Brisbane clinch rare away victory over listless Sharks

Brisbane get a rare post origin victory, with a 20-4 win over Cronulla.

In a dour game which never reached many heights, Brisbane were the first on the scoreboard in the 29th minute after a two on one strip produced a penalty, duly slotted by Corey Parker. Israel Falou scored on the stroke of halftime to make the advantage six.

The Sharks needed to get on the board first but their constant errors and erratic ends to sets allowed Brisbane fullback Josh Hoffman to spin through the line and set up captain Darren Lockyer for their second.

Cronulla finally got on the board in the 57th minute after some nice hands led Tautai to fall over the line but Nathan Gardener shanked the conversion to keep their defiect to eight and that would be as close as the game would get.

Both teams would engage in an arm wrestle with neither team taking advantage of the degeneration of the game. A WWE style clothesline from Trent Barrett allows Corey Parker to step up and kick a second penalty to put the game beyond the Sharks reach. A length of the field job again by the Broncos backline and finished by Antonion Winterstein made the final scoreline 20-4.

Match Details
Cronulla Sutherland Sharks 4 were defeated by Brisbane Broncos 20
National Rugby League - NRL - Round 12 - Saturday May 29, 2010 5:30pm
Venue: Toyota Stadium
Referee: Gavin Badger and Gerard Sutton
Video Referee: Bill Harrigan
Touch Judges: Steve Chiddy and Luke Potter
Crowd: 7,826
Halftime: Cronulla Sutherland Sharks 0 Brisbane Broncos 6 players of the match:
3 Points - Darren Lockyer (1 Try)
2 Points - Josh Hoffman
1 Point - Israel Folau (1 Try)

Cronulla Sutherland Sharks (4)
Tries: Taulima Tautai
Conversions: Nathan Gardner (0/1)

Brisbane Broncos (20)
Tries: Darren Lockyer, Antonio Winterstein, Israel Folau
Conversions: Corey Parker (2/3)
Penalty Goals: Corey Parker (2/2) Live Commentary Welcome to a wet and windy Toyota Park for tonight's clash between Cronula and Brisbane. Earlier in the u20 Brisbane held on in a points fest 34-30.
Cronulla are 1 through to 17 but there are two changes for Brisbane, Nick Kenny is injured and replaced by Aston Sims also Andrew McCullough is starting with Ben Hunt going back to the bench.
1 min: Gavin Badger calls time on as Darren Lockyer boots the ball.
2 min: Corey Parker makes the first error of the game in his own half, giving Cronulla an early attacking set.
3 min: Tautai runs into a hole off a Gallen short ball but it hit's his shoulder and goes forward.
10 min: Both teams just completing their sets and getting to the kick at the moment.
11 min: Josh Hoffman knocks on after six again is called by Badger . Sharks off the hook.
13 min: Trent Barrett is in the right place at the right time, intercepting a Setu offload to end their attacking raid.
18 min: A horrible end to the set there with Tim Smith kicking the ball dead after Tupou make a huge break down the right.
19 min: Cronulla get the first penalty of the game after Gardener is collared high. They'll start the set on their own 40.
22 min: Sam Thaiday earns the Broncos their first penalty after a Barrett high shot but it's spilled a few tackles later.
24 min: It's turning into a game of dropsies with several errors in the last few minutes.
27 min: Tautai drops a high pass with Yow Yeh barrelling down on him.
A two on one strip similar to Wednesday night's try is ruled a penalty. Broncos opt for the penalty goal and Parker gets the Broncos on the board.
Brisbane Broncos 2-0
32 min: Ben Te'o puts a nice hit on Gardener who was running the ball back.
33 min: Tim Smith butchers a certain try after Trent Barrett chips, regathers and juggles the ball.
35 min: Barrett is hit with a solid rib tickler and drops it cold, Lockyer offloads it to Falou who goes close!
36 min: Brisbane get Tim Smith syndrome with a bad kick on the last.
39 min: Smith gets tackled on 4th and Gordon takes it from dummy-half and tries a chip kick which lands safely in Bronco hands.
40 min: Possible try for Israel Falou...
40 min: TRY
Broncos strike on halftime! Lockyer kicks it for Falou who forges his way over. Parker hits the upright and we go into halftime 6-0.
Brisbane Broncos 6-0
41 min: Cronulla resume the hostilites for the second half.
42 min: Matt Gillet with the best tackle a man can get stopping the speedster Gordon. Cronulla run the ball on the last but Gardener is caught.
43 min: Israel tries his hand at passing but Yow Yeh can't catch it and it goes over the sideline.
45 min: A nice option on the last by Smith who grubbers through and forces Brisbane to drop it out.
46 min: Gallen loses the ball ending the Sharks attacking opportunity.
47 min: The offloads are coming thick and fast for Cronulla but they keep going to ground which isn't helping.
48 min: The game has degenerated a tad, with some errors creeping in.
51 min: TRY
Spin and fend by Hoffman gets him through the line, at the last man he draws and passes to Lockyer who runs in a simple try. Corey Parker boots the conversion easily.
Brisbane Broncos 12-0
54 min: Alex Glenn tries the impossible to score but he knocks it on, Cronulla get an easy march back to the 20.
55 min: Sam Thaiday concedes a penalty for a two on one strip, if only they called that on Wednesday!
57 min: TRY
Sharks are on the board! John Morris puts Luke Douglas through a hole but his brought down , a quick play the ball gets it to Tautai who just falls over the line. A shocker by Gardener who misses the conversion.
Brisbane Broncos 12-4
63 min: Cronulla try to spread it wide early in the count but Wright drops it.
64 min: Possible try here to Yow Yeh..
64 min: NO TRY! Goal line drop-out here for the Broncos as it came off Gordon first into Falou.
66 min: Another set on the goal line here for the Broncos as a Sharks player illegally blocked Falou.
68 min: Obstruction penalty here, giving the Sharks a chance to give us a grandstand finish.
69 min: Tautai tries kicking early again and luckily gets a result as Gordon smashes Hoffman into touch.
70 min: A first man play here or Cronulla doesn't come off and the Broncos start their way downfield.
72 min: A forward pass by Tim Smith yet again ends the attacking raid after the backs made some serious inroads.
74 min: Not a happy night for Tautai besides the try with another dropped ball.
76 min: Trent Barrett with a WWE inspired clothesline gets a penalty, Broncos elect to take the two!
Parker slots the easy two..
Brisbane Broncos 14-4
78 min: A forward pass by the Broncos gives Sharks a faint chance for a comeback.
80 min: TRY
Tim Smith ends a night he'll wanna forget with a kick straight into Hoffman who sets off downfield. His caught by Gordon but on the next play, it's kicked out to Winterstein who scores an easy try. Corey Parker kicks it and it's fulltime with Brisbane running out winners.
Brisbane Broncos 20-4

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