Brisbane hang on as Warriors finish fast

The Brisbane Broncos have defeated the New Zealand Warriors 10-8 in front of 32,148 fans who braved the cold condition. The rain did not let up, and neither did the defence of both sides, who ensured everyone was treated to a thriller.

Corey Norman was the first to cross the white stripe with a grubber kick. He placed the kick through which tempted Warriors dummy half Nathan Friend to play at the ball as the deflection caused all the defenders to be beaten. The Broncos took a 6-0 lead. Moments later that lead was expanded to 8 after 2 consecutive penalties against the Warriors saw Corey Parker take the penalty goal.

Following two consecutive drop outs for the Warriors, Ben Matulino set up the Warriors' first try with a damaging run into the 20 metre zone. Shaun Johnson swept behind his man before giving the ball out the back to a sweeping Kevin Locke who beat three defenders to score out wide. James Maloney missed the conversion but the pressure built helped close the gap to four.

After a back and forth effort from both sides, the Warriors halves combined to force a total of four drop outs. The Broncos then cracked as Nathan Friend managed to take an offload from a big forward to create space for Manu Vatuvei. James Maloney could not put the warriors in front as his kick hit the up rights and waved away as the game remained 8-8.

The first half came to an interesting end with a few penalties going against the Broncos who were also marched ten metres for backchat. On the back of that, James Maloney had a shot at the penalty goal but it was missed and the score remained 8-8 at half-time.

The first 15 minutes of the second half was an all out affair. Both sides could not break each other and it turned into a battle of the kick returns. In the 53rd minute the Warriors finally broke and the Broncos were able to convert that into points in the form of a penalty goal. After a bruising opening term, which included Sam Thaiday being collected by a Manu Vatuvei knee during a ball contest, the game then reverted back into a grind.

Both sides were unable to break the line with multiple drop outs, 20 metre restarts and good kick returns being conducted. The Warriors finally found space and got some luck in the 74th minute earning a scrum 10 from the Broncos line but Ben Matulino dropped the ball cold to end their charge.

An amazing last ditch effort by the Warriors was exciting, but, unsuccessful as the Broncos sealed the win. Shaun Johnson put a great kick across field to Manu Vatuvei who screamed down the sideline, only to be stopped by Josh Hoffman. But, Manu was able to offload to James Maloney who put in a second kick, 30 metres from the Broncos line, but the ball was batted dead by the Broncos cover, JUST beating the Warriors attackers.

The Warriors will now try and recover against the Newcastle Knights next week at Mt. Smart Stadium, while Brisbane will travel to the Gold Coast to take on the Titans at Skilled Park.

Match Details
Brisbane Broncos 10 defeated New Zealand Warriors 8
National Rugby League - Round 19 - Friday July 13, 2012 7:30pm
Venue: Suncorp Stadium
Referee: Ben Cummins and Chris James
Video Referee: Chris Ward
Touch Judges: Steve Carrall and Michael Wise
Crowd: 32,148
Halftime: Brisbane Broncos 8 New Zealand Warriors 8 players of the match:
3 Points - Andrew McCullough
2 Points - James Maloney
1 Point - Josh Hoffman

Tries: Corey Norman
Conversions: Corey Parker (1/1)
Penalty Goals: Corey Parker (2/2)

Tries: Manu Vatuvei, Kevin Locke
Conversions: James Maloney (0/2)
Penalty Goals: James Maloney (0/1) Live Commentary Welcome to Suncorp Stadium for the Broncos v Warriors encounter. Both sides are 1-17 and the New Zealand Warriors U20 squad has won 38-22 over the Broncos U20 squad. We are not far from kick off.
Both sides are onto the field and the Broncos will give the ball to the Warriors for the first use.
1 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Warriors. Hand on the ball. Brisbane 1-1 New Zealand.
1 min: The warriors are inside the Brisbane 20
1 min: Alex Glenn has made a try saving tackle on Lewis Brown just metres from the line. Broncos scrum 10 metres out.
2 min: Good metres from the Broncos as they make it over their 40 metre line on the fourth tackle. Norman then clears the ball but Kevin Locke is aware and takes the kick on the full. He is tackled on the 30 metre line.
3 min: The Warriors are into the Broncos half.
3 min: The Warriors have knocked it on during a kick contest, before a Bronco also knocked it on. Play the ball Broncos 20 metre line.
4 min: Wallace puts the ball up and Vatuvei takes the ball with a juggle. The defence then drives him within a metre from the try line.
5 min: James Maloney clears the ball and Josh Hoffman is able to return the ball over the halfway line. Broncos on the attack.
6 min: VIDEO REF: A smart grubber from Corey Norman has wronged the Warriors defence. The grounding is being checked.
8 min: TRY
Corey Norman puts in a sneaky grubber that beats all the Warriors defence into the in goal. Corey Parker converts.
Brisbane Broncos 6-0
8 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Broncos. Offside at kick off. Brisbane 1-1 New Zealand.
8 min: Sam Thaiday takes the first run inside the Warriors half. They are 30 from the line.
8 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Brisbane. Brisbane 2-1 Warriors. Shot at goal to be taken.
Easy conversion to put Brisbane ahead by 8.
Brisbane Broncos 8-0
10 min: Petro takes the first run off the kick off.
11 min: The Warriors will receive a 20 metre tap after the Broncos kick the ball dead in goal.
12 min: Maloney puts the kick down field, which manages to sit in goal and the Warriors drive the Broncos in goal. Drop out.
13 min: Johnson puts a kick behind the defence but the Warriors will get another drop out.
14 min: A big run from Ben Matulino takes the Warriors into the 20 of the Broncos off the first tackle
16 min: TRY
Matulino and Russell Packer take two brilliant runs as Kevin Locke slices through the Broncos defence to score. Maloney misses.
Brisbane Broncos 8-4
17 min: After a falcon on the last, and a bit of confusion, the broncos have the ball inside the Warriors half.
19 min: The Broncos put up an attacking raid but Alex Glenn knocks it on. 20 metre tap Warriors.
19 min: Warriors are into the Broncos half. And the rain is pouring,
19 min: Another kick is deflected by a Bronco and the Broncos have the ball in great field position once again.
20 min: A third tackle kick from Peter Wallace see's Kevin Locke JUST get out of the in goal.
20 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Warriors. Not releasing tackled player. Brisbane 2-2 New Zealand. Tap on the 40 metre line.
21 min: Warriors are now into the Broncos half
21 min: James Maloney kicks across field, a Warrior bats it back to Shaun Johnson who dummies and the Broncos tackle him. Broncos play the ball 2 metres from the line.
22 min: A great try saving tackle by the Warriors on Alex Glenn.
23 min: Vatuvei makes a nervous catch just metres from his line.
23 min: Maloney puts in another low kick, Hoffman grabs the ball and charges 18 metres from his line.
23 min:
25 min: A brilliant chip out of half see's McCullough kick a 40/20. Scrum Broncos on the 20.
26 min: Wallace attempts to put a kick through but the Warriors player stops it with his foot, but Wallace then knocks on. Scrum Warriors 10 metres.
27 min: A forward pass inside their own 10 gives the Broncos a scrum.
29 min: Wallace chips across the field, the ball goes dead and the Warriors have a 20 metre tap.
29 min: Shaun Johnson puts in a fourth tackle kick and Hoffman is stopped inside his 10.
30 min: Norman clears the ball and Locke brings it back to his 30.
30 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Warriors. Strip. Brisbane 2-3 New Zealand.
31 min: Another drop out will be given to the Warriors.
32 min: Warriors have the ball 20 out from the Broncos line.
36 min: TRY
Some brilliant work from the Warriors as Nathan Friend unselfishly passed to Vatuvei who scores in the corner. Maloney misses off the post.
8 all
36 min: Brisbane knocks the ball on 40 metres from the Warriors' line. Scrum Warriors.
38 min: Warriors are into the Broncos half
38 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Warriors. Offside. Brisbane 2-4 New Zealand. Broncos were then marched 10 for back chat. Shot at goal 28 metres from goal.
Maloney misses the penalty goal as the half-time siren sounds.
8 all
40 min: What do you think of the match so far? Tell us! Tweet us @leagueunlimited #NRLbriwar
40 min: Rain still persistently falling as the Warriors kick down to the Broncos.
40 min: Norman puts up a mid field bomb and Manu Vatuvei takes the catch easily.
41 min: Maloney clears the ball and Hoffman takes the ball of a bounce and returns the ball to his 30 metre line.
42 min: Broncos into the Warriors half
42 min: Wallace stabs it down field, but Locke gets the ball 5 from his line.
42 min: Warriors knock it on. Zero tackle and the Broncos have the ball 20 from the line.
43 min: Norman grubbers the ball in but Maloney collects it and gets back into the field of play.
44 min: A big kick fro Shaun Johnson on the fourth tackle sees Hoffman tackled on his 20 metre line.
44 min: Good running from McCullough to get them into the Warriors half but a forward pass is thrown on the last 46 min: Maloney kicks the ball on the third but the ball goes into touch. Scrum Broncos 10 out.
47 min: Broncos are into the Warriors half
47 min: Wallace puts a kick up but Manu Vatuvei takes a leaping catch. Sam Thaiday is down injured and both camps are concerned.
47 min: Sam Thaiday has been hit in the jaw by Manu Vatuvei's knee mid air.
47 min: Sam Thaiday has come from the field. The game is back underway.
48 min: Maloeny kicks from his 40 metre line, and Hoffman takes the ball into the Warriors defence at the 20
49 min: Wallace runs the ball, passes to Gillett but Alex Glenn is pulled down. Hand over.
50 min: On the last, Shaun Johnson tries to kick into touch, Glenn is taken 10 from his line.
51 min: Norman takes his time but Locke is still able to snuff out his kick. Locke is tackled on the 20
51 min: Maloney puts a mid field bomb up and Hoffman comfortably takes it again. Tackled on the 20.
52 min: Wallace kicks the ball low but Locke is still able to grab it. It is a battle of the fullbacks at the moment.
53 min: Massive defence from the Broncos as they drive the Warriors back.
53 min: Knock on Warriors.
53 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Broncos. Holding down. Brisbane 3-4 New Zealand. Shot at goal to be taken.
Parker puts the Broncos ahead.
Brisbane Broncos 10-8
56 min: A bomb from Norman has Vautvei catching the ball in the air on his 10.
57 min: A big kick from the Warriors and the Broncos have a twenty metre restart.
58 min: Norman puts it down and Locke does well to get it back out to the 10 metre line.
59 min: Some big Broncos defence has the Warriors kicking from inside their own 40 through Maloney. Hoffman takes it on the full and returns to his 40.
59 min: Broncos into the Warriors half
59 min: After a line break Wallace loses the ball and gives it back to the Warriors.
60 min: On the last, Johnson puts up a massive bomb, and Hoffman makes a meal of it. Drop out Broncos.
62 min: Johnson puts in a brilliant little kick as the Warriors receive yet another drop out.
63 min: The Warriors have lost the ball through Manu Vatuvei and the Broncos are now working it away.
64 min: Wallace clears and Kevin Locke brings it back 33 metres.
64 min: Warriors into the Broncos half
64 min: Maloney's kick goes dead in goal and the Broncos have a twenty metre tap.
65 min: Hodges has lost the ball on halfway. Warriors now into the Broncos half.
66 min: Broncos then play at a Warriors kick. New set.
67 min: Johnson puts a grubber in, but the ball is JUST too big. 20 tap for the Broncos.
67 min: Broncos into Warrior half
68 min: Early kick by Wallace and Omar Slaimankhel cuts the Broncos to shreds on the return. The Warriors are now into the Broncos half.
68 min: Maloney's kick goes out on the full. Broncos ball.
69 min: Hunt kicks dead in goal from dummy half and the Warriors have a 20 metre tap
70 min: Warriors are into the Broncos half
71 min: Johnson puts a high kick up and Hoffman takes the ball. He is tackled inside his 10.
72 min: A kick from Norman goes straight down the throat of Locke who is tackled on the 40
72 min: Warriors are into the Broncos half
72 min: The Warriors go down the sideline, create an overlap and Tupou kicks the ball down, with Hoffman playing at the ball and the Warriors get a scrum 10 metres out.
74 min: Warriors on the attack inside the 10 metre zone
74 min: Ben Matulino has dropped the ball. Scrum 10 out for the Broncos.
75 min: Wallace grubbers but it goes dead. 20 restart for Warriors.
77 min: Shaun Johnson puts it high but Josh Hoffman once again catches the ball.
77 min: All players are looking tired as Wallace kicks down field but Locke has the ball and is tackled on his 10 metre line.
78 min: Hoffman takes the ball on his 30, defusing pressure.
79 min: The Warriors have the last play!
80 min: An amazing last period of play has the Broncos win! Johnson kicks across field, Manu Vatuvei collected the ball, offloaded to Maloney who then put another kick into the in goal, and then finally the ball is batted dead with the Warriors really threatening. Good game. Broncos win by 2.

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