 21. Moahoni Lelei 22. Alex Hull 23. Samisoni Langi 24. Ryan Wilson 25. David Minute 26. Wilson Faanoi 27. David Klemmer

Coach: Andy Patmore

SG Ball

1. Costner Lemafa 2. Tuuta Langi 3. Michael Morgan 4. Alan Nuilesa 5. Royce Hunt 6. Guston Jasmin 7. Brendan Cox 8. Jack Creighton 9. Luke Vella 10. Winstone Asotasi [c] 11. Jokatama Dokonivalu 12. Brendon Mafi 13. Addison Demetriou
Interchange: 14. Denzel King 15. Jeremy Fuller 16. Anthony Semrany 17. Daniel Mailata 19. Joshua Montgomery 20. Mitchell Mamary 21. Jaelen Feeney 22. George Tsikrikas 23. Kapulu Poleo 24. Tifa Iuta 25. Luke Eru 26. Jake Kamire

Coach: Jon Wilson

Harold Matthews Cup

1. Esau Taetuli [c] 2. Marcelo Montoya 3. Patrick Kopu 4. Hakaraia Toi Toi 5. Godfred Agyemang 6. Nifo Seve 7. Christian Wakeham 8. Jordan Lotoaniu 9. Ali Allouche [c] 10. Willie Soloa-Toomata 11. Avia Minute 12. Vailima Teaupa 13. Jordan Lemalu
Interchange: 14. Tom McCallum 15. Joshua Abboud 16. Lorima Sautu 17. Simon Fonua
19. Anton Iaria 20. Amro Abdalla 21. Justin Abou-Melhem 22. Felix Moli 23. Jaydn McGregor 24. Daniel Russell 25. Aymen Masri 26. Kirk-Stephen Tuiauii

Coach: Dean Feeney