Blues keep series alive

The New South Wales Blues have forced a series decider with a 16-12 victory over the Queensland Maroons in front 83,110 boisterous crowd members at ANZ Stadium.

While the game went straight down to the wire, the Blues were dictating terms from the get go, dominating the Queensland pack- who struggled to keep up. 
The first try came from a well worked set play as Brett Stewart easily burrowed his way under the Maroons defence in the 25th minute of the game. Todd Carney missed the conversion.

A towering bomb from Cooper Cronk was too much for Akuilla Uate in the 38th minute, the NSW winger let the ball bounce before fumbling it into the hands of a charging Ben Hannant who scored. Jonathan Thurston added the extra two points to give his side a handy 6-4 lead at the break.

After an intense period of play in the opening minutes of the second half, Carney was unlucky to be denied a try on the back of a pin-point grubber from Mitchell Pearce. But it was not all bad tidings for the Blues, with Cooper Cronk sin-binned in the 43rd minute for a professional foul. The Blues opted to take to two and Carney made no mistake this time. 

The Blues capitalised on their one man advantage in the next set with Carney slicing through the Queensland defence before finding a racing Brett Stewart who raced away to score under the posts in the 45th minute. Carney added the extras from right in front.

They were not done, Queensland were made to pay again four minutes later through with a Jarryd Hayne kicking for Josh Morris who raced away to score in the corner. Carney failed to add the extras. 

A few back-to-back sets for the Maroons allowed them to apply pressure on the Blues and the NSW defence finally cracked in the 63rd minute with Greg Inglis scoring in the corner off a cross-field bomb. Thurstan gave Carney a lesson in how to kick a goal, with a conversion from the touchline. 

With just over a quarter of an hour left in the match and NSW leading by only four-points, the game was set for a thrilling finish. 

Both sides were given opportunities to put the game to rest, with Queenslanders given one last opportunity in the final minute after a Uate knock on 40 out from his own line. However, it was not to be for Queensland, with some touch NSW defence forcing a mistake from Justin Hodges allowing NSW to finish wear the clock down. 

The next State of Origin match will be contested on July 4 at Suncorp Stadium, Queensland.

Match Details
New South Wales 16 defeated Queensland 12
State Of Origin - State of Origin II - Wednesday June 13, 2012 8:00pm
Venue: ANZ Stadium, Sydney
Referee: Ben Cummins and Tony Archer
Video Referee: Steve Clark
Touch Judges: Russell Turner and David Abood
Crowd: 83,110
Halftime: New South Wales 4 Queensland 6 players of the match:
3 Points - Jarryd Hayne
2 Points - Todd Carney (1 Conversion, 1 Penalty Goal)
1 Point - Billy Slater

Tries: Josh Morris, Brett Stewart (2)
Conversions: Todd Carney (1/3)
Penalty Goals: Todd Carney (1/1)

Tries: Greg Inglis, Ben Hannant
Conversions: Johnathan Thurston (2/2) Live Commentary WELCOME Ladies and Gentlemen to Game two of the State of Origin series. Both sides are 1-17 to the teams being named earlier this week and we are very much ready for a great match. If you would like to join us in conversation on Twitter, the official League Unlimited hashtags will be #origin2 #stateoforigin #SOO ! Tweet us your score predictions now!
The game ball has arrived via a helicopter, police and their dog!
Queensland U18 24-18 New South Whales U18! What an opener!
Queensland is on their way onto the field!
The Blatchy corner goes insane as the Blues enter the arena!
Anthem DONE! Players on the field! Crowd settling and we are JUST about to kick this beauty off!
Big run from Tim Grant as he smashes into the Maroon defence! Petro goes down!
Carney clears the ball and it is taken by later but they drive him back!
1 min: Blues defence really up for it!
1 min: CRONK GOES THROUGH THE LINE! But the Blues shut it all down and have the ball 10 metres out!
2 min: Pearce drives the ball down and Slater plays the ball 40 out.
2 min: Gallen rushes the attack and makes a great tackle!
2 min: Hard run by Petro!
3 min: And Jonathan Thurston knocks the ball on!
3 min: Blues have the ball just over their 40 metre line
3 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Blues. Stripping the ball. NSW 1-0 QLD.
4 min: NSW 5 metres from the line on the third!
5 min: Carney grubbers the ball through but it goes dead, Boyd taps from the 20!
5 min: Queensland already over the halfway line
5 min: Cronk puts a bomb up but Uate takes the ball!
6 min: Queensland doing their best to punish the Blues
6 min: Pearce kicks from inside his 40, finds ground, Brent Tate brings the ball back!
7 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Queensland. NSW 1-1 QLD.
7 min: And the crowd sings that familiar tune in disagreement.
8 min: Something must be in the water for the Queenslanders, knock on via Scott. Scrum Blues 30 out.
9 min: Farah puts a kick down for the Blues winger, Tate catches the ball, is stopped and let go as he runs more metres!
9 min: Charge down by Bird and the referees call a new set!
10 min: Cronk's kick is affected by a Blue and the Blues have the ball!
11 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Blues. NSW 2-1 QLD
11 min: Third tackle 30 metres from the try line
11 min: Knock on by the Blues and Inglis comes away with the ball.
12 min: VIDEO REF: Cronk puts an attacking kick down and the ball is spilt by Blues fullback Brett Stewart.
12 min: NO TRY! Brett Stewart forced the ball. Drop out.
13 min: Queensland has the ball 30 metres from the Blues line.
13 min: Thurston kicks cross field and Brett Stewart has collected the ball
14 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Blues. Slater inside the 10. NSW 3-1 QLD
14 min: The Blues have the ball over halfway on the third tackle.
15 min: Pearce takes the line on well.
15 min: Gallen is hit by Myles and Taylor
15 min: After a bomb from Pearce, Slater takes the ball in the air!
16 min: Thurston grubbers down to Stewart who is tackles 10 metres from his line.
17 min: A kick goes down to Slater and Billy fumbles it in, keeps the ball in play and makes it out of his in goal! Queensland ball, 10 out, third tackle
17 min: The game is alive! Big hits by the Blues
17 min: And Todd Carney pulls Thurston down on the last and the ball goes to the Blues on the 20 metre line!
18 min: Knock on by Greg Bird, close to the line! Injuries all over and Queensland brining the ball out!
19 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Queensland. NSW 3-2 QLD.
19 min: Queensland have the ball on the second into Blues half
20 min: Boyd kicks for himself, nothing was on and Greg Bird has the ball!
21 min: Last tackle option by Pearce as Boyd brings the ball down to the 30 metre line
22 min: Queensland clear the ball down and it will be a Blues scrum. Gallen appears to be limping.
23 min: A strong run from Uate as the blues clears the ball, Tate gets the ball, passes to Slater and pulls him down on the 20.
24 min: Knock on from the Maroons as the Blues will receive a scrum just 30 metres from the Queensland line
24 min: Video Ref: Stewart goes over the line and may have scored a simple one.
26 min: TRY
And the Blues open the scoring in the 25th minute as he scores 5 metres from the sideline. Carney misses the goal.
New South Wales 4-0
27 min: Creagh brings it back strong off the kick off
27 min: Carney attempts a 40/20 but Slater has the ball
27 min: Big defence from the Blues! They want this
27 min: Thurston clears the ball, Stweart runs back 35 metres from his line.
28 min: The Blues are over the 30 metre line into Queenslands half.
29 min: Massive cross field bomb from Carney and Brent Tate secured the ball for a 20 restart.
30 min: Hayne brings it strong from a Thurston kick! Blues pumping up as the Maroons look conservative.
30 min: Farah makes great metres from hooker
30 min: Slater easily takes another bomb from NSW
31 min: Smith kicks from dummy half as Hayne cleans up and they are attacking ten from their own line.
32 min: A third tackle kick goes straight to Billy Slater. Queensland into the Blues half on the third.
32 min: And Justin Hodges puts the ball down as the Blues celebrate.
33 min: Robbie Farah has a bleeding ear.
33 min: Now the Maroons start using force in their defence.
33 min: The Blues are over the 40 metre line in the Maroons half
33 min: Carney kicks down and Billy Slater grabs it then falls into touch. Scrum NSW Blues 10 metres out from the Maroon line.
34 min: Injury concern over Carney who was tackled on suspicion, Farah fires up but Archer contains it
35 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Blues. Tackled without the ball. NSW 4-2 QLD
36 min: Farah kicks the ball into the in goal but Cam Smith recovers the ball and the Maroons are trying to work out of their own half
36 min: Cronk kicks to Hayne and the defence wraps him up 2 metres from his line
37 min: Pearce kicks the ball down the throat of Slater who passes to Tate and they play the ball 15 out
38 min: Bomb from Cronk, Uate lets it bounce. And Video Ref: As Ben Hannant charges over.
40 min: TRY
After a bomb from Cronk, Uate let's it bounce, Queensland get the ball back and Hannant crashes over next to the goal posts in the 38th minute. Thurston converts! And that is halftime.
Queensland 6-4
40 min: WE ARE BACK UNDERWAY! The Blues kick to the Maroons.
40 min: Thurston throws a pass that goes into touch 45 metres from the Queensland where the Blues will receive the scrum. And Corey Parker has a cut to his shin that is very deep.
41 min: Video ref: Pearce grubbers the ball in goal and Todd Carney has attempted to score. Possible Penalty try through foul play.
41 min: NO TRY! And Cronk will be placed into the sin bin for holding Carney off the ball.
41 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Blues. Professional foul. NSW 5-2 QLD.
42 min: Carney will line up a penalty kick.
Todd Carney gets 2 not 4 points as we are locked up at ANZ.
6 all
42 min: Gallen brings the ball back off a kick off.
45 min: TRY
Carney takes on the forwards, draws and passes on the 50 metre line and Brett Stewart runs away to score under the posts. Carney makes the advantage 6.
New South Wales 12-6
45 min: Great metres here by the Blues as they at half way
46 min: Pearce kicks to Slater who takes it on the full and runs back to the 30 metre line
46 min: Cam Smith kicks down and Hayne Brings it to the forty before the Queenslanders possibly rake it out and the ball is kicked ahead as Morris runs to possibly score. Video ref.
49 min: TRY
The Blues are killing it now, second try in the period of ten minutes that Queensland have without a halfback. Josh Morris scores the try but Carney misses the conversion.
New South Wales 16-6
49 min: Parker will not be back with a cut to his Shin
49 min: Pearce clears the ball, Tate runs back from 2 metres from his line to the 20 metre line.
50 min: Thurston kicks the ball down ingoal and it goes out. Blues 20 tap
51 min: Bad play the ball by Hayne but the Blues are in the Maroons half.
52 min: The Blues find the sideline as Queensland will receive a scrum 10 from their own line. Cronk back on the field.
52 min: Queensland attempt a 40/20, the ball sits down in goal, Stewart cleans it up but Cronk gets him in goal. Drop out
53 min: Massive drop out. Scott is only just over the 50
54 min: Slater throws a ball behind to no one as Hayne collects the ball 30 from his line.
55 min: Thurston plays 25 from his line. third tackle.
56 min: Cronk kicks down and it goes past Jennings and the Blues are doing it tough working from inside their own 20
56 min: Pearce kicks and Slater runs it back into the Blues half and passes to Tate as the Maroons have a great chance.
57 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Maroons. Not clearing the ruck. NSW 5-3 QLD
58 min: Smith puts the kick through and Stewart grounds the ball for the third drop out.
59 min: Maroons have the ball 10 out from the Blues line
59 min: Cronk kicks and Morris is tackled in goal. Yet another drop out.
60 min: Cronk nearly scores. last tackle a metre out.
61 min: Video Ref: Inglis may have scored after a cross field kick before Boyd batted the ball to Inglis.
63 min: TRY
And Inglis gets the Maroons right back in it after pressure. Thurston converts.
New South Wales 16-12
63 min: This game is tough as it is thrilling. Queensland working it from their line off the kick off.
63 min: Kick goes down to Hayne as the Queenslanders get in their face
64 min: Massive kick from pearce once more goes down to Slater on the full. The Queensland side has the ball 30 out.
64 min: Nate Myles puts the ball down as the Blues will get a scrum 40 out from the Maroons line. Greg Bird forces the mistake.
66 min: Last tackle kick, cross field bomb and Inglis comes down with the ball to relieve the pressure.
67 min: Cronk kicks from inside his 40, the ball sits down, the Blues wingers muffles it and Stewart cleans up. Drop out.
67 min: The Maroons have the ball 30 metres from the Blues line.
68 min: The sixth drop out will come from a Cronk grubber
69 min: Maroons attacking once more, 20 metres from the Blues line on the 3rd.
70 min: Tate was about to score the try but it is lost after the bat out from Jennings. The Blues get the ball back!
71 min: Blues kick the ball, Slater takes it and takes it to their 40.
72 min: Slow play the ball, cronk goes high and Carney has the ball just 3 metres from his line.
73 min: Carney with a big kick, Slater collects and brings it back to halfway
74 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Queensland. Holding too long. NSW 5-4 QLD
74 min: Maroons ten out.
74 min: Taylor knocks on and 15 metres from the line, the Blues have the scrum.
75 min: Blues over halfway now
75 min: Farah puts the ball up but once again Billy Slater saves the day for Queensland.
76 min: Smith clears the ball and it bounces to Uate who gets over the 40 metre line.
77 min: Pearce goes high, Slater loses it and Jennings does into touch!
77 min: Queensland get the ball, off the back of Slater
78 min: Massive defence from NSW as the Maroons are feeling the pressure.
78 min: VIDEO REF: NSW may have scored but Uate has given himself up by his reactions.
78 min: No try, Boyd kicks into Uate and knocks on. This will be a Queensland scrum at halfway!
78 min: Blues try and put the Maroons in touch but fail. Queensland are 40 out.
79 min: Queensland knock on. And the Blues have almost won game two!
79 min: The siren has sounded but the referees will play the scrum.
80 min: GAME OVER! New South Whales win!

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