Breakaway Tours Official
Travel Partners for Rotterdam 9,s

The NNRLB have appointed Breakaway Tours from Rochdale England as the "Official Travel Partners" for the Rotterdam International League Nines to be held in Holland on Saturday 7th August 2004. Breakaway Tours today confirmed their interest in assisting the NNRLB with transport and accommodation for teams travelling to Rotterdam in what is the first International Nines competition to take place in the Netherlands. . Ian Thompson from the Dutch Rugby League is delighted to have secured the services of John Wroe and the company . "John and Breakaway Tours have years of experience in the sports travel industry and NNRLB feel that by adding the Rotterdam Nines to Breakaway Tours agenda, will be of great benefit to both organisations. John has been a great help to us already with his knowledge of team travel and the NNRLB are looking forward to working alongside him to make these nines a resounding success." Already official travel partners for the York and Lezignon Nines , Breakaway Tours will arrange all the travel and accommodation for clubs therefore allowing the members to concentrate on enjoying the weekend.. Entries are starting to coming in for the tournament to be hosted by Sunergy/Rotterdam RFC and the NNRLB are confident of reaching the sixteen team target they have set. Interest has come from all corners of the globe, from newly formed Federations to the more established teams and it all reads for a very interesting Nines tournament. The West Indies RL where one of the first to confirm their participation and along with their applications to compete in other Nines competitions this summer, the new Federation look like they have a busy schedule in front of them. At least three Dutch clubs have also confirmed they will be taking part, with two more discussing the possibility this week at board level,which shows the NNRLB are starting to attract the attention of people in the Netherlands. All teams will be announced in February but the NNRLB can state that five different countries have representatives in the tournament with at least three more nations talking to the NNRLB about sending teams ,making it a truly International competition. "One area which we have yet to get clubs from "explains Thompson " is the UK. We have had lots of enquiries but as yet only one entry form has been returned from UK based teams,With Holland just a stones throw from the what is the top Rugby League playing country in the Northern Hemisphere this has surprised us a little.

We have set the date just before the winter season gets under way and are looking at clubs to use the weekend as a pre-season run out with the added bonus of team building ,in what every one knows is a great country to visit. With Breakaway Tours now able to help clubs with their arrangements we are still hopeful that some British clubs will make the effort to cross the North sea to assist us in what is a very important stage of our development"