Big Top Thrills As Bears Attempt To
Tame Tigers

It's coming down to the wire as two original foundation clubs, North Sydney and Balmain titter on the edge of the top eight and possible finals glory.

The Balmain- Ryde/Eastwood Tigers are on 22 in eighth position on the VB Premier League table. With the North Sydney Bears currently on 19 and the Newcastle Knights squeezed in-between on 21 points this Friday night at North Sydney Oval will be the scene of one of the most important matches of the round. If the Bears win both their remaining games, if the Knights lose all 4 of their games and if Balmain lose at least 3 of their games the Bears will make the semis.

But all the mathematics in the world can't hide the fact that North Sydney must win and win well to have any chance of making the finals. Come and see the Mighty Bears tame those Tigers at Bear Park. The action begins at 5:30 p.m. When the Bears take on the Tigers in Jersey Flegg with the Big Top Battle beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Don't forget to come back to the Rag and Famish Hotel to meet the players and feed off the specially prepared Bears menu. For more information check out the new look Bears website at

Premier League

1. John Russell 2. Andrew Moodie 3. Namila Davui 4. Chris Tuatara 5. Lester Salanoa 6. Ben Kalcina 7. Aaron Heremaia 8. Kyle Arnold (c) 9. Ben Ellis 10. Michael Harper 11. Anthony Kiro 12. Wayne McDade 13. Matt Thurston

14. Chris Weaver 15. Rhian Gerard 16. Joseph Swamy 17. Billy Ngawini 20. Steven Hales

Coach - Gary Freeman

Jersey Flegg

1. Anthony Beare 2. Joel Bennet 3. Danny Chiha 4. Tyson Muscat 5. Ryan Wilson 6. Reece Watson 7. Oliver Saunders 8. Mitch Erickson 9. Tim Woodbine 10. Blake McLean (c) 11. Ryan Verlinden 12. Jessie Mileto 13. Brad Price

14. Arnold Mano 15. Luke Hemsworth 16. Michael Morris 17. Jono Freeman 18. Pat Allendorf 19. Tim Woodbine 20. Pio Rokomaqisa 23. Liam Foran

Coach - Gavin Catanach