Bradford docked points

At a meeting of the RFL independent judiciary panel, the Bradford Bulls club has been found guilty of breaching the 2005 Super League Cap.

The panel found that the Bradford club had a Salary Cap of between 52 and 55 per cent at the end of 2005 and therefore, in accordance with the RFL?s Operational Rules, the club has suffered a penalty of the deduction of two competition points.

The panel also found that in the course of the breach the Bradford club was guilty of conduct prejudicial to the interests of the game.

They have been fined ?25,000 plus costs. ?15,000 of this is suspended for two years.

The Bradford club pleaded guilty to both charges in the course of the hearing and cooperated fully with the investigation.

Both penalties take immediate effect and thus the deduction of competition points applies to the current 2006 engage Super League competition table.

An officially revised table will be published in due course.