Botica To Train Warrior Kickers

Former Wigan and Kiwis kicking ace Frano Botica believes Stacey Jones is the best Warrior for the goal kicking job.

The Warriors missed several kicks in the 24-20 win against the Bulldogs on Sunday and Botica has been called in to help the Warriors with some kicking advice.

He says it is unfortunate the goal kicking has been off, because it would make life so much easier, and the Warriors need to focus on just having one kicker rather than three as they did in the weekend.

Botica says it is clear more work needs to be done, this week.

He says he has only had one session to smooth out some rough edges, so with more work done over the rest of the season the goal kicking should come right.

Botica says he has been working with Jones and will continue to do so.

However, he says Jones might have too much on his plate, so by doing more work with several kickers at the club, someone else might step forward.

Botica will be back at Warriors training this Friday, prior to the teams departure across the Tasman, where they play the Sea Eagles this weekend.