Brave Roosters destroy Tigers finals hopes

The embattled Sydney Roosters have smashed the wounded Tigers, 44-20, in front of 15,736 fans celebrating Anthony Minichello's 250th first grade game at Allianz Stadium, Sydney.

It was all the Roosters for the full match, as the Sydney siders raced out to an 18-0 lead after just 23 minutes. Tries came to Frank-Paul Nuuausala (12th minute) who strolled through a yawning gap to score next to the posts, Daniel Tupou (17th minute) who soared above the defenders to catch a ball even Victorians would be proud of and Shaun Kenny-Dowall who scored through a cross field bomb in the 22nd minute.

The Tigers were shell shocked for most of the first half as the Roosters piled on the points to take a 26 point lead into the main break.

The second half begun like the first half did, with Mitchell Pearce scoring (43rd minute) after winger Daniel Tupou made an excellent grab to offload back inside, sending the Roosters over 30 points.

The Tigers did however mount a slight comeback after the Roosters made a crucial error. Benji Marshall danced around multiple defenders before cutting the ball out to Marika Koroibete, who strolled over in the 47th minute. The Tigers were not done, as another try came in the 51st minute, this time to Ayshford who simply burrowed his way over.

The comeback was instantly halted as Junior Moors dropped the ball from the next restart and the Roosters capitalized through a second try to Daniel Tupou. After some offloading from multiple attackers, the stand out winger crossed to end the Tigers aspirations of a comeback.

The highlight of the afternoon for the Roosters came when Mitchell Pearce unselfishly gave Italy captain Anothy Minichello, celebrating his 250th game, a try in the 66th minute. Pearce had all but grounded the ball before passing to the experienced fullback who easily put the ball down.

Tigers 200th gamer, Chris Heighington, scored a try in the 72nd minute and Benji Marshall scored his 1000th point off the final conversion in the match after a Ben Murdoch try.

There were no injuries to report, however, Benji Marshall will face the judiciary for a high tackle and may miss next weekends clash against the Melbourne Storm at Leichardt Oval. The Roosters will now try and send Braith Anasta out a winner, playing the Bulldogs at ANZ Stadium.

Photo Credit: Chris (@Vossy7)

Match Details
Sydney Roosters 44 defeated Wests Tigers 20
National Rugby League - Round 25 - Sunday August 26, 2012 2:00pm
Venue: Allianz Stadium
Referee: Ashley Klein and Adam Devcich
Video Referee: Paul Mellor
Touch Judges: Russell Turner and Henry Perenara
Crowd: 15,736
Halftime: Sydney Roosters 26 Wests Tigers 0 players of the match:
3 Points - Daniel Tupou (3 Tries)
2 Points - Jared Waerea-Hargreaves
1 Point - Gareth Ellis

Tries: Anthony Minichiello, Mitchell Pearce, Shaun Kenny-Dowall, Frank-Paul Nuuausala, Tautau Moga, Daniel Tupou (3)
Conversions: Braith Anasta (6/8)

Tries: Chris Heighington, Blake Ayshford, Ben Murdoch, Marika Koroibete
Conversions: Benji Marshall (2/4) Live Commentary There are no changes as we near kick off! Join us in the conversation on twitter by tweeting us @leagueunlimited
1 min: Wests Tigers have the ball deep in their own half
2 min: Roosters are on the attack out of their own half!
3 min: Roosters are on the attack through a 20 restart
4 min: Marshall kicks the ball across field in attack, the outside backs grab the ball but Sydney are able to shut him down. Roosters ball just metres from their line.
5 min: Roosters kick, it is touched by a rooster but deflects backwards! Beau Ryan picks it up and is tackled on the 40 metre line.
6 min: PENALTY: Tigers. Infringement in the ruck. Syd 0-1 WST
6 min: Woods settles the ball off a tap and the Tigers are on the attack 25 metres out.
7 min: Marshall puts a brilliant grubber in, Tupou from the Roosters beats Beau Ryan to the ball then beats him in a tackle, makes it back to the field of play but they drive him back in goal. Drop out Roosters.
8 min: Fulton goes flat to Galloway who nearly scores but is defended by some great defence
8 min: Another grubber is cleaned up by Daniel Tupou and makes it back to the field of play. Roosters ball 10 from their line.
9 min: Roosters clears the ball and Beau Ryan brings it to his 30
10 min: Koroibete, apart of the U20's team of the year, puts the ball down! Roosters scrum inside the Tigers half
11 min: Friend throws a terrible from dummy half, but the Tigers have knocked on first! Roosters scrum, 10 from the line. First attacking chance for the Sydney side.
12 min: VIDEO REF: Frank-Paul Nuuausala has reached out to ground the ball. Checking grounding.
13 min: TRY
Paul Mellor awards the Try to Frank-Paul Nuuausala with a try in the 12th minute. He was put through a yawning gap to reach out and score.
Sydney Roosters 6-0
13 min: Moltzen gets the game back underway! Roosters working it out of their half.
14 min: A high kick is put up by the Roosters but Utai shuts it down easily and has his team on the attack.
16 min: After a great attacking set from the Roosters, the Tigers manage to shut down the kick but the Roosters are winning the battle.
16 min: Iosefa tries to offload but the ball goes to ground. Roosters ball.
16 min: PENALTY: Roosters. High tackle. SYD 1-1 WST
17 min: Aubusson settles on the third, Roosters inside the Tigers 10.
20 min: TRY
Braith Anasta kicks across field, Daniel Tupou soars above the pack to be caught by Matt Utai before bending his body to plant the ball in the corner before going into touch. Anasta goes 2/2!
Sydney Roosters 12-0
20 min: PENALTY: Roosters. Out on the full after kick off. SYD 2-1 WST
21 min: Roosters on the attack inside the Tigers 20 metre zone
21 min: PENALTY: Roosters. Infringement in the play the ball. SYD 3-1 WST
21 min: The Roosters almost score but the attacker is held up by the defenders. Play the ball on the third tackle at the 10 metre line.
22 min: VIDEO REF: Kenny-Dowall has gone over and the ref is checking grounding.
24 min: TRY
Shaun Kenny-Dowall has caught a brilliant cross field bomb from Mitchell Pearce which sat up above Koroibete. Braith Anasta continues their point scoring with a conversion.
Sydney Roosters 18-0
24 min: PENALTY: Roosters. Not letting attacker play the ball. SYD 4-1 WST
25 min: Roosters tap the ball inside the Tigers half. Roosters on the charge.
25 min: VIDEO REF: The onslaught continues, with a rushing Tigers defence, Roosters have gone wide. Checking if Roger Tuivasa-Sheck stayed in field.
25 min: Tigers with a let off as Tuivasa-Sheck is put into touch. Scrum 10 metres out from their own line.
25 min: A mistake off the scrum has the Tigers kicking a drop out
28 min: TRY
Friend goes one pass off the ruck to Anasta who gives a short ball to Moga who squeezes his way through two defenders. Roosters punish Tigers and Anasta misses his conversion.
Sydney Roosters 22-0
29 min: Once again, the Tigers knock the ball on deep inside their half. They have completed 7 out of 11 sets and now the Rooters, who are 15/16 go on the attack.
31 min: Some good defence from Adam Blair who wraps up Jake Friend to force a change over, 5 metres from his line.
32 min: Marshall tries to put it into touch but Minichello snuffs out. Roosters on the attack in their own half.
32 min: PENALTY: Roosters. Grapple Tackle. SYD 5-1 WST
33 min: Roosters once again inside the Tigers 40.
33 min: VIDEO REF: Tupou may have scored, but the referee's are checking the whole passage.
35 min: TRY
After some razzle dazzle football from the Roosters, utilizing great dummy runners, has Jared Waerea-Hargreaves grubbering through for Daniel Tupou who beat all defenders to score. Anasta misses the conversion.
Sydney Roosters 26-0
36 min: Some sloppy last tackle attack from the Roosters has the Tigers playing the ball 45 out.
36 min: The Tigers have once again knocked it on. Roosters scrum halfway.
37 min: Roosters mess up their attack and the Tigers have some luck.
37 min: PENALTY: Tigers. Infringement in the ruck. SYD 5-2 WST
39 min: Koroibete goes for the corner but Mitchell Pearce and his men put him into touch. Roosters scrum 10 out from their own line.
40 min: Halftime it is. The Roosters have played a brilliant first half, while the Tigers are not fighting for their finals spot. Keep updated on twitter with @leagueunlimited .. Tweet us your thoughts and send us prediction for the second half.
40 min: We are back underway with the Tigers giving the Roosters the first use of the ball
40 min: Penalty: Roosters. Leg pull in play the ball. SYD 6-2 WST
42 min: VIDEO REF: Checking knock on and obstruction!
44 min: TRY
Daniel Tupou has come down with the ball, offloaded to Jared Waerea-Hargreaves who passed over head back into Pearce who steps his way over; after some doubt with a Minichello obstruction, but Anasta makes it 6 more points.
Sydney Roosters 32-0
44 min: Pearce attempts a 40/20 but Koroibete stops it and brings it back!
45 min: Something going the way of the Tigers, Tupou spilling the ball from a last tackle kick, scrum Tigers 30 metres out.
46 min: Marshall kicks the ball in goal and Tupou bats the ball dead. Drop out.
47 min: TRY
Benji Marshall dances around the field, gets around all Tigers defenders before cutting out to his winger, Koroibete who beat the Roosters rushing defence. Marshall misses the conversion.
Sydney Roosters 32-4
49 min: Tigers have some life into them now, full of attack, over halfway.
50 min: Video ref: Blake Ayshford claimed a try before the ball goes backwards, they will check that. The play went on and Benji cut them to bits to score off the next tackle. Paul Mellor to decide.
51 min: TRY
Ayshford is awarded the try as he scores a brilliant try. He managed to burrow his way through, hitting the ball at pace. Marshall misses.
Sydney Roosters 32-8
52 min: Junior Moors puts the ball down off kick off. drop out Tigers.
52 min: VIDEO REF: Paul Mellor getting a work out, as they check grounding for Daniel Tupou in the corner.
54 min: TRY
And the comeback is halted. Daniel Tupou has scored his third try of the afternoon after some more throw around footy. After the play was all but shut down, an offloaded sparked Pearce to throw a ball out to Tupou, who had to collect the ball behind him then power over in the corner. Try comes on the back of Moor's knock on. Anasta converts.
Sydney Roosters 38-8
55 min: Pearce nearly scores but they come back for a forward pass. Let off for Wests.
56 min: Roosters trying to gain more composure and score some tries. Working out of their own half.
57 min: Knock on from the Roosters. Scrum for the Tigers on their own 10 metre line.
58 min: Ellis throws a flick out the back but the Roosters get the ball back.
59 min: Tigers have the ball, can they make something from nothing? coming from their own line.
59 min: Penalty: Tigers. Infringement in the ruck. SYD 6-3 WST.
59 min: Penalty: Tigers. Offside. SYD 6-4 WST
60 min: Tigers on the attack inside the 10.
61 min: As the pressure builds, Ellis drops the ball, Roosters now working out from their line.
62 min: Beau Ryan takes the ball under immense pressure from his opposite number!
63 min: Tigers into the Roosters half
63 min: And Adam Blair puts it down as they attack the line. No luck for Wests
64 min: The crowd at Allianz today is 15,736!
64 min: Penalty: Roosters. SYD 7-4 WST
65 min: Video Ref: Martin Kennedy steam rolls down field, almost scores. Off the play the ball, Pearce goes over but gives it to Minichello who is celebrating his 250th game!
66 min: TRY
Martin Kennedy steam rolls down field, almost scores. Off the play the ball, Pearce goes over but gives it to Minichello who is celebrating his 250th game! Benji Marshall is also placed on report for a raised forearm. Anasta converts.
Sydney Roosters 44-8
67 min: Roosters still cutting the Tigers apart at will!
68 min: Tigers get the ball back and will attack from 45 metres out.
69 min: Marshall kicks low and flat across field but once again the Roosters shut it down. Nothing going for the Tigers.
70 min: A massive kick from the Roosters goes dead. 20 metre restart for the Tigers.
72 min: TRY
Chris Heighington, playing his 200th game, scores a try from good ball work. Marshall brings it across field before giving the ball to his inside man, who then plays hot potato before reaching Heighington who strolls over. Marshall converts.
Sydney Roosters 44-14
73 min: Tigers force a drop out. Too little, too late.
74 min: Lawrence almost scores but the Roosters defence is committed
75 min: Ayshford drops the ball. Roosters ball.
76 min: Sloppy last tackle options for the Roosters. Hand over.
77 min: Koroibete had a great chance to score but drops the ball. The Roosters will have a play the ball.
78 min: Roosters knock it on and the Tigers get a scrum inside the Roosters half.
79 min: Last minute penalty for the Tigers.
80 min: TRY
Marshall gives a great ball to a charging Murdoch who crashes over. Marshall converts and notches up his 1,000th point!
Sydney Roosters 44-20
80 min: And that is full time. What a game from the Roosters for #mini250 ! Tweet us your thoughts @leagueunlimited ! Thanks for joining us! SYD 44-20 WST

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