Brisbane Hunt down Eels

Rugby League is a game of consequences. Take your chances and you will be rewarded, keeping in mind that chances can sometimes be hard to come by.

The Broncos took this mentality to the field and produced 7 tries for their efforts with Karmichael Hunt grabbing a hat-trick in a phenomenal performance.

The match started the way Parramatta supporters hoped it wouldn't with Fuifui Moimoi losing the ball from the kickoff and with Brisbane scrambling it away to find a try. They went close when Joel Clinton went searching for his 7th try of his first-grade career but got called back.

Brisbane eventually scored off a play from a scrum. Darren Lockyer found Justin Hodges on the right side and he broke through two tackles to open the scoring on 6 minutes. Corey Parker added a conversion and Brisbane were comfortably ahead by 6.

Parramatta decided to try an aerial raid which produced barely anything except when Jarryd Hayne nearly scrambled the ball over the line for a try. They eventually found themselves countering beautifully with an offload from Kris Keating, but play was called back after it was ruled that Luke Burt had given Justin Hodges a slight push in the back before grounding the ball.

Karmichael Hunt then made his presence felt with an outstanding dummy and step for his first try of the night and a 10-0 lead for the Broncos after nearly 20 minutes. Corey Parker again added a conversion to increase the lead to 12.

The Eels again continued their aerial raids off the boots of both Kris Keating and Feleti Mateo but the Broncos held firm. The patient Broncos went in for another score after Peter Wallace grubbered for a gliding Antonio Winterstein and a three try to nil advantage.

Giving up was not on the Parramatta agenda though as they camped down deep in the Brisbane half for the rest of first stanza. They found no way through after several sets and some messy finishing. Joel Reddy and Jarryd Hayne both went close but neither of them could open their team's account.

The second half began with the Eels finishing off a great set but Brisbane decided to counterattack. They were nearly over when Darren Lockyer was caught short after some great linking from Justin Hodges and Karmichael Hunt. The Broncos again held their composure and Lockyer sent Nick Kenny over through some weak Parramatta defence to give his side a massive advantage on the scoreboard.

Parramatta ignored the 22 point deficit and attacked. On the 50th minute their patience was rewarded with Kris Keating finding debutant Etu Uaisele with a nicely weighted punt. Luke Burt missed an easy conversion but the Eels were feeling a little bit better about life at 22-4.

Jeff Robson then took an offload from Feleti Mateo and sent Taulima Tautai in for what was a try on the back of some brilliant backline play from the Eels. Luke Burt missed his second conversion but some felt a comeback was on the cards.

Etu Uaisele was first to really feel the brunt of some aggressive Broncos defence and was helped from the field after concussion. This proved to be the turning point as the Broncos opened the game up and Hunt went over for his second try on the back of a move from a scrum. Hunt's try and Parker's conversion gave the Broncos a 28-8 lead.

Brisbane's play exuded confidence and adventure for the rest of the match. This was soon evident in what was one of the tries of the year. Lockyer backed himself to run on the fifth tackle and passed to Hodges who was supporting him on his right. Hodges then broke downfield and passed inside to Hunt for his third try.

At 34-8 the Broncos were already thinking about putting their feet up, except for Karmichael Hunt who held up a pass for Israel Folau to crash onto and score to give Brisbane a 40-8 lead after Parker kicked his 6th conversion from 7 attempts.

The Broncos backs were absolutely devastating and it would not be surprising to see a few of them lace up their boots at Etihad Stadium on the 3rd of June.

Match Details Brisbane Broncos 40 def Parramatta Eels 8 Round 7 - Friday April 24th, 2009 7:35pm Venue: Suncorp Stadium Referee: Jared Maxwell & Brett Suttor Sideline: Gavin Reynolds & Steve Carrall Video: Russell Smith Crowd: 30,887 Halftime: Broncos 16 Eels 0 Brisbane Broncos 40 Tries: Karmichael Hunt (3), Justin Hodges, Antonio Winterstein, Nick Kenny, Israel Folau Goals: Corey Parker (6/7) Parramatta Eels 8 Tries: Etu Uaisele, Taulima Tautai Goals: Luke Burt (0/2) Player of the Match 3 Points: Karmichael Hunt (Broncos) 2 Points: Darren Lockyer (Broncos) 1 Point: Jarryd Hayne (Eels) Live Commentary BRONCOS: 1. Karmichael Hunt 2. Antonio Winterstein 3. Steve Michaels 4. Justin Hodges 5. Israel Folau 6. Darren Lockyer (c) 7. Peter Wallace 8. Nick Kenny 9. Andrew McCullough 10. Joel Clinton 11. Sam Thaiday 12. Ashton Sims 13. Corey Parker Interchange: 14. Aaron Gorrell 15. Palmer Wapau 16. Josh McGuire 17. Alex Glen EELS: 1. Luke Burt 2. Etu Uaisele 3. Jarryd Hayne 4. Taulima Tautai 5. Joel Reddy 6. Feleti Mateo 7. Kris Keating 8. Nathan Cayless 9. Matthew Keating 10. Fuifui Moimoi 11. Nathan Hindmarsh 12. Ben Smith 13. Todd Lowrie Interchange: 14. Jeff Robson 15. Weller Hauraki 16. Tim Mannah 19. Joe Galuvao

Welcome to a cool, dry Suncorp Stadium where we're all waiting for what hopes to be a great match after last year's encounter between the Broncos and the Eels. We're about 15 minutes away from kickoff. So stay seated, maybe get a cold drink and join us for Friday night football!

1st min: Lockyer kicks off and the Eels start running right off the blocks but iit's lost by Fuifui Moimoi! Bad start for the Eels!

2nd min: Andrew McCullough dummies to his right and then goes to his left the ball finds Joel Clinton running from deep! Here he goes! Over! But has Nathan Hindmarsh held him up? We'll go upstairs...

3rd min: A penalty is awarded to the Eels and they can clear their lines here. Huge sigh of relief.

4th min: Feleti Mateo bombs it up high! Huge kick! The Broncos are scrappy at the back and Jarryd Hayne gets it but loses it over the line!

5th min: The Broncos spread the ball wide with Lockyer and Hunt combining. Side to side stuff here but it looks dangerous. They go to the left and Michaels is taken into touch.

6th min: TRY Brisbane Broncos The Broncos have the scrum after the ball came off an Eels player. They go wide again. Lockyer gives it on to Hodges! Great ball! Hodges breaks through Tautai and Reddy and in he goes! The Broncos have opened the scoring. Conversion attempt by Corey Parker successful. Brisbane Broncos 6-0

8th min: Scrappy play from the kickoff but the Broncos recover well. Lockyer kicks it from the 40 and it finds Luke Burt on the full on his own 20. The Eels try to make it downfield and then lose it again. The Broncos will have the scrum on halfway.

10th min: Karmichael Hunt backs himself but just comes up short and loses it. The Eels have another chance to get out of their half.

11th min: Mateo tries another bomb as the Eels play it on the 40 metre line inside the Brisbane half. The kick is easily taken by Karmichael Hunt. The Eels needed a better chase there.

13th min: Luke Burt puts it up high. Another high kick here but Hayne takes it and thrusts it backwards! The Eels kick it forward and it's getting a little scrappy here. The Broncos recover and get a penalty. Great field position here and they'll attack just inside their own half.

14th min: Hunt grubbers inside the Eels' 20. It comes off Kris Keating and off he goes! He's got Reddy with him on his left! He bursts down the touchline! He's being chased down and finds Tautai! He kicks it ahead and Hodges is chasing too! He gets infront of Burt and tries to knock it dead but Burt gets it down! Breathless stuff here! Is it a try? Going upstairs...

15th min: No try. Luke Burt pushed Justin Hodges in the back there. The Broncos clear it to the 20.

17th min: Hunt goes down the shortside and finds Folau who's in open space! He runs away but Hunt is taken out in support! Penalty to the Broncos.

18th min: TRY Brisbane Broncos Hunt dummies to his right and steps after taking a deep pass! Beautiful step onto the left foot! Here's a try! Look at those ankles! Magnificent individual effort! Conversion attempt by Corey Parker successful. Brisbane Broncos 12-0

20th min: Nathan Cayless hits Joel Clinton high off the kick off. Cardinal sin by the Eels skipper here and the Broncos will have a piggyback up field. 4 penalties given away by the Eels now.

22nd min: Kris Keating goes for another high kick after Mateo makes it up to the halfway line. It's gone out on the full!

23rd min: Lockyer passes it onto Wapau on the inside. Lockyer goes again to Thaiday and he goes it but is held up and tries to offload. It gets messy and Reddy comes up with it. Lucky for the Eels there.

25th min: TRY Brisbane Broncos Darren Lockyer goes to his left and finds Peter Wallace. He stabs the kick through! Chasing is Antonio Winterstein! He slides in under the ball and dots it down! Conversion attempt by Corey Parker unsuccessful. Brisbane Broncos 16-0

27th min: Josh McGuire takes the kickoff and is met heavily but stands his ground. The Broncos run it up and Lockyer kicks it on the last, just inside his own half. Reddy takes it to the left of his goalposts and runs it back. The Eels will need a good set here after some poor completions.

29th min: The Broncos take it inside the Eels' half. Hunt kicks it off the side of his boot and it finds Reddy but the Eels lose it! No! It's a penalty! Lucky for the Eels there.

30th min: The Eels play it on the 30 metre line inside the Brisbane half and Kris Keating again goes to the air but it's gobbled up by Israel Folau.

31st min: Wallace kicks it on the last just on halfway but it's caught by Luke Burt on the full.

33rd min: Here goes Fuifui Moimoi! Bursting away! The big guy has Hunt running across but he just gives him 'the big don't argue'. He looks angry! Kris Keating kicks across field but it's cleaned up by Michaels. The Eels will have another set. Great chance here for the Eels.

35th min: The Eels attack again. They've set up camp for a while in the Brisbane half here! Kris Keating again goes to the air! Jarryd Hayne jumps up high! Has he grounded it? Again another wonderful jump and catch from Hayne!

36th min: No try! Unlucky for Hayne after a great effort.

37th min: Here they go again the Eels! Kris Keating finds an overlap on his left and fires it away! Tautai gets it but throws a pass along the ground to Reddy and he puts it down on the line untouched and in vain.

38th min: The Eels run it out of their half down the right touchline with Jarryd Hayne! He gets it to the halfway and the Eels play it inside! Penalty infront of the posts for the Eels on the last tackle. Jarryd Hayne gets it and tries to burrow over but he's held up.

39th min: Kris Keating has it on the last and he grubbers ahead but it's gone too far. Daniel Anderson must be tearing his hair out. Poor play there. The Broncos will have the chance to run it back before the halftime buzzer.

40th min: The Broncos break out of their half and Hodges is caught as the halftime buzzer goes.

Halftime in Brisbane with the Broncos leading by 16 points to nil over a disappointing Eels team. The Broncos have taken all their chances and have been rewarded with the only points. The Eels have shown the effort but it hasn't given them any points. Their skill and option taking has been underpar but their is some promise. Can the Eels draw this one back similar to the effort of the Warriors last week? Or will the Broncos really get a roll on? We'll see you in a few minutes.

The Eels will be kicking off for the secondhalf.

41st min: Josh McGuire takes the ball up. The Broncos go through the motions here and make it up to just short of the halfway line and Lockyer kicks it down the middle to Luke Burt.

42nd min: The Eels play it in good field position here and Feleti Mateo once again takes it from first receiver and kicks it up high across the field but it's easily fielded. Not a great kick but a good set for the Eels as the Broncos run it out of their half.

43rd min: The Eels counterattack here and Feleti Mateo ghosts through and offloads to Todd Lowrie but he loses it forward. The Broncos will have the feed here on their own 40. Mateo really pushed that pass and really didn't need to.

44th min: Glenn plays it on the 40 metre line inside the Parramatta half. Lockyer cuts out to Hodges! Inside it goes to Hunt! Now back to Lockyer! He's stopped just short and isn't looking too good. he took a boot from Hindmarsh by accident there. The Broncos will have a penalty anyway.

45th min: TRY Brisbane Broncos Lockyer gets to his feet and the Broncos tap it just short of the Parramatta line. Lockyer goes short to Nick Kenny! The big fella crosses the whitewash untouched! He loved that! It's not looking good for the Eels here. Conversion attempt by Corey Parker successful. Brisbane Broncos 22-0

48th min: The Eels get into the Brisbane half. Kris Keating kicks it beautifully and it sits up for Antonio Winterstein who's caught. Wonderful kick and the Eels will have another set from a dropout.

50th min: TRY Parramatta Eels Kris Keating has it on the last. He kicks to his right and Etu Uaisele takes it! Puts it down! Try on debut for the Fijian international and first try of the night for the Eels! Conversion attempt by Luke Burt unsuccessful. Brisbane Broncos 22-4

52nd min: The Eels are looking more direct now and make some good ground. Luke Burt kicks on the last and it goes in between Winterstein and Hunt just in front of their goalposts. Winterstein runs it back.

54th min: TRY Parramatta Eels Jeff Robson goes for a run after taking an offload from Mateo! He dummies and finds Tautai! Tautai's going to go in on the left side! Another try for the Eels! Wonderful running and support work! Conversion attempt by Luke Burt unsuccessful. Brisbane Broncos 22-8

56th min: The pressure is on Brisbane now as the Eels get a penalty and play it close to the Broncos' line. Robson goes close. The pass is given off to Kris Keating but it flies past him backwards and the Eels lose 10 metres. The Broncos will have the ball back.

58th min: Uaisele takes it up and gets smashed! He loses it and Peter Wallace tries to take advantage but he loses it too! Uaisele gets to his feet gingerly and is helped off after it's believed he's been concussed. That looked ugly. The Broncos will have the scrum on the Parramatta 20.

59th min: TRY Brisbane Broncos Peter Wallace feeds the scrum as Brisbane set up another raid. Karmichael Hunt breaks through some soft defense! Wonderful straight run and a try! His second for the night! That'll hurt the Eels. Conversion attempt by Corey Parker successful. Brisbane Broncos 28-8

61st min: Nick Kenny offloads to Aaron Gorrell and he gives it on the Lockyer after the Broncos receive the kickoff. They make some good yards and kick downfield. The Eels try to run it out but some loose passing sees them go backwards.

63rd min: Brisbane go wide and run it out of their half but Hodges drops it cold and the Eels regain possession. They attack but Ben Smith loses it backwards. The Broncos get it back and Jarryd Hayne tackles Steve Michaels high. Penalty to the Broncos.

65th min: Lockyer links up with Hodges. Hodges finds Hunt! He tries to flick it out to Folau but it's gone out! So close again! The Eels will have a scrum.

67th min: The Broncos work it out of their half again and make 40 metres. Lockyer kicks it straight down the throat of Hayne. He runs it back but the Eels eventually cough it up. Brisbane will have a scrum feed just inside the Parramatta half.

69th min: Peter Wallace tries another grubber again after a dummy to his left! Perfectly weighted for Winterstein! Oh, he's missed it! Parramatta will have a tap and then they get a penalty to set themselves up inside the Brisbane half.

70th min: Back to back penalties for the Eels here after Hodges is ruled to have a strip at the ball. Kris Keating tries to step off his left foot. Robson kicks to his right side! Hayne goes again! He's missed it again! Oh, there's another chance gone begging! So close!

72nd min: TRY Brisbane Broncos Here we go! Darren Lockyer backs himself on the last! He finds Justin Hodges on his right side! He goes for a gallop but is chopped down and manages to offload! Karmichael Hunt for his third! There it is! Wonderful running! Lockyer took the risk and it payed dividends! Magnificent! Conversion attempt by Corey Parker successful. Brisbane Broncos 34-8

74th min: Sam Thaiday takes it up but loses it. The Eels will have the scrum but it's lost against the head and Thaiday comes up with it. They make it down to the 30 metre line.

77th min: TRY Brisbane Broncos Brisbane play it 10 metres out from the Parramatta line. McCullough plays it from dummyhalf to Karmichael Hunt. He dummies! Israel Folau gets it! He's over! Great timing of the pass from Hunt! Conversion attempt by Corey Parker successful. Brisbane Broncos 40-8

80th min: The Broncos try to go wide again but they throw two forward passes and are stopped from turning on some razzle dazzle. The fulltime siren goes.

Fulltime at Suncorp Stadium as we have seen an impressive Brisbane side run out 40-8 winners over Parramatta. All of Brisbane's high profile players stood up and really gave it to the Eels in the last quarter. Their precision was nearly faultless. For the Eels, they had the effort but really lacked the cohesion to finish off any chances. Kris Keating had a great match from halfback and Jarryd Hayne tried his heart out. It was scrappy at times but when these two teams backed themselves for a run it was quite a show. Thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. We'll so you again shortly.