Brisbane Broncos 2012 Season Review

The Good: Life after Lockyer began strongly, as Brisbane recorded seven wins from eight starts to set themselves up as early premiership contenders.

At their best, the Broncos focused on playing a simple forward oriented game where they would use their power through the middle and on the fringes to shut their opponents out of the game. It wasn't the most glamorous approach to football, but it suited an inexperience Broncos spine that was trying to develop new combinations.

Corey Norman had the daunting task of filling in for Lockyer and showed some really positive signs at the start of the season. Despite the weight of expectations, Norman played a controlled brand that took advantage of his strengths which included his long distance kicking game and running game. By Round 7 it appeared to be paying dividends as Norman spear-headed a 30-6 assault of the Raiders in what was seemingly a coming of age performance.

Other young guns such as Josh McGuire, Andrew McCullough and Alex Glenn displayed development in their own games while veteran centre Justin Hodges enjoyed one of the finest seasons of his career. 

Arguably the most satisfying aspect of 2012 was the return of Petero Civoniceiva. In the twilight of his career, Civoniceiva still had some strong carries in him and the opportunity to retire at the club he loves was a special moment for all involved.

The Bad: It doesn