Biting allegation - 'nothing in

St George Illawarra CEO, Peter Doust has released a statement claiming there was no substance to any biting allegations made against prop Luke Bailey in last Friday's NRL match against the Newcastle Knights.

In the 13th minute, Knights' front rower Josh Perry made a complaint to referee Paul Simpkins but withdrew the complaint a moment later.

Perry stressed that he didnt mean to make an issue of the matter.

Doust stated that Perry apologised to Bailey after the match, won 24-16 by Newcastle.

"Having spoken to Luke Bailey, who says he wasn't involved in any biting incident, I'm sure there's nothing in it," Doust said yesterday.

"If Perry is apologising then I don't think there's any allegations to be dealt with.

"It's one of those things that happen on the field that people misinterpret at the time."

Knights football manager Mark Sargent has also confirmed that Perry did not want to take the matter further.

"Given what Josh has told us, he didn't want it put on report anyway," Sargent explained.

"His version of the events is that he came out of the tackle and more or less said as a reaction `he bit me'.

"The referee said `do you want to do something about it' and asked him twice. Twice he said `no'...and the ref still acted on it."

Simpkins still opted to put the matter on report and NRL judiciary commissioner, Jim Hall will investigate the incident on Monday.